June 17, 2024

Berks County real estate transactions for Sept. 25

Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to [email protected].
Albany Township
Nancy E. Donat to David J. Donat and Beverly A. Donat, 1878 Rte 737, $1.
Alsace Township
George P. Kieffer Estate to David L. Heck and Dawn M. Heck, 18 Hartz Road, $1.
Gloria E. Triest to German Garcia, 23 Apple Lane, $1.
Brian S. Triest and Gloria E. Triest to Brian S. Triest, 1 Apple Lane, $1.
Amity Township
Shirley A. Guthrie and Allison M. Warbington to Claudia Gipson, 945 W. Ben Franklin Hwy, $335,000.
David Gerald Lake and Marijana Kocirkova Lake to David Gerald Lake, 4 Colergo Drive, $1.
Robin Miller to Chris P. Butts and Nicole R. Konnick, 272 Pine Forge Road, $360,000.
Robert A. Daniels and Ronda T. Daniels to Ronda T. Daniels, 7 Colergo Drive, $1.
Daria Marie Finney and Gregory Finney Jr. to Scott A. Moore and Amanda Ricca and Rose Devine, 105 Clarion Drive, $415,000.
Michael G. Steinmetz to Michael G. Steinmetz and Robin A. Steinmetz, 749 Rosewood Drive.
Sean Martin to Sean Martin and Deborah L. Martin, 460 Old Swede Road.
James E. Finegan and Colette A. Finegan to Colette A. Finegan, 632 Main St., $1.
Loraine Heintz to Sherry Richards and Roy Richards, 306 Poplar St., $325,000.
Bern Township
April K. Hart and Peter P. Gorney to Eniz Adriano, 2207 Cullum Drive, $205,000.
Joseph B. Sclafani and Trisha L. Sclafani to Bobby L. Machi, 2114 Bernville Road, $280,000.
Gloria Scellato Day to Gloria Scellato Day, 114 Brossman Court, $1.
Ivan Hernandez and Jessica A. Hernandez to Betsy Rodriguez Batista and Rafael Rodriguez Batista, 125 E. 5th St., $207,000.
Bethel Township
Chris T. Bomberger to Jennifer L. Selby, 607 Brown Road, $385,000.
Bros Bike Riders Owners Social Inc. to Perry Augustine and Erin K. Augustine, 118 Church St., $75,000.
Bradley Stager and Deanna Stager to Jennie Geesey, 307 School St., $125,000.
Benjamin F. Cartwright and Jessica R. Cartwright to Sarah Ann Schmidt, 169 Bird St., $169,900.
Kimberly Auwood to Sarah Bishop, 640 W. 1st St., $215,000.
Jkm Real Estate LLC to Joanne M. Griffith and Amanda Griffith, 21 Apple St., $275,000.
Richard E. Schaeffer and Carolyn K. Schaeffer to Stephen L. Benfield, 632 Rhoads Ave., $180,000.
Eric C. Thompson to George Henry Berk III, 138 S. Franklin St., $175,000.
Marjorie A. Schaeffer to Timothy Charles King and Margaret Ann King, 120 W. 6th St., $300,000.
Brecknock Township
Norman Ray Leid Estate to Clifford H. Huber and Cheryl L. Huber, 1247 Alleghenyville Road, $650,000.
Norman Ray Leid Estate to Clifford H. Huber and Cheryl L. Huber, Alleghenyville Road, $222,000.
Bonnie J. Desensi and Francis P. Desensi to Thomas L. Evans Sr. and Vicki A. Evans, 76 Shea Drive, $625,000.
D. K Builder LLC to Matthew Henne and Rosa Henne, New Holland Road, $150,000.
David Scott Brunner and Lisa Brunner to Vincent R. Cicchino and Renee L. Cicchino, 50 Shea Drive, $531,500.
Centre Township
Thomas G. Tinley to Mikayla Davis and Charles Orr, 680 Shoey Road, $200,000.
Gerard Eck and Wendy Eck to Joshua B. Buchalter and Marisa A. Buchalter, 2518 Irish Creek Road, $125,000.
Colebrookdale Township
Brenda E. Stauffer to Lisa K. Swartz, 165 Popodickon Drive, $170,000.
