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Shea McGee’s top tips for living through a home renovation |

If you've ever lived through a home renovation, you will be familiar with the chaos that tends to ensue. Between builders coming in and out of your house at all hours to the inevitable noise that becomes the status quo, it's notoriously a difficult process to get through. And while some get the opportunity to live somewhere else through the worst of the remodel, others are stuck right at home, living amongst the construction.

Luckily, interior designer Shea McGee just shared her top tips to those living through a remodel, from what to expect to how to cope with the worst of the process. And as someone who's led countless renovations (plus lived through many in her own home), there's no one better than Shea to share her advice. And with her tips in mind, you can make the final call on whether you should live on-site when renovating a property. Here's what she had to say.

What to know when living through a home remodel

‘Unsellable Houses’ Stars Reveal Money-Saving Renovation Tips

Unsellable Houses stars Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis are on a roll. The twin sisters and real estate agents recently won season five of Rock the Block, appeared on House Hunters: All Stars, and are gearing up for a fifth season of their HGTV series. They even started a podcast, Twin Win Unfiltered, that digs into the behind-the-scenes of their busy lives. While fixing many homes over the years, the duo has learned major ways to save money on renovations—and anyone can follow suit. From refreshing cabinetry with new doors to finding materials in unexpected places, take a look at their top tips below.

Reuse Cabinetry

For a kitchen renovation, the duo says one of the biggest ways to save money is to reuse cabinetry and some appliances. "You can paint cabinetry and replace hardware," they tell House Beautiful. "If you need more than just paint to make it feel right, you can still save a ton by just replacing the doors to a new style and leaving the cabinet body in place."

Source Leftover Materials

Another option for building or revamping a kitchen is to ask a cabinet installer for remnant boxes. This way, you can design a fresh kitchen for a fraction of what a custom job will cost. “If we are going to have colored cabinets, we will ask the cabinet installer to use 'leftover' cabinet boxes from any job they had that fit the space and layout so that we are getting a lower price by using mix-and-match boxes and not ordering a new complete matching set," Lamb says.

Through this method, Lamb and Davis usually end up with white, natural, and even blue boxes when the kitchen is installed. "This is totally fine with us because we then have it painted the color we want the boxes to be," Lamb says. "Often, this is because we are going for a color that is not 'in stock' with standard cabinet colors. We will paint them our custom color, and no one would [be any] the wiser.”

Turn to Unexpected Places

Lamb and Davis recommend buying materials and fixtures from a salvage yard, Habitat for Humanity, or building material auctions for good deals on quality pieces. Classic buy-and-sell websites (like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and AptDeco) are also a great place to start. "People are always moving and need to sell perfectly fine appliances quickly, or you may end up finding a ton of lumber left over from someone else's project they need to sell before moving," they say.

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Kelly Allen is the Associate Editor at House Beautiful, where she creates design, culture, and travel content online and in the magazine. She’s been on the team since 2019, writing features on and , in-depth , and inspiring . From researching to discovering can’t-miss onscreen, she’s always eager to answer burning pop culture questions through a design lens. In her five-year career, she’s built a strong network of designers across disciplines to tap for their invaluable expertise. Her background includes honing reporting skills while tackling viral news for Delish and contributing to Cosmopolitan’s entertainment coverage. When she’s not watching every new and , she’s browsing vintage home stores, attending industry events, and wandering around —highlighting it all .

15 Kitchen Remodel Ideas for a More Beautiful, Functional Space

If you're looking to remodel your home, it makes sense to ensure the heart of it—the kitchen—looks as good as it possibly can. From finding the right combination of lighting to ensuring you have plenty of seating and storage, it's important to identify the must-have kitchen design ideas on your list before getting down to the details. Budget is also a major consideration; researching what fits your price range will help you select the right materials and styles.

Once the basics and budget are covered, you can start infusing personality into the space, from glossy backsplashes in playful designs to eye-catching drawer handles and sink faucets in the perfect metallic finish. Ahead, our best ideas for ensuring your kitchen remodel is a stylish success.

Amanda Reynal, interior designer and founder of Amanda Reynal Interiors

Add a Coffee Bar

Meghan Bob Photography, Kitchen Design Group

A growing trend we're seeing is the incorporation of your very own coffee bar. This is the perfect addition for those who deeply enjoy the ritual of that morning cup of coffee—and for those who want to inspire themselves to stay home instead of swinging through the drive through. A coffee bar is something you build out in a nook or area that's adjacent to your kitchen, or you can work within the framework of your existing space. Fill your coffee bar with a high-quality coffee maker or barista system, all the coffee fixings, and of course your favorite mugs.

Create Clever Storage

Johnny Miller

You can never go wrong with added storage. "There are so many new and clever kitchen storage ideas that our clients love to utilize," says Amanda Reynal, interior designer and founder of Amanda Reynal Interiors. "From keeping plates in large drawers at a lower level to hidden coffee bars behind doors, there are many ways to maximize space." She adds that even in the areas behind doors, pull-outs can help with accessibility and still allow everything to be hidden.

Elevate Your Hardware

Addie Juell

Putting an extra emphasis on the details is a way to create a more intentional-feeling space. For example, "hardware and 'faucetry' can elevate a kitchen to the next level," Reynal says. "Warm-toned metals such as brass have become more common, and there's also a wonderful selection of shapes and brushed finishes to choose from." From matte black to champagne bronze, check out the selection at your local plumbing and hardware vendor to see what's available, Reynal recommends.

Incorporate a Seating Nook

Kyle J. Caldwell, Elana Cline Carta Creatives

Whether you're working with a small kitchen space or you want to create another vignette to meet your family's dining needs, consider building out a high-functioning seating nook. You can build a corner seating fixture into the existing space or simply add a movable corner sectional. From there, a round table that fits snugly into the area will provide you with a new dining area.

Turn Up the Lighting

Reynal is big on lighting, and she recommends having a mix of styles within your space. "Typically, we light the island with pendants or multi-light chandeliers," she says. "Surface-mounted lights that are flush or semi-flush help light the ceiling as well as the area below it, which makes a room feel cheerful and bright." She also suggests using recessed lights, especially on a dimmer, if the kitchen is used for dining and entertaining. Under-cabinet lighting is also a must.

Consider All Cabinetry Types

Alyssa Kapito Interiors

If you want cabinetry, weigh all of your options. Do all-opaque iterations work for you? Or would a few glass-front options—which might help kids navigate the space better or allow you to show off your prized china collection—elevate the space? Consider the pros (accessibility and aesthetics) and the cons (finger smudges and constant curation) before you decide, but note that see-through "window" cabinets could be exactly what your existing space is missing.

Prioritize Form and Function

Dana Gallagher

This is especially important when it comes to the more utilitarian components of your kitchen, including your stove hood. We love how this sleek white stove hood holds its own above a subway tile backsplash but doesn't compete with the kitchen's more interesting features, like the dark island and exposed brick beam.

