June 18, 2024

Are accent walls still on trend? |

Over the last few years accent walls have frequently been falling in and out of favour. One year they are the only way to add character to a room, the next they date a room, sometimes the look is about paint, sometimes wallpaper or paneling or exposed brick. But what’s the future looking like for this long-lived style? Is the accent wall still on trend for 2024?

Accent walls have had a bit of a glow-up in 2023, we’ve seen some wonderful examples using interesting finishes to add texture and depth to a room. They’ve started to evolve and have become a more permanent feature instead of simply a bold paint shade or a wallpaper, so perhaps in their new form accent walls do have a place in interior design trends for 2024. We asked interior designers for their takes on this controversial look. 

Are accent walls still on trend?