June 18, 2024

Ashley Furniture Tibbee Sofa Sleeper review: Top quality and value

The Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper by Ashley Furniture is perfect for compact spaces

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Trying to find a compact-friendly sleeper sofa is exhausting. The good news is, that the Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper from Ashley Furniture was delivered completely assembled and ready for resting.

I live in a 1.5-bedroom condo. Both rooms have a bed in it, perfect for constant mattress testing. The small room fits a double bed, but that’s it. In hopes of turning it into a more usable space, I wanted to say goodbye to a double bed and introduce a sleeper sofa. When the bed isn’t in use, I have activity space (read: storage for random things I will be testing).

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I found the Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper but wasn’t sold right away as the style looks a little dated. However, it’s not a sofa problem, it’s a pillow problem. I’m so pleased with the sofa, the pull-out mattress and the look of it — once the pillows were replaced.

What: Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper
Price: $1,280.99
Where to buy: Ashley Furniture

Specs for Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper

Overall dimensions: W – 79”, H – 37”, D – 37”
Seat depth: 22″
Seat height: 20″
Arm height: 26″
Materials: Fabric
Weight: 186.29 lb
Assembly: None required
Warranty: One year

My experience

I’m a millennial. I’ve never paid for cable, I don’t have a landline and my mattresses come in boxes. The Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper is my first experience with a more traditional furniture transaction, and it was lovely. I didn’t have to build anything. The sofa is comfortable and high quality. The mattress is a solid base, but I like to add on a mattress topper for extra comfort.

Delivery: The delivery was wonderful — easy, efficient and on time. The massive Ashley truck pulled up to my condo’s delivery garage and two men carried the heavy sofa right into the space where it now lives. The delivery duo did what was necessary to get the sofa through the small bedroom doorway, which was almost mathematically impossible.

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Favourite features: Quality, comfort, value, size

Quality: It’s a solid piece of furniture. The sofa is built to be able to withstand a family home complete with kids and pets. The structure of the sofa is built well and the fabric is durable. I’ve tested it for a few months and it looks untouched. I don’t have to be gentle with this couch. I can plunk myself on the cushions, sit on the armrests and easily open the mattress.

The mattress is set up on a traditional sleeper sofa frame. It’s simple to open and fold back up — I can easily do it alone. The mattress itself is also more than adequate, considering it lives inside a sofa. The quality seems like it would cost more than $1,280.99.

Comfort: The actual sofa is super comfortable. It’s medium-firm, so it’s soft enough to plop onto but supportive enough to spend hours on. I don’t have anything too constructive to say about the sofa part of the couch, but as mentioned, I like to add a mattress topper to the bed portion.

Value: The sofa is fairly priced. The quality makes it seem like it should be a more expensive item.

Size: How the journey started — finding a sleeper sofa that isn’t massive. It’s a perfect size for a smaller spare room, a living room or anywhere you’re looking for an extra sleeper. It’s still long enough to lie down on (at least for me, I’m 5’10”) and it’s deep enough to get cozy, but it can fit where many sleepers can’t go.

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Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper
Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper.

Least favourite feature: Weight, pillows

Weight: It’s almost 200 lbs. It’s a legitimate weight for a sofa but it’s all one piece, so you can’t disassemble it for transportation. I love that the sofa comes as one unit and I don’t have to build it, but when I have to move it, it will not be a solo feat.

Pillows: Those pillows are doing the sofa a disservice — they date the style to a time before now. Potential buyers should look beyond the brown stain glass-looking pillows and imagine something more modern. It’s an easy fix as you can cover the pillows provided with new pillowcases.


If you’re in the market for a reasonably sized and priced sleeper sofa, I’d consider the Tibbee. It’s a high-quality couch that’s built to last. Its main selling points are quality, value and comfort. I’d recommend covering up the pillows with modern pillowcases to update the look of the sofa and adding a mattress topper for a super cozy sleep on the pull-out bed.

What: Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper
Price: $1,280.99
Where to buy: Ashley Furniture

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