Add a Splash of Color

Rebecca McAlpin

Reynal has been incorporating more and more color into her clients' homes. Look for eye-catching wallpaper or paint all of the cabinetry in your favorite hue. You can also opt for a smaller color commitment, such as choosing a contrasting wood finish for the island.

"We've been using grained wood finishes on cabinets more frequently than in the past," she says. "There are many new updated wood finishes that have a contrasting grain which looks earthy and sophisticated."

Add Personality with a Backsplash

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Creative backsplashes are a great way to add an extra pop of personality to your space, whether you prefer a crisp, clean look made with quartz or something more adventurous, like a colorful glass tile. "I often choose a backsplash in a marble mosaic pattern to add interest and sophistication to a simpler kitchen," says Reynal.

Opt for Quartz Countertops

Courtesy of KitchenAid

It's no secret that white marble is a sought-after kitchen stone, but it's also hard to maintain. Reynal has found a similar alternative in quartz.

While Reynal says that a natural stone countertop adds a living original element to the kitchen, engineered quartz options are a durable and attractive alternative. "This product can withstand high heat and doesn't scratch or stain easily, making it an extremely practical workhorse option," she says.

If you want the best of both, Reynal suggests using quartz on the perimeter countertops and a natural stone on the island in a coordinating or contrasting color.

Think About Flow

Courtesy of @virtuallyherestudios

Are you altering your existing space to accommodate an open floor plan? If so, think about how you want your new kitchen to function. If your kitchen is where your family congregates and eats, then a large kitchen island with seating is necessary. On the other hand, if you want your dining space to be regularly utilized, you should think twice before spending time and money on a kitchen eatery.

Another major consideration is the layout of both your dining room and kitchen. The flow here should feel complementary and connected versus disjointed and incongruous.

Choose Panel-Ready Appliances

Kelly + Co. Design

Another game changer in the kitchen is panel-ready appliances, which are available through most appliance companies these days. "Having an integrated look with cabinets and appliances all blending together makes a kitchen feel more like a room," says Reynal. "Ranges also come in many finishes and, in some cases, bright colors, which can add an original focal point to the room."

Select the Right Flooring

Courtesy of KitchenAid

Gone are the days of closed-off kitchens. In order to keep the kitchen feeling like it's part of the rest of the home, Reynal suggests using the same flooring as the surrounding living areas to create a unified look. However, there are opportunities where a different flooring is preferable in a kitchen.

"When using a tile floor, it's nice to add underfloor heat if in a climate with cooler seasonal temps," says Reynal. "With in-floor heating, stone or ceramic tiles don't feel cold and uninviting underfoot. This is also an opportunity to add a texture or pattern to the floors that tie the rest of the design scheme together."

Don't Forget the Ceiling

Nicole Franzen

The ceiling is often overlooked, but Reynal has some ideas for bringing it to life. "Just as I like to keep a ceiling well-lit and bright, I also like to acknowledge and incorporate it into our design scheme," she says. "This can be as simple as painting it a contrasting color to the walls and cabinets or as elaborate as adding beams, wood planks, or applied coffers."

Make Room for Seating

Courtesy of KitchenAid

"Depending on size and use of the kitchen, we always suggest having at least a couple of stools at the island," says Reynal. "This could be a space for casual dining or a perch for guests to sit and chat with the cook while the meal is being prepared."

When dealing with a tight space, but still have room for a table, Reynal says to incorporate a banquette into the kitchen. She says, "The banquette can be under a window or in a corner or even as an architectural divider to separate an open plan kitchen from the living area."

Improve your home’s suppress enchantment with my patio & porch makeover tips – the best way is price range-welcoming, too

AN specialist has spilled the beans on what tends to make the excellent patio.

The dwelling renovation professional gave his out of doors advancement suggestions, which is not going to crack the lender.

Quinn Babcock, a home renovation expert, has weighed in on how to create the perfect patio


Quinn Babcock, a house renovation expert, has weighed in on how to create the great patioCredit score: Photo courtesy of Block Renovation

Quinn Babcock, the design and structure functions guide at Block Renovation spoke exclusively with The U.S. Sun.

Block Renovation is a system to assist householders and contractors alike execute residence renovation initiatives.

Babcock pointed out techniques to increase a patio while sticking to a spending budget.

He also included some insider strategies on how to take on an inexpensive undertaking with out compromising type.

Examine A lot more Home TRANSFORMATIONS

HOW TO Build A Energy PATIO

Babcock said not to get worried when it arrives to daunting property renovation initiatives.

He pointed out that there are a great deal of techniques to go about it that suit the buyer's wants.

"There are a whole lot of economical methods to improve your porch or patio, building your outdoor spaces extra usable and improving the control charm of your household," he claimed.

"Paint. 1 of the least complicated and most price-productive strategies to update your porch or patio is with a clean coat of paint on the flooring or partitions."

He also extra some realistic information to make the place a snug place for frequent use.

"Privacy screens," he claimed.

"Introducing privateness screens can also make improvements to the area aesthetically and make it sense more usable.

"There are a array of elegant and inexpensive approaches to do this, from bamboo screens to picket slats to cloth curtains."


Babcock didn't skimp on techniques to beautify the outside spot of any household.

How to Do-it-yourself completely transform your patio this summertime

"Crops," he stated. "You can simply remodel your outside room by incorporating plants — including planters, hanging baskets, or vertical gardens.

"Based on your funds, you could begin from seeds, buy completely grown vegetation, or have a combine.

"Vegetation make areas truly feel additional alive and welcoming."

Including toss pillows, out of doors rugs, or a piece of art can insert some character and flair to the house.

Quinn Babcock

He also gave a golden recommendation on how to heat up the patio location aesthetically.

"Lighting," he mentioned.

"Incorporating photo voltaic-run lamps or string lights can develop a cozy ambiance and make your outside house much more usable at night time.

"The expenditures can change, with several photo voltaic lights currently being genuinely economical."

Sitting Around

Babcock shared his last piece of advice, which is very important to taking pleasure in a patio for leisure.

"Furniture and decor," he claimed.

"Changing or updating your furniture is a great way to enrich your patio or porch.

"You could update your seating or just the cushions if you’re on a spending plan.

"Including toss pillows, outdoor rugs, or a piece of art can add some identity and flair to the room."

He said one of the 'easiest' ways to spruce up a patio is to simply add a fresh coat of paint


He stated just one of the 'easiest' techniques to spruce up a patio is to just increase a fresh coat of paintCredit score: Picture courtesy of Block Renovation

‘Bachelorette’ Star Tyler Cameron Reveals His Best Household Renovation Guidelines

Get ready: You will find a new home renovation present to binge.

While you may possibly be employed to observing the House Brothers and Gaineses on your Television, Amazon Key Video's newest truth Television set demonstrate/docuseries, Going Residence with Tyler Cameron, functions former Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron (yes, that Tyler).

The eight-episode sequence, which all air on April 18, paperwork Tyler's journey as he builds his development and renovation company in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida, just after dropping his mother. Viewers will see him reworking every little thing from his aunt and uncle's multi-million dollar residence to a small-phrase rental and his late mother's property. And as you may have guessed, there will also be a number of cameos in the combine previous Bachelor Country stars Matt James, Rachael Kirkconnell and Jason Tartick. The authentic kicker? Hannah Brown, the bachelorette who turned down Tyler's proposal, will also make an appearance.

Tyler a short while ago sat down with Good Housekeeping to discuss how to make the renovation procedure go effortlessly and exactly where property owners really should splurge and save. Moreover, he reveals some of the residence structure traits he is loving correct now.

tyler cameron, jason tartick

Courtesy of Prime

Tyler Cameron will get a hand from former Bachelor Country star, Jason Tartick.

Fantastic Housekeeping: What surprises most persons about renovating a house?

Tyler Cameron: A large amount of our clients have a really hard time when we are ripping matters out and tearing things aside. They never see how it truly is all going to occur together, so you seriously need to have a forward-wondering mind. You have to be capable to see what's not there. When we're placing in people ending touches, arranging all the home furnishings, which is the place the entertaining and the magic comes about.

    GH: Is there a person tip to make sure the full procedure goes efficiently?

    TC: When you're going to renovate your put, it's most effective to reside in it for a very little although. Sense how you might be going to use the space, so you can seriously program it out accurately. If you have a true plan, sticking to it will enable safeguard your budget. It will not likely make it as frightening or dreadful.

    tyler cameron

    Michael SeRine/Prime Video

    Tyler Cameron’s building and renovation corporation, Image A person, is dependent in Jupiter, Florida.

    GH: When it arrives to a renovation, what areas ought to a single splurge and help you save on?

    TC: Splurge on the areas you are likely to spend the most time in. For me, it's the most important bedroom and rest room. But when it will come to a home's resale price, individuals constantly say go with the loos, kitchens and closets.

    I am also a major believer that if you happen to be likely to are living in this room for a lengthy time, you need to establish out a little silent location — your very own getaway. In my property, for instance, I opened up the back again wall of a home, put in French doorways and built a deck that is likely to have a sauna, a cold plunge and couches for lounging. We all require that location in our house to just acquire a breath, get absent and recharge.

    GH: Are there selected initiatives owners can take into account tackling without the need of the support of a skilled?

    TC: Discover some kind of wainscoting or paneling that can make a enormous difference in a space and make it experience custom-made. It may possibly take you a couple of occasions to figure out the 45-degree cuts, but you start off moving very speedy at the time you do. You don't actually want to seek the services of a skilled to do it and paint it. Having said that, when it comes to shifting electrical things or plumbing, seek the services of a professional. You will not want to wake up to flooding or nearly anything like that. It is really not entertaining. I've been there, done that.

    GH: What layout traits are resonating with people today right now?

    TC: We are obtaining previous light shades and grays. Men and women are likely for darker, moodier shades. They are likely daring with shade and getting chances, which is exciting.

13 Kitchen Remodel Ideas Worth the Cost, According to Realtors and Designers

It's easy to get caught up in your Pinterest boards, particularly when it comes to home improvement projects. One of the best returns on a residential investment is in the kitchen; after all, it's the heart of the home and, according to many realtors, a deal-maker or deal-breaker for potential buyers. And while there are a slew of kitchen remodeling ideas out there, which of them are worth the cost?

For guidance, we called in the experts: realtors, an interior designer, and a general contractor. Here, they break down the upgrades to include in your kitchen renovation and how to implement them to maximize the value of your home.

Practical Flooring

CreativaStudio/Getty Images

When it comes to house hunting, one of the first things we look at is the footprint of the kitchen. It only makes sense to start where our feet step. Cesar Bullon, general contractor and owner of Down South Renovations in Marietta, Ga., speaks from a place of experience, having started his business as a flooring specialist: "Tile is the best for both durability and budget. You won't have to replace tile unless you begin hating it!" He also finds that many homeowners find the cost of more moisture-resistant porcelain worth the upgrade from ceramic. Ariel Baverman, realtor for Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta recommends choosing "planks over 12-inch squares" to avoid dating the kitchen. "Those are very 'out,'" she cautions.

If you'd prefer something warmer underfoot, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is a practical waterproof solution that's become more popular. Technology has made it possible for this alternative material to emulate the look and feel of hardwood without the natural material's risk of warping and damage from spills and humidity.

But even with these practical considerations, durable hardwoods like sustainable bamboo or oak remain top choice among home buyers. "Especially if it matches the rest of the flooring in an open kitchen leading into another space," says luxury realtor Lisa Graff of Houlihan Lawrence of Scarsdale in Westchester, NY.

A Kitchen Island

Victoriia Kovalchuk/Getty Images

There's something about a kitchen island that reads like an invitation to linger. It's no surprise that one of Bullon's most commonly requested features is a multifunctional island. "If you're looking for more surface space or seating areas, this is the way to go," he says.

Power outlets can also be hidden into an island beneath the counters or even within them as pop-ups, all of which add usage flexibility. "Adding storage and stools for extra seating with electrical outlets is now often a must," says Graff. "Maximizing every square inch adds value." It's also recommended to choose a counter-height island: It offers a larger, wider surface, and opportunities for prep, serving, and gathering are just that much greater.

Knocking down a wall and swapping it for an island is also a great solution to Bullon's most common request: a bigger kitchen. Reducing hard boundaries creates the illusion of more space and expands the impression of the actual kitchen. Graff agrees that this is one of the biggest selling points in many homes. "Open concept kitchens that flow into family zones are extremely popular," says Graff. "Especially for those who want to keep an eye on kids as they're working; a fluid area for entertaining; or simply an in-eat kitchen that doesn't feel enclosed."

Light Countertops

Joe Hendrickson/Getty Images

Islands are also another way to emphasize fabulous counters, which are another deal-maker when it comes to attracting buyers. "Countertops are such a huge focal point in the kitchen; updated countertops are a way to elevate and modernize your space without doing a complete remodel," says Rachel Stults, managing editor at

Waterfall counters with mitered edges, for example, can add drama, even while providing a clean, minimalistic, and contemporary feel. Weathered countertops are beloved by tactile folks who are happy to trade traditional gloss for texture and dimension. And swirled stones can add movement, while speckled ones can create depth. However, for all of the above, lighter looks are preferred. "Most people love them as they're bright and provide a sense of spaciousness," Graff says. "Darker stones tend to look more dated." .

And according to Stults, you don’t have to spend your life savings on expensive marble—cheaper but luxurious alternatives exist. An extensive selection of natural and hand-made materials have cropped up. The latter ranges from budget options such as laminate (Formica) and large-format tile to pricier ones like Corian, a composite product, and top-of-the-line quartz. Natural stones include granite, limestone, marble, and quartzite. No matter the category, granite sits at the baseline of what's considered desirable, no matter the grade or pattern.