Yvonne M. Mickletz and Aaron H. Roshong to Garrett Michael Pelko and Megan Deptula, 159 Henry Ave., $280,000.
Gregory J. Covaleski Sr. and Lynda A. Covaleski to John A. Gallagher Jr. and Joanne Gallagher, 521 Franklin Road, $470,000.
Cumru Township
Reitnouer Holdings LLC to Wharton Cb Birdsboro LLC, 5 East Pointe Drive, $9,650,000.
Ricardo M. Riethmuller to Diamond Credit Union, 1030 Cedar Top Road, $250,000.
William H. Weber III and Bonnie L. Weber to Mark A. Frymoyer and Lucy R. Roberts, 3 Pine Tree Court, $325,000.
Kyle A. Vogel and Haley N. Vogel to Kyle A. Vogel and Haley N. Vogel, 332 Hunters Road.
Brynn M. White and Leah A. Knox to Daniel Anthony Kosmoski and Ashley Michelle Lutz, 919 Philadelphia Ave., $247,500.
Rachel C. Evans to Dylan Michael Balaster, 811 Fritz Ave., $210,000.
Gilberto Diaz and Alice Diaz to Damien D. Wild and Jesselyn L. Wild, 116 Lost Lane, $362,000.
Jason Craig Beard and Rae Maxine Beard to Amber Michelle Gorman and Cody Ray McPhetridge, 8 Quail Ridge Drive, $495,000.
Exeter Township
Kenneth Unger to Kalesa Bennethum and Damian Ryan Bausher, Wister Way, $161,500.
Moser Family Trust to Betsy Castro Larosa, 3402 Perkiomen Ave., $229,900.
Jerome P. Falatko to Paulina W. Stawarz and Tomasz R. Stawarz, 45 Madison Drive, $391,000.
Frederick A. Moller Estate to Central Penn Capital Management LLC, 1258 Lehigh Ave., $165,000.
Matthew Rusnack to Matthew Rusnack and Chelsea Ouimet, 3201 Orchard View Road.
Todd A. Frontz and Kristan Lynn Frontz to Andrew T. Turner and Lauren R. Turner, 723 Eastwick Drive, $320,000.
Fern Kiedeisch to Tx-Pa Investments LLC, 105 Bungalow Pk, $230,000.
Jeffrey D. Krueger and Diane B. Krueger to Brian N. Rajkumar, 100 Pineland Road and Pineland Road, $385,000.
Matthew W. Moyer to Yong Qiang Liu, 2405 Orchard View Road, $215,000.
Andrew S. Green and Samantha J. Green to Andrew Nolt and Gwenda Renee Nolt, 1990 Butter Lane, $415,000.
David E. Schaeffer and Diane Schaeffer to Schaeffer Family Irrevocable Trust, 299 Levan St.
Gene M. Pieller Estate to Jemco Fund LLC, 749 N. Forest St., $185,000.
Catherine E. Sieber to Catherine E. Sieber and Jennifer Braun, 214 S. Richmond St., $1.
Greenwich Township
Gerard E. Kelly III to Becky Ann Podlesny and Mark Podlesny, 1366 Krumsville Road, $445,000.
Bonnie L. Hanna to Michael L. Moser and Cheryl M. Moser, 285 Mountain Road, $165,000.
Keith T. Weaver and Pamela L. Weaver to Pamela L. Weaver, 225 S. 4th St., $1.
Heidelberg Township
Nord Parkinson and Stephanie J. Parkinson to Alexandra P. Gartner and Ryan J. Brunner, 380 Big Spring Road, $350,000.
Hereford Township
Orthaus Road Limited Liability Company to Frederick C. Schutte Jr. and Jamie L. Schutte, Orthaus Road, $135,000.
Jarrod Daniel Ziegler to Jeremiah L. Gaines and Heather K. Gaines, 655 High Blvd., $265,000.
Em & M. Family Limited Partnership to Simar Singh Sandhu, 1660 New Holland Road, $799,000.
Anita E. Whisler Estate to Hoeldy Gonzalez-Rodriguez and Jose Alberto Garcia, 104 Daniels Ave., $259,900.
Matthew Cracker and Brianne Cracker to John Richard Kolbek, 451 E. Main St., $281,000.
Martha F. Miller to Martha F. Miller and Douglas J. Miller, 3138 Chestnut St., $1.
B. & E Homes LLC to Mario Melendez and Maria Melendez, 507 Emerson Ave., $201,000.
Kenneth A. Kepple to Carly Schaffer and John Schaffer IV, 3128 Oak St., $85,000.
William A. Griffin and Marie A. Griffin to Scott Allen Stricker and Jennie Lyn Stricker, Montrose Ave.
Deborah Gallagher and Deborah Lee to Deborah Lee, 3312 Rosedale Ave., $1.
Lower Alsace Township
Steen C. Lemon Jr. and Steen C. Lemon Ii to Steen C. Lemon Jr., 501 Friedensburg Road.
Cathleen Anne Stephen to Jessica L. Morris, 507 N. 26th St., $265,000.
Kathy A. Wolf and Charles Wolf Jr. to Dora M. Smith-Felix, 117 Oak Lane, $170,000.
Lower Heidelberg Township
Shawn P. Head and Jessica L. Head to Justin Ford and Lindsay Kissling, 179 Lengle Ave., $413,000.
Alexander T. Mohn and Kelly L. Mohn to Kevin Lara and Adria Omary Lara, 4159 Hill Terrace Drive, $500,000.
Berks At Glen Ridge Estates LLC and Berks New Homes LLC to Steven Detwiler and Hillary Detwiler, Ryebrook Road, $573,817.
Jason R. Burd to Jason R. Burd and Jennifer L. Burd, 422 N. Church Road, $1.
Maidencreek Township
Tristan M. Hamburg and Allyson R. Hamburg to Tristan M. Hamburg, 321 Sycamore Lane, $1.
Mark E. Podlesny to Katherine M. Gross, 419 Grandview Drive, $250,000.
Katherine Purcell Klick and Mary L. Thren Estate to Luis A. Ayala Rivera and Melanie S. Santos, 207 Longleaf Drive, $340,000.
Byron D. Wolfer and Doris J. Wolfer to Jesiah J. Newsome, 218 E. Wesner Road, $275,000.
Jennifer Brown to Kevin D. Fitzsimmons, 610 Maplewood Ave., $124,000.
Roberto Perez to Hawk Country LLC, 67 E. Wyomissing Ave., $118,000.
Mount Penn
Mount Penn Borough to A. & G Realty LLC, N. 23rd St., $1.
M. A S E Homes Corp. to Samantha Green, 11 Penn Mawr Court, $155,000.
Bryan A. Justiniano and Amber L. Leagans to Wendy D. Henriquez and Yajaira Mora De Arias, 1966 Woodvale Ave., $133,000.
Gregory A. Auchter and Diane A. Auchter to James C. Hufford and Susan D. Hufford, 2132 Grandview Ave., $130,000.
Jasmine Iraola to Leila Frazier and Ronald Dorsey, 31 S. 23rd St., $150,000.
Muhlenberg Township
Marie S. Himmelberger and Karla Kantner and Lois Warner to David Rivera and Jordyn A. Rivera, 3403 Stoudts Ferry Bri, $200,000.
Dorothy Elizabeth Lesher Estate to Jocelyn Joseph, 3333 Reading Crest Ave., $179,500.
Linda J. Tyner to Edward Santana, 5117 Wilshire Road, $174,900.
Michele Booth and Michele Ludwig to Thierry Dasney, 4010 Willow Grove Ave., $200,000.
Forino Co LP to Mia A. Baringer, Rosalies Way, $262,700.
Heinz H. Geller to Joylyn Abreu-Johnson and Randall Johnson, 1124 Rainbow Ave., $309,000.
Opportunity Behavorial Health Inc. to Robert Carvajal and Anne Carvajal, 5715 Stoudts Ferry Bri, $50,000.
Michael Delong to Melissa Kopeczi Boocz and Laszlo Kopeczi Boocz, 3321 Harrison Ave., $300,000.
Raul Cosme to Francisco J. Gonzalez Moreno, 2949 Kutztown Road, $180,000.
Walter M. Diener III to Jason M. Pfennig, 965 Pine Heights Road, $50,000.
Concord Investment Partners Inc. to 2545 Real Estate Holding Corp, 2545 N. 5th St Hwy, $1,800,000.
North Heidelberg Township
Ronald E. Leeper Estate and Mary Catherine Leeper Estate to David M. Kelsey and Tina Guido Kelsey, 53 Heidel Farms Lane, $525,000.
Oley Township
Union Church Cemetery Co. and Union Meeting House & Cemetery to Sovereign Grace Church, Main St., $156,125.
Ontelaunee Township
Forino Co LP to Daniel H. Chupak and Demetria Chupak, 247 Ida Red Drive, $455,660.
Carlos E. Charnichart and Liz A. Miranda to Maryse G. Paul and Benia Paul, 111 Nantucket Drive, $400,000.
Ramon A. Torres and Kelly J. Torres to Lakchantha Danni Sphabmixay, 37 Calais Drive, $465,000.
Forino Co LP to Fatmata Bah and Abubakarr Conteh, 88 Edinboro Lane, $1.
Forino Co LP to Lucas S. Isett and Margaret G. Richter, 243 Ida Red Drive, $404,864.
Thanh Thanh Nguyen and Thao Nguyen Vallejo to Eddy A. Peralta, 4 Verdun Drive, $385,000.
Penn Township
Sabelle C. Talarigo Estate to Joseph Anthony Talarigo, 984 N. Garfield Road.
Perry Township
Wayne T. Resh and Britney A. Resh to Adventist Wholehealth Network, 609 Stone Hill Road, $370,000.
Henry O. Strunk Estate to Florence F. Strunk, 38 Virginville Road, $1.
Betty J. Dreibelbis Estate to Gary L. Dreibelbis, 47 Dreibelbis Mil Road.
Alan R. Kepley to Dina M. Madara, 537 Mohrsville Road, $140,500.
Pike Township
Donald C. Ward Sr. and Donald C. Ward to Jeffrey Levengood, Hill Church Road, $72,000.
Elizabeth M. Rudy Estate to Robert Delmonico and Emily Delucas, 1821 Hampden Blvd., $300,000.
Ileana Lopez and Alexander Soto to Geraldine N. Ebbert, 728 Upland Ave., $145,000.
Yahaira Mercedes to Diosmaris Mercedes, 430 Chapel Tc, $1.
M&T Real Estate LLC to Admir Popvic, 1020 Cherry St., $60,000.
Luis Corona to Luis Corona and Yolanda Gonzalez Sanchez, 720 Weiser St.
Carmen M. Diaz and Carmen M. Irizarry to Reign Asset Holdings LLC, 1420 Perkiomen Ave., $80,000.
Edward W. Daniszewski to Bienstar Company Inc., 430 Spring St., $80,000.
Wilfredo Seda to Saturnino Arroyo and Denisse Diaz, 1130 Robeson St., $30,000.
Velocity House Buyers LLC to Omni Property Holdings LLC, 660 Eisenbrown St., $34,000.
Christine L. Kline and Christine L. Heck to Maria Coral Aguilar Navarrete, 1935 N. 14th St., $205,000.
Jose F. Munoz Estate to Albert Salaj, 620 N. Front St., $340,000.
John E. Bolar Ii to Daddys Rental LLC, 1032 A Cotton St., $49,900.
Donald Earl Tellam Estate to Florence E. Kline, 839 Chestnut St., $1.
W. Glenn Sensenig to Rosa Anjelina Diaz and Leonardo R. Martinez, 1022 Douglass St., $160,000.
Oscar Rijo-Reyes and Zulma Enid Ortiz to Zulma E. Ortiz, 217 Gregg Ave., $1.
Capital Plus Partners LLC to Paula M. Suriel-Tejada, 1321 Locust St., $128,900.
Luz Kakah Rash and Luz Miriam Oquendo to Lydii V. Glam Corp, 1514 Cotton St., $62,000.
Nicholas R. Readinger and Rebecca L. Readinger to Nicholas R. Readinger and Rebecca L. Readinger and Albert Theodore Sonon IV and Tamara Tracey-Ann Sonon, 10 Cayuga Court, $1.
Joseph Anderson to Joseph Anderson and Barbara Anderson, 32 Funston Ave. and 34 Funston Ave., $1.
William H. Woolworth III Estate to Md Moniruzzaman, 1808 Holly Road and 1810 Holly Road, $1.
Bryan A. Lovelace to Kathleen Lovelace, 220 Park Ave.
Pamela L. Savage and Jared M. Savage to Margie J. Clemons Terry, 1418 Hampden Blvd., $60,000.
Kervin Fougere to Emelyne Bernadin, 350 Greenwich St., $165,000.
Melissa Anne Spuhler and Melissa A. Sealie to Ospina Property Group LLC, 1029 Robeson St., $50,000.
Mark A. Cianciosi and Pamela J. Cianciosi to Jason Anival Alvarez Coraizaca and Jose R. Alvarez and Zenaida D. Coraizaca, 912 Weiser St., $137,000.
Robin B. Gelsinger and Robin L. Boian to Anne Carvajal, 441 S. 6th St., $60,000.
Vincent L. McLaughlin Estate to Haven Real Estate Investments LLC, 309 Belvedere Ave., $60,000.
Saw Services LLC to Ana R. Vargas, 742 Pear St., $120,000.
Leo Francisco to Fumaa First Choice Realty LLC, 525 N. 9th St., $185,000.
Stephanie P. Lambert to Nelson G. Matos-Diaz, 844 Franklin St., $38,000.
Joylyn Abreu Johnson to Elizabeth A. Phelan, 841 Rose St., $140,000.
Ali Mohamad Kawtharani and Mohamad Kawtharani to Ali Mohamad Kawtharani, 717 N. 9th St., $1.
Julie Estime Boisrond and Ricardo J. Estime and Julie Estime Boisrond to Lindo Homes Rentals LLC, 546 N. 11th St., $89,900.
Michael N. Tissera to Edilenia Cruz Cepeda, 1243 Douglass St., $134,700.
Roland Oris and Artura Segarra-Caraballo to Bradshaw Re Holdings LLC, 1253 Spruce St., $60,000.
Kelli M. Calvert to Seamus Barter and Kailen A. Macri-Grant, 110 Park Ave., $155,000.
Troy Lawrence Good to Austin S. Wallace, 1518 Perkiomen Ave., $160,000.
Victor Rivera to Miguel Figueroa, 1122 Cotton St., $52,000.
Bradshaw Re Holdings LLC to Sl & Ap Real Estate LLC, 1253 Spruce St., $97,000.
Raymundo V. Taveras Martinez to Harvinder Singh Saggi, 939 Court St., $180,000.
Steven Voros Jr. and Kathy J. Gwinn to Steven Voros Jr. and Kathy J. Gwinn, 952 Culvert St., $1.
Steven Voros Jr. and Kathy J. Gwinn to Steven Voros Jr. and Kathy J. Gwinn, 950 Culvert St., $1.
Joe E. Garcia Vazquez to Florencia Perez and Alejandro L. Beltran, 405 S. 7th St. and 405 A S. 7th St., $1,000.
Robeson Township
Ronald J. Romanik and Ronald Joseph Romanik to Ronald Joseph Romanik and Stephanie Renee Ruby, 320 Briarwood Drive, $1.
James F. Bell Jr. and Kimberly J. Cox to Sunset Lodge Retreat LLC and Elmer Lee Lapp, 109 Westley Road, $670,000.
Heber Keith McGowan and Kimberly Erin McGowan to John K. Esch and Annie Mae Esch, 289 White Bear Road, $774,000.
Robert D. Love and Marcia D. Cook-Love and R. Douglas Love to Robert D. Love and Marcia D. Cook-Love and R. Douglas Love, Plow Road and 337 Zion Road, $1.
Jack L. Keener and Garman Homes LLC to Amy E. Andrules and Thomas Jacobs, 434 Smokering Drive, $259,990.
Rockland Township
Neil R. Leidheiser to Howard J. Evans, 217 Forgedale Road, $225,000.
Ruscombmanor Township
Charles H. Reinert and Lois C. Reinert to Zarvitbos Enterprises LLC, 47 Ridge Crest Drive, $710,000.
Uriy Markewych Estate and Christine Matus to Albert John Fanella Jr., 3644 Pricetown Road, $307,000.
Mark A. Smith to Joseph Oppmann, 105 Seyler Road, $131,299.
Debbie Irene Moore to Jason C. Crayton, 427 S. Wyomissing Ave., $185,000.
Anthony J. Tuzzio and Marie A. Tuzzio to Cassandra Via, 211 Kerrick Road, $175,000.
Lilaben D. Patel to Dipak D. Patel, 101 W. Lancaster Ave., $300,000.
Mark Ford to Mark J. Ford Irrevocable Trust, 361 Canal St., $1.
Sinking Spring
Russell L. Carter and Anne F. Carter to Modeline Doxy Valcourt, 373 Oneida Drive, $275,000.
J. Marshall Pickard and Christina T. Deangelis to Debasmita Saha and Ravi Ranjan Singh, 30 Winding Brook Drive, $565,000.
South Heidelberg Township
David G. Yocum to Maxim A. Reznik and Vita V. Reznik, 711 Hill Rd Unit K, $119,900.
Lisa K. Richey to Nathan James Weber, 250 Preston Road, $360,000.
Michael A. Palangio and Alicia M. Nazar to Aissatou Barrie, 211 Caramist Cr, $220,000.
Spring Township
James R. Griffith and Laureen A. Griffith to Ryan Hamilton, 107 Keppel Ave., $225,000.
Gcm Investments LLC to Constantine D. Kotsakis, 31 Montello Road, $170,000.
Scott M. Adamski to Blue Jay Way Inc., 2400 Lincoln Ave., $169,000.
Robert J. Buczynski And Dorothy A Buczynski Joint Revocable Trust to Eric V. Arms and Elizabeth K. Scudder, 2113 Rosewood Court, $388,000.
Mark E. Weaver and Donna L. Shoemaker to Catherine L. Martin and Kenneth L. Martin, 2611 Avon Ave., $340,000.
Elizabeth L. Ruth Estate to Bridget M. Schaeffer, 2307 Overland Ave., $340,000.
Durinda R. Foltz to Jonathan Michael Riley, 1920 Gring Drive, $340,000.
Diane M. Campbell to Arca Properties LLC, 2201 Reading Ave., $325,000.
Michael T. Obrien and Glenn Kalata Jr. to Adam J. Lawrence, 2201 Garfield Ave., $181,000.
Daniel Care Jr. and Lori L. Care to Haley Coldren and Brock Birdwell, 2840 Clark Ave., $351,500.
Karpenko Family Trust to Jose A. Hernandez-Perez and Myrelis Ruiz-Aviles, 1952 Reading Blvd., $158,000.
Jorge Alvarez and Emma Alvarez to Jacinto Jimenez Jr. and Gloria Esther Jimenez, 2517 Penn Ave., $160,000.
Chong Sheng Kang and Hong Liu to Ginu Joseph and Sobinson Mathew, 2410 Overland Ave., $365,000.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Springdale Hghts, $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Old Lancaster Pike, $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Winford Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Winford Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Rockland Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Oakland St., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Oakland St., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Oakland St., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Ridge Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Ridge Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Ridge Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Ridge Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Clermont St., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Clermont St., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Josh M. Whitehead, Winford Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Josh M. Whitehead, Winford Ave. and Winford Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Josh M. Whitehead, Winford Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Norwood Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Norwood Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Norwood Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Norwood Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Rockland Ave., $1.
Leroy D. Hill and Margaret A. Hill to Jeffrey L. Henninger and Lorraine J. Henninger, 211 Hawthorne Ct N, $381,000.
St Lawrence
Edward D. Druzba to 453 Parkview Road LLC, 453 Parkview Road, $85,000.
Francis McLaughlin Jr. and Heather McLaughlin to Ansley Property Holdings LLC, 3619 Orchard Court, $215,000.
Tilden Township
Alex W. Dubee and Rozanne Dubee and to Alex W. Dubee And Rozanne Dubee Irrevocable Trust, 338 Academy Road and Winford Ave., $1.
Tulpehocken Township
David P. Young Estate to Lydell L. Hurst, 5 Temple Road, $279,900.
Nicholas Macciocca and Beverly Macciocca to Nicholas J. Macciocca Sr. and Nicholas J. Macciocca Jr., 12 Rehrersburg Road, $1.
Union Township
Frank J. Cerminaro III and Deborah L. Cerminaro to Robert Ballas and Pamela Ballas, Blackwood Lane and Winford Ave., $140,000.
Jorge L. Andino-Ortiz to Patience Folasade Adekanmbi and Yusuf O. Adekanmbi, 67 Black Matt Road, $560,000.
Carole K. Long to Carol A. Weidner, 2074 E. Main St., $235,000.
Anthony P. Giangiacomo Estate and Rosemary Giangiacomo to Rosemary Giangiacomo and Michele Cooper, 959 E. Rte 724, $1.
Audrey M. Raber Estate to Central Penn Capital Management LLC, 18 Black Matt Road, $267,000.
Devin W. Guest and Jennifer L. Guest and Corey W. Guest and Mabel V. Guest Estate to Devin W. Guest and Jennifer L. Guest, 475 Hallman Road, $1.
Upper Bern Township
Todd G. Olsen Estate and Lori J. Culver to Lori J. Culver and Shane Werley, 5671 Old Rte 22, $51,736.
Washington Township
Todd D. Moyer and Annette R. Moyer to Todd D. Moyer, 2278 Old Rte 100, $1.
William T. Gilinger and Elizabeth C. Gilinger to Montco Fence Real Estate LLC, 1132 New Rte 100, $360,000.
Ap Wip Investments Holdings LP to Ap Wip Investments Holdings LP, 210 Washington Road, $79,389.50.
Ap Wip Investments Holdings LP to Ap Wip Investments Holdings LP, 210 Washington Road, $79,389.50.
West Reading
Jordan J. Frost to Hilltop Trinity LLC, 617 Reading Ave., $160,000.
Adam Richter and Katherine Richter to Scott R. Wolfe and Marcel E. Schatzman, 712 Wayne Ave., $202,000.
Hilltop Trinity LLC to Ymv Properties LLC, 543 Chestnut St., $220,000.
Windsor Township
Robert E. Kieffer Testamentary Trust to Gladys C. Kieffer, 420 Strausser Road, $1.
Jeffrey L. Swanger and Joan N. Swanger to Zachary Scott Swanger and Emily Alexandra Weaver, 17 N. Radcliff Road, $219,000.
Jeanette G. Scull Estate to Robert D. Martin and Kimberly Martin, 413 Washington Blvd., $1.
Jill Henry to Tyler A. Daniels and Olivia R. Massaro, 20 Darlin Drive, $260,000.
Matthew Good to Mandy Kate White and Andrew R. White, 4 Valley Road, $289,900.
Cynthia S. Lynn to Paul R. Stoltzfus and Megan M. Stoltzfus, 1707 Reading Blvd., $750,000.
Patrick J. Shields and Margaret M. Shields to Shannon Kroemmelbein, 2 High Road, $2,800,000.
Elizabeth G. Rampolla to Ion Craciun, 1972 Meadow Lane, $215,000.
Lucy J. Cairns to Thomas Potts and Rachel E. Early, 20 Wyomissing Court, $270,000.
Nancy L. Zimmerman to Kelvin Sanchez, 150 Valley Greene Cr, $215,000.
Kathleen Bower to James Randall Lawrence and Elizabeth A. Lawrence, 2008 Meadow Glen, $242,500.
Jonathan Pretz to Charles R. Lindsay Jr., 1412 Girard Ave., $380,000.
Dorothy E. Lefever to David M. Badway and Andrea G. Badway, 2028 Meadow Glen, $200,000.
Charles R. Leininger and Charles R. Leininger Sr. to Joseph E. Copp, 517 Greenwich St., $165,000.
Multiple municipalities
Geraldine M. Debkowski Estate and Geraldine M. Ostrowski Estate to Felicia Gove and Amy Catania and Giuseppe Catania, 37 S. 27th St. and Fairview Ave., $274,900.