"Consumers don't want anything less than granite anymore, so choosing tile or laminate is disappointing in a renovation," says Baverman. Bullon seconds that, recommending "simple granite for a basic renovation, sealed once a year for upkeep."

Tile Backsplash

vm/Getty images

Some people skip installing a backsplash or go the cheaper route of stick-on 3D effect contact paper, but from the requests Bullon gets, that percentage is, fortunately, trending down. "They're definitely needed in a kitchen renovation," he emphasizes, "as they make [the space] feel more complete and convey a sense that the owner was detail-oriented and took good care of the home."

Glass backsplashes are a newer trend Bullon has been seeing in high-end renovations in the South, but less costly tile can create interest, especially if it is laid out thoughtfully. Baverman is a fan of affordable subway tiles, which Graff agrees are being used in many different styles of homes. "Glass or colored subway tiles are common picks for mid-century modern homes and white for more traditional ones."

Higher Cabinets

Carlina Teteris/Getty Images

Cabinets are one of the most expensive components of a well-done kitchen and a critical part of its functionality and visual appeal. Cosmetic accents add sophistication and value to your kitchen, all without having to mess with what's already there. Seemingly minor details—like new knobs and pulls, and crown molding finishing at the top of the cabinets—make a difference. Additionally, there's always the option to repaint cabinets, which is a costly investment but cheaper than a tear-down start-over.

However, if you're willing to invest in replacing them, the extra few inches a 42-inch upper cabinet gives you is well worth the added expense. You'll increase storage space by 25 percent, and if that's too high to reach? "Rev-a-shelf has incredible solutions that allow people of various heights and ages to access these cabinets safely," says Lisa M. Cini, author, president, and CEO of Mosaic Design Studio. "It also maximizes your shelf storage and can hide items, which allows users to transform the kitchen into a showroom."

For the most part, cabinet innovations are often worth the cost of investment. However, appliances with faux cabinets have become a faux pas. "Although it looks nice, it's just no longer necessary to hide appliances behind facades to match your cabinet choices," Graff says. This is especially true now that most are now designed to be showcased.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Andrea Rugg/Getty Images

Thermador introduced the stainless look during the 1950s, but it wasn't until about 15 to 20 years ago that it became readily accessible and affordable to average consumers. Since then, the elevation of the chef in pop culture has turned a trend into a mainstay.

"Stainless steel appliances always add value," says Graff, especially when they're name-brand or professional quality. "You can never go wrong with a chef's kitchen that features a six-burner stove!"

Built-in appliances (or those that look like it) can also add elegance to a kitchen. Slide-in ranges continue to sell and show well in the residential market—often paired with space-saving over-range microwaves—and are considered, "a great upgrade for upscale renovations," according to Bullon. He says the same of built-in wine refrigerators, a feature Graff calls a bonus, "even for people who don't drink, since it can serve as a beverage chiller." They free up precious refrigerator space for food, as Baverman points out.

Workstation Sinks

Signature Hardware

We’re talking about more than just a big sink. "These are multifunctional sinks with drain boards, cutting board attachments, and tons of space to navigate in. Some workstation sinks even feature mixing bowl and colander attachments," Stults explains. So no more stepping back and forth from the counter to the sink! This is an easy way to help inch your home’s sale price upward. 

Additional Storage

Ryosha/Getty Images

Accessibility and storage are key to any kitchen, which is why lazy susans and blind corner cabinets are also always in demand. "Lazy susan corner shelves are wonderful for elderly people," says Bullon, allowing them to get to the "back" of their cabinets easily. Blind corner pull-outs do the same and use the space even more efficiently. Although the latter is less common in New York, where Graff serves, she and Baverman are all for either." Anything that gives additional storage adds value!" they note.

A seemingly small detail that can make a world of difference and add incremental value to your home: soft-close hinges and drawers. "These are essential," says Graff—a mother of two young boys who inevitably slam both. Although they can break, as Baverman cautions, that risk is worth the reward of adding to the lifetime of the cabinets.

Pantry Spaces

mjrodafotografia/getty images

Pantries are always a good call. "However you can get more pantry space, do it!" says Bullon. Built-in ones with pull-out drawers are a brilliant upgrade, and great for easy access, especially when a closet pantry isn't an option, according to Graff.

The functional features are worth the money if you plan to live in your space longer, but for a quick, gratifying upgrade, pull-out trash bins concealed behind cabinet doors have become exceedingly popular, addressing the unpleasant problem of having a too-small garbage tucked under your sink or an exposed freestanding one. "They're awesome for saving space and keeping the kitchen clean," says Bullon.

Neutral Paint Colors and Patterns

Cavan Images/Getty Images

Any home professional will tell you: A fresh coat of the right color paint can do wonders for a space. The kitchen is no exception. "It can change the atmosphere of a room drastically," says Bullon, providing an affordable facelift and instant-clean feeling to the room. As Graff points out, lighter kitchens are trending with grays, whites, and neutrals standing as safe choices for a crowd-pleasing aesthetic that can help increase your home value.

No matter what, when making your selections, adhere to one golden rule of kitchen renovations: Let one thing be the star. If you spring for a flashy backsplash, go neutral on the counters and cabinets, and vice versa. They can clash or worse, your high-end investment will fade into the background amidst too many other scene-stealing accents. Meanwhile, allowing the different elements to complement the other generates harmony and balance.

Lighting Accents

ExperienceInteriors/Getty Images

Of course, how you light the space also affects color. Soft white lighting will lend a warm, golden hue to everything while daylight bulbs with their blue tones will be very bright and white. Depending on the mood of your kitchen, you can choose either accents like pendant lights, which are often requested by Bullon's clients. Although "pendants are for style more than function in most cases," per Baverman, there's no doubt that they add another level of interest while actively highlighting a handsome upgrade like an island. "Just be sure it's high enough that it doesn't ruin the sight line and people won't hit their heads when standing," says Graff.

Because light placement can make a big impact. For instance, under-cabinet lighting can create a sultry, modern, or cozy distant impression depending on the warmth of the color. Cini highly recommends not only adding lighting to the underside of your upper cabinets, but power strips and USB plugs as well. "Whether you're plugging in your coffee pot or air fryer, the area is easier to see with built-in lighting," says Cini. Best of all, it's an easy upgrade. "Ikea and Legrand have great options that are easy to install," she says.

Smart Technology

Maskot/Getty Images

Technology has become a must-have in the rest of our home—why not the cook space, too?  Stults suggests installing voice-activated faucets, app-operated appliances, or refrigerators with built-in cameras. "Think about how easy it would be if you didn’t have to get up and check the next time you’re wondering how low you are on milk! These smart features can increase efficiency, which can be a huge selling point for busy homebuyers," she says.


JohnnyGreig/Getty Images

And, if you have the cash and the wherewithal, consider installing a skylight, recommends Stults. "A skylight can bring sunshine into your space and make the kitchen look larger. It also delivers an impressively high ROI—an estimated $5,000 to $6,000 in value upon resale, according to some reports," she says.

The Bottom Line

Prioritize stone counters, cabinets with smart storage, islands when possible, durable flooring, and anything to physically or visually expand the kitchen. Ever the pragmatist, Bullon stresses: "These all add value to a home, so these are the renovations that are most worthwhile."

How to Notify When a Fixer-Higher Is just not Well worth It

Any property can be manufactured gorgeous, states Lauren Liess, founder and principal designer of Lauren Liess Interiors. The query, she adds, is whether or not it truly is a worthwhile expense.

"Even the saddest-sensation dwelling can be wonderful if you shove money at it, but in most situations, once you place the income into a property necessary to fix it up, you've got ordinarily long gone up to, or even more than, the house's actual estate value, which isn't a wonderful situation to be in," says Liess. She appreciates a detail or two from personal expertise, Liess, the creator of Feels Like House: Relaxed Interiors for a Meaningful Existence, also runs a authentic estate brokerage in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

So how do authorities like Liess set on their renovator glasses to glimpse over and above dated carpet and not-so-appealing paint hues to discover the homes that actually have renovation opportunity—the ones you may want to reside in and that'll also have instantaneous fairness?

The most crucial rule of thumb, Liess suggests, is to find a for-sale dwelling which is at this time undervalued and has some kind of innate charm or architectural character—or can be simply turned into a blank slate so you can increase your own architectural facts without the need of much too a lot construction and price tag.

"Seem for residences that have not been renovated at all—you do not pay out for others' renovations—or are out of date and unappealing to most customers," Liess states. "Unlucky tile and awful paint hues are your very best buddies."

Forward, Liess and other gurus share how to walk as a result of a property like a developer or designer and spot possible in for-sale properties.

What Actually Kills a Home's Renovation Potential

Designers and developers have a tendency to know pretty swiftly on wanting at a assets no matter whether it can be value renovating—sometimes in advance of even stepping within. "If the household has lovely architecture and curb appeal, we can get the inside to where by it demands to be," states Philip Thomas Vanderford, proprietor and founder at Studio Thomas James, a Dallas-based mostly inside structure firm. But there are pink flags that end them in their tracks. If they see these inside of, they recalibrate and take into account bailing completely.

Reduced Ceilings

Ceiling height can be a dealbreaker simply because it truly is tricky to adjust, Vanderford states.

Structural Problems

An unsound foundation or electrical and plumbing methods that are in negative shape can tack on tons of expenses that could take in up your overall renovation budget, Vanderford suggests.

A Poor Structure

A terrible floor program is challenging to get the job done about. "If far too lots of rooms have to have rearranging, this can really rack up the funds," Liess claims.

A number of Stages

In typical, single-story properties are much easier to do in depth remodels on, claims Stephen Pallrand, founder of Household Entrance Make, an architecture, interior design and building agency in Los Angeles. "An higher story would make moving any partitions on the lessen tales extra costly due to structural issues," he suggests.

An Inflated Selling price Tag

Liess suggests she overlooks the homes that are currently priced about marketplace benefit simply because she isn't going to like to have far more funds in a home than it's worth. That's partly why she avoids recently renovated homes—they typically are not priced minimal plenty of. Also, it feels wasteful to undo the get the job done.

What You Can and Should Ignore

Once you rule out nonsensical ground plans, renovated properties, and small ceilings, style and design authorities aren't also simply deterred from outdated homes. Most homebuyers know to glance outside of the paint shades and might even talk to for a seller's concession to set down some new carpet, but renovators are eager to forgive a whole lot much more.

Home windows can be additional to much too-darkish rooms, mould can be remediated, and architectural specifics will insert charm to a plain residence, Liess states. Anything at all which is out of day can be stripped down and timeless things can be extra in, she says.

Pallrand endorses working with your creativeness to strip the rooms down to their fundamental principles: walls, ground, and ceiling. "Overlook any horrible finishes, flooring, or wallpaper, and try out to see the place as a blank canvas," he states. "How considerably all-natural gentle does it get? How is the size, the truly feel, the watch?"

Admittedly, this can be a difficult training if there is certainly a kitchen with, say, cumbersome vinyl cabinets and dim granite counter tops that make the place truly feel smaller. But visualization is the essential. "You are really buying a shell which you get to resurface to mirror your identity," Pallrand suggests.

So, Really should You Make an Offer you?

If you're setting up to get major about bidding on a residence, commit time in it contemplating and dreaming, Liess says.

She recommends transforming the floor approach in your head or on paper and producing a checklist of all the factors that want to be completed to get it to your liking. From there, make ballpark estimates of all the initiatives that will require to materialize. Increase that sum to the price tag of the house (with some cushion for sudden fees and overages), and then see if it can be in line with the heading charge of a recently renovated dwelling in the region, she states.

"If it is, and if you happen to be scheduling to are living in it, the home has benefit and is really worth repairing up for you," she states.

Nevertheless, if you're arranging to flip it to resell, the whole price tag of the household and renovation requires to be a excellent amount of money below the worth of a newly renovated residence because you want wiggle space in there for revenue.

If you're not quite positive what the renovation charges will be or you need enable pinpointing some possible cash pits, bring a contractor alongside with you—they can assist you estimate what you'll have to have to commit more properly.

Functioning on a design and style undertaking? Let us aid!

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Brittany Anas is a former newspaper reporter (The Denver Publish, Boulder Everyday Camera) turned freelance writer. Ahead of she struck out on her very own, she covered just about every beat—from greater schooling to criminal offense. Now she writes about food, cocktails, travel, and way of living subject areas for Men’s Journal, Residence Lovely, Forbes, Simplemost, Shondaland, Livability, Hearst newspapers, TripSavvy and a lot more. In her absolutely free time, she coaches basketball, crashes pools, and enjoys hanging out with her rude-but-lovely Boston Terrier that under no circumstances acquired the memo the breed is nicknamed "America’s gentleman."

Practical reworking – Ideas for mom and dad from a pro (and a mother)

You excursion over a bookbag as you walk in the front door. The kitchen area cupboards have stacks of, perfectly, almost everything. That baseball uniform or research or dance shoes have disappeared into the void. Possibly it is time for a little – or a huge – house renovation. But before you start, consider these guidelines from a builder who is also a mother.

Sarah Sain and her partner very own Sain Homes. She bought her first renovation career from her dad when she was 13, so she understands the ins and outs of remodeling on price range and in a way that operates for all those who will use the place. 

“First of all, you actually need to have to prevent and consider before you remodel,” she mentioned. “Think via practically, how do you want to dwell in your home? How do you truly live? And how do you want to reside? For the reason that I imagine so numerous folks consider, ‘Oh, I am likely to have Carrara marble countertops in this beautiful, fantastic white kitchen area.’ And you know, that's wonderful and achievable, but you will need to assume about that every working day use. Do you require place to have your espresso maker due to the fact you appreciate generating a latte in the early morning? Do the kids come in and dump their backpacks on the island every single day? Feel via the points that generate you mad, and then consider by means of how you dwell. Then imagine as a result of what you want, and see the place some of those people things can marry.”

The kitchen area

It is wherever we invest our time, so perform certainly matters in the kitchen.

Practical Remodeling

“I come to feel like they are the heart of the dwelling,” Sain reported. “Even my individual kids when they come through the door right after university, that is in which every little thing will get dumped – on the kitchen island. I am a major fan of obtaining as big of a kitchen island as your area will allow.”

4 Home Improvement Projects That Are Tax Deductible

Whether you're a new homeowner who's knee-deep in a gut renovation or you're making necessary upgrades to your forever home, you might think that every home improvement is simply a sunk cost. Don't despair, though. Home improvements can greatly increase the value of your home in the long run (especially if you decide to sell). You can also get a much-needed tax break if your renovation projects qualify. Courtney Klosterman, home insights expert at the home insurance company Hippo, is here to walk us through the specifics.

"Despite a really rocky year for homeowners in terms of rising inflation, cost of living, and even repair costs, we're still seeing homeowners determined to maintain and improve their homes in 2024," Klosterman explains. "We learned in our recent homeowner regrets survey that nearly a quarter of responding homeowners were planning major renovations this year."

We recommend consulting a qualified accountant or tax professional to determine whether your home improvements and renovations qualify for a tax deduction, break, or credit. But to help you started and give you a sense of what you might save, we asked Klosterman to share her insights into qualifying home improvements this tax season.

What Home Improvements Are Tax Deductible in 2024?

Homeowners can potentially qualify for an Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Credit of up to $3,200 for energy-efficient improvements made after Jan. 1, 2023. The credit for 2024 covers 30 percent of qualifying expenses with limits for different types of improvements. Below, we break down what's eligible in the four included categories: energy efficient, clean energy, historic home, and medically necessary upgrades.

Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

Replacing Windows

Updating and replacing old windows and skylights can improve the efficiency of your home and reduce the frequency at which you run the HVAC system. You could qualify for a credit of up to $600 based upon eligibility. Klosterman notes that you have to use specific equipment that's included on the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient list.

Biomass Stoves

Biomass stoves aren't cooking stoves—they burn biomass fuel to heat a home or water. Biomass fuel includes agricultural crops and trees; wood, wood waste, and residues (including wood pellets); plants (including aquatic plants); grasses; residues; and fibers. They're similar to gas or electric fireplaces but better for the environment. Install a biomass stove that meets Energy Star's requirements and you can receive up to a $2,000 credit. To qualify, a biomass stove must have a thermal efficiency rating of at least 75 percent. Costs may include labor to install.

Clean Energy Home Improvements

You can potentially qualify for the Residential Clean Energy Credit if you install new renewable energy properties in your home. There is no dollar limit for this credit except for fuel cell properties (which are capped at $500 for each half kilowatt of capacity).

Solar Panels

With an average savings of $1,500 per year on energy bills (around $125 per month), solar panels can cut homeowners' costs drastically. With a standard electrical bill, you pay for the power you use. With solar panels, you store energy throughout the year, and if you don't use as much as you store there's energy left over. When that happens, depending on your area, you may be able to sell that unused energy back to your town's grid. That further increases the monetary savings households can achieve with solar power.

Solar Water Heater

Water heating is typically the largest utility expense in a home, and swapping your tank for a solar-powered water heater can not only improve your home's efficiency, but it can also lower your utility costs.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

If you're looking for a better way to heat and cool your home, consider a geothermal system. These pumps can help heat and cool your home more efficiently than traditional systems by transferring heat to the ground rather than generating heat. They do tend to be expensive, costing $15,026 on average, and depending on unit size, system configuration, site accessibility, and more, you may pay anywhere from $4,270 to $25,860, according to Angi. But according to the Department of Energy, you can potentially see ROI in five to 10 years, depending on available financial incentives.

Battery Storage Technology

Similar to a generator system, battery storage technology helps store excess energy from clean energy sources to be used at a later time. This gives your home a reliable (and sustainable) energy source when the grid goes down or you're facing a storm.

Historic Home Upgrades

Historic homes can qualify for this tax credit and other grants since many organizations wish to preserve historical buildings. "Taking advantage of these can help lower the financial burden of potential repairs while helping you maintain your home's original beauty," says Klosterman.

Replacing Old Pipes

Upgrading or replacing old pipes may qualify for this tax credit and may be necessary to bring the home up to code and help prevent water damage. This can also be a chance to improve an older home's energy efficiency.

Restoring Historic Elements

If your historic home features deteriorated finishings like beams, posts, stair railings, or other load-bearing elements that you plan on replacing, you may qualify for a tax break. The repairs must maintain the home's original style and era, and be at least equal to the original's load-bearing capabilities.

Replacing Stairs

Fully replacing a deteriorating set of stairs using the same or compatible substitute material can make your home safer and may qualify for this tax credit. The new set of stairs should look similar to the original.

Medically Necessary Upgrades

You can potentially include medically necessary home upgrades as a part of your medical expense deduction. These include improvements that help make your home more accommodating for a disability that you, your spouse, or dependents who live in your home may have. The amount you can include in your medical expense deduction depends on how the improvement impacts your home's value.

According to Klosterman, "if your home's value increases as a result of the improvement, your medical expense is considered the cost of the improvement minus the increase in home value," she explains. "However, if your home's value does not increase, you can include the entire cost in your medical expense deduction."

Modified Smoke Detectors

For those with disabilities—blindness or hard-of-hearing, changing out your smoke detectors for ones that flash lights or emit louder noises can qualify. Smart monitoring systems, like water leak detectors, can also make it easier to detect issues early in hard-to-reach areas.

Ground Grading and Leveling

Grading, or leveling, the ground can improve accessibility and also help protect your home from water runoff. This includes lessening steep hills, adding ADA ramps, and creating more accessible pathways (flat stones instead of cobbles, etc.). It can also include work to help direct runoff away from your home and prevent standing water.

ADA-Compliant Modifications

Adding grab bars, handrails, and walk-in showers instead of tubs in your bathrooms can make your home a more accessible place to live and could qualify for tax credits.

Home Improvement vs. Home Repair

According to IRS Publication 523, to qualify as an improvement, the task must add value to your home, adapt it to new uses, or prolong its life. If repair-type work is part of the overall improvement, you may include it. However, not all repairs, like repairing a leak or patching a hole in drywall, necessarily add value, even though they do improve the quality of your home in the short term.

There's a third category too. According to Klosterman, capital improvements are projects that extend your home's life, add value, or refit your home for new uses. These differ from home repairs, which upkeep your home but don't necessarily add value (like fixing a leak). Although you won't see tax benefits from these improvements right away, these projects can help proactively protect your home by getting ahead of potential issues and lessen the amount of tax you pay when you sell your home.

Other Renovation Tax Deductions You Might Qualify For

Home Office Repairs

If you're working from home, you may be able to deduct home office repair expenses, including repairs and maintenance, if you have a dedicated part of your home that you regularly use as your main place of business. The amount you can deduct depends on whether the project impacts the entire home or just the office. Home office improvements, however, are not tax deductible as they are classified similarly to capital improvements. These are some examples of qualifying home office repairs:

  • If you install a full home security system, you can potentially deduct the cost of maintaining and monitoring the system that relates to the business part of your home.
  • Repairing damaged outlets and wiring may be tax deductible.
  • You can replace your home office windows with dual- or triple-pane windows to help improve insulation and reduce noise. In addition to the tax benefits you may enjoy when you sell your home, this improvement can help lower the need for cooling and heating and lower the strain on your HVAC system.

Rental Property Repairs

If you rent out a part of your home, you may be able to deduct repair expenses from the amount of taxable rental income you receive. Limitations apply, such as if you're renting a space in your current residence. These are some qualifying examples:

  • Repairing leaks in your tenant's bathroom.
  • Addressing air leaks in your tenant's area, which can help improve insulation. You can do so by updating the weather stripping around windows and doors.
  • Routinely checking the air vent(s) in your tenant's part of the home, which can improve your chances of catching airflow issues, including dirty vents or leaky ducts, before they cause damage.

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Headshot of Kate McGregor

Kate McGregor is House Beautiful's SEO Editor, writing in-depth , design inspiration stories while overseeing gardening content through routine . With over five years in the shelter industry creating content for brands like Domino, Real Simple, and Architectural Digest’s Clever, Kate has developed a passion for uncovering the personal stories that often lie behind the inspiration for people’s spaces. She previously worked as the assistant market editor at ELLE Decor, where she identified top products and brands in the industry as well as interviewed emerging designers about their thoughts on the latest . Kate holds a bachelor’s degree from Belmont University. When not researching the specificities of begonia plant care, you can find Kate scouring vintage markets for the ideal wrought-iron chair, knitting yet another cardigan, or reading historical nonfiction.

Top 2024 Renovation And Design Trends to Consider

Expert Tips From Designers To Help Give Your Home A Refresh

I’m not a designer. I’m a contractor, but over the years, I have developed a newfound admiration for interior designers. We’ve also had a lot of fun with them on our shows —they brought a new fresh perspective to what we were doing. Not to mention they’ve kept us current with the most recent renovation and design trends. Even if I wasn’t on board with some of their ideas, I trusted them, and in the end, it worked out in ways I couldn’t have imagined.


Sherry and Mike Holmes working with Aspire Designs on one of our projects for Holmes Family Rescue Season 2.Sherry and Mike Holmes working with Aspire Designs on one of our projects for Holmes Family Rescue Season 2.

Working with Aspire Design Group on one of our projects for Holmes Family Rescue Season 2.


I work with some great designers, and together, we have created some incredible spaces that are practical, functional and beautiful for our homeowners. Last year, we concentrated on updating some key spaces, including the home office, the laundry room, mud rooms, the kitchen island and pantries, along with highlighting unique architectural details to complete the spaces. 

These key spaces remain in demand and will continue to be highlighted this year! Here are some renovation and design trends to consider in 2024.


Maximize Storage With A Pantry

A well-designed pantry can be a game changer. Why? Because everyone can do with more storage space. We are finding that pantries are a line item that homeowners want included in their wish lists. This is especially true for large or extended families living in one house or even in smaller homes where utilizing all useable space is essential. 


Kitchen renovation completed by Saldan, Holmes Approved Homes Builder.Kitchen renovation completed by Saldan, Holmes Approved Homes Builder.

Kitchen renovation completed by Saldan, Holmes Approved Homes Builder.


With the cost of everything going up, locking in on quantity discounts is popular but you need somewhere to store the items. Having a pantry provides that extra space to store items. Adding more cabinets, pull-out drawers or rotating organizers for easy access will help keep things organized.


Storage is the name of the game and with the evolution of how to carve out kitchen space plans, pantries have been included in the square footage space of kitchens, says Bilha Kangethe of The Lifestyle Loft


For entertaining enthusiasts, built-in wine racks or appliance garages can free up valuable counter space. In smaller homes, maximize vertical space with floor-to-ceiling shelving and explore clever storage solutions like corner cabinets or hanging organizers.


Kitchen renovation with pantry by Wastell Homes, Holmes Approved Homes BuilderKitchen renovation with pantry by Wastell Homes, Holmes Approved Homes Builder

Kitchen renovation with pantry by Wastell Homes, Holmes Approved Homes Builder.


Not to mention, pantries are no longer just for canned goods! According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s 2024 Kitchen Trends report, more homeowners are incorporating small appliance stations and coffee bars within their pantries. This multi-functional approach allows for better organization and streamlines workflow in the kitchen. 


Pro Tip: Consider adding outlets for countertop appliances or installing a dedicated coffee bar complete with a sink and hidden storage for mugs and accessories. Remember, any electrical work must be done by a licensed electrical contractor.



15 Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget


Work From Home in Style: Multi-Functional Home Office Ideas

The home office is here to stay, as many people have settled into a hybrid work schedule. A home office serving as a multi-functional space makes sense, especially for busy families


Office Room renovated for Holmes Family RescueOffice Room renovated for Holmes Family Rescue

I love how this office came together on Holmes Family Rescue Season 1. The big windows are great as they allow so much natural light to come in and that green colour is timeless.


“Being able to use one space for more than one function has become more of a lifestyle for a lot of families instead of a “trend”, says Cynthia Soda, of Soda Pop Design Inc. 


A home office can be a guest room, playroom or crafts room combination. The possibilities are endless. Also, multi-functional furniture is now available to accommodate any space. There is a lot of love given to multi-functional furniture pieces as well, like games tables or transformer tables that can start as a console table/desk and extend to seat a large dinner party, adds Cynthia. This is great for multi-functional rooms or smaller condos where you want to make your space as functional as possible.



13 Creative Home Office Ideas


Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Needs

Kimm, from Kimmberly Capone Interior Design, installed a beautiful bed with a hydraulic system for one of our families.  The mattress easily lifts without disturbing the bedding, revealing space that can be used for linens, blankets and even winter coats. The hydraulic system is safe and practical for a small home,” says Kimmberly.


KimmberlyCaponeDesigns_MurphyBed With Mike Holmes and Mike Holmes JrKimmberlyCaponeDesigns_MurphyBed With Mike Holmes and Mike Holmes Jr

We installed this beautiful bed with a hydraulic system from Kimmberly Capone’s furniture collection for one of our families to help maximize some of their storage space.


Another thing Kimm explained was the importance of purchasing sofas and chairs with high-density foam. The quality of foam used has a direct impact on the longevity of the piece of furniture. For example, there are three levels of foam quality:

  • Level 1 – the lowest grade is typically found in low-end quality furniture, and will last a couple of years before it starts to show signs of degradation, like showing “dips” where people have sat, and not “bouncing” back
  • Level 2 – is a mid-level grade that will last 4-5 years
  • Level 3 – is a high-density grade foam that will last 20 -25 years as you can “flip and turn” to prolong the life of the cushion


Laundry room reno on Holmes Family Rescue Season 2Laundry room reno on Holmes Family Rescue Season 2

Taking a break on the new sectional in Jason and Alison’s basement.


Quality as well as functionality needs to be considered when designing multi-functional spaces.


Home Gym Benefits & Design Ideas

The resurgence of home gyms over the past few years will continue as they’re convenient and quiet. There’s no commute, and it saves on membership fees. Plus, you can work out whenever you like or have time – no excuses. 


Home gym renovation from Holmes Family Rescue Season 2Home gym renovation from Holmes Family Rescue Season 2

I love mixing up my workouts and I think this gym we created for these homeowners is great because it provides so much flexibility for the entire family to enjoy this time together.


But it also goes beyond saving time and money. It allows you to tailor your workout routine to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer high-intensity interval training or a more relaxed yoga session, a home gym provides a private space to focus on your well-being. To create a motivating environment, consider incorporating inspirational quotes, workout mirrors, or even a smart TV to stream fitness classes.

If you don’t have a lot of room in your home, consider maximizing your space with smart solutions. For example, installing a Murphy bed with a built-in pull-up bar or wall-mounted weight racks that fold flat when not in use. Utilize vertical space with shelves or cabinets to store equipment and free weights. Remember, even basic bodyweight exercises or resistance bands can make for a great workout, making a home gym accessible for any budget.


Home gym installed on Holmes Family Rescue Season 2Home gym installed on Holmes Family Rescue Season 2

If you want to take things up a notch, add a fun rock-climbing wall for kids too, like we did in Jason and Allison’s home.



9 Home Trends That Resulted From The Pandemic


Additional Design Considerations 

Like any room in your home, lighting is essential, so keep that in mind too. 

Also, if the plan includes lots of heavy equipment, ensure your floor can handle the extra weight. However, for most equipment, you should be fine, but I always suggest a dense rubber mat overlay to protect the floor and your joints and to help absorb noise. 


Laundry Room & Mudroom Must-Haves

Laundry rooms and mudrooms are no longer afterthoughts – they’re essential spaces for keeping your home organized and stylish. Whether you have dedicated rooms or a combined space here are some design tips to help you plan your space.

These rooms are essential for large families, dog lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Depending on the space available, these spaces can be separate, or a two-in-one is often used.


Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms have come a long way from being a dark, dingy space in the basement. In today’s homes, laundry rooms can be stylish and are often now on the main floor of a house with some nice details, storage options and pops of colour – they have become practical spaces that you enjoy spending time in – and who doesn’t want to spend time in a nice space? 


Laundry Room reno on Holmes Family Rescue Season 2Laundry Room reno on Holmes Family Rescue Season 2

While this isn’t a huge space to work with we were able to add lots of storage for these homeowners with a floating shelf, a foldable drying rack, and a great wallpaper to make the space feel bigger.


Speaking of space, don’t let limited square footage hold back your reno! Popular 2024 trends like stackable washer and dryer units or space-saving wall-mounted appliances can maximize functionality in compact areas. Since homeowners are now more conscious of being energy-efficient, consider incorporating smart laundry systems that optimize water usage and detergent dispensing. For ultimate convenience, consider adding a folding drying rack that disappears when not in use.


Laundry rooms can still be in the basement, but access to natural light is also a huge thing for me, says Cynthia Soda, so if you don’t have a window or the ability to put in a sun-tunnel then the right kind of lighting in this type of working space is key,”. A layered lighting design is always ideal to make the space welcoming and functional. 


I also love to include smart LED lighting whenever I can and using motion sensor lighting is a great choice. The light will turn on automatically when someone enters the laundry room and it will turn off when you leave with your hands full of laundry. And your lights will never be left on, so there will be no wasting energy. 




Read This Before Renovating Your Laundry Room

15 Small Laundry Room Design Ideas & Tips



Mudrooms are just that – they can be small areas typically near an entrance where people can take off their outdoor clothing, messy shoes or boots, store equipment and even clean pets. It’s essential to ensure the space functions, even if it is small. 


Mike Holmes Jr giving Caicos a bath. Holmes Family Rescue.Mike Holmes Jr giving Caicos a bath. Holmes Family Rescue.

If you have the space consider adding a pet wash station in your mudroom this way you’re keeping the mess and dirt away from the rest of your home.


Embrace the 2024 trend of hall trees and decorative hooks to add personality and style.  Incorporate a stylish bench with built-in storage for throw blankets or extra shoes.  Remember to choose durable flooring whether it’s a non-slip tile, engineered hardwood or high-quality laminate. Consider a washable accent rug to trap dirt and debris before it tracks throughout the house.



Mudroom renovation completed by Schreyer Construction, Holmes Approved Homes Builder.



7 Mudroom Ideas and Design Tips


Mudroom & Laundry Room Combo

However, a mudroom and laundry room can be combined. We recently did one that included a laundry wall unit with storage, a washer and dryer, and a pet washing station. Separated by an island, another area had a large hall tree for coats, shoes and storage, plus a powder room. This is an exception, but it was ideal for this large rural living family.


Eye-Catching Design Trends

How to Incorporate Decorative Arches

Several of our recent renovation projects have included architectural arch details. Some were existing, and some arches were added to enhance the space. Either way, they are becoming and will continue to be a popular detail, and most designers I work with agree.


Sherry Holmes helping to build a decorative arch connecting the office with the dining room and kitchen on Holmes Family Rescue.Sherry Holmes helping to build a decorative arch connecting the office with the dining room and kitchen on Holmes Family Rescue.

I helped build this decorative arch connecting the office with the dining room and kitchen on Holmes Family Rescue.


Soft edges and curves are in harmony with our desire to connect with nature and feel less rigid/contrived in our spaces, says Cynthia Soda, of Soda Pop Design Inc. One of the fundamental elements of design is creating balance in a space between straight lines and soft curved edges. Decorative arches are a great way to create a focal point in a room.


Biophilic Design: Bringing Nature Indoors

All the designers I’ve worked with love adding natural elements to the spaces they create, whether it’s a “live” or “living wall,” herb wall or a grouping of house plants.

A new thing that our designers have been adding, particularly in the basement renos is a moss wall which adds a punch of green. I like to call it a “grass wall”! But seriously, adding greenery to any room brings a visual connection with the outdoors.


Holmes Family Rescue Season 2 Live Moss ArtHolmes Family Rescue Season 2 Live Moss Art

While we were a bit worried at first about how it would look like, but this green moss art turned out great in this basement reno bringing a little bit of the outdoors indoors.


Other effective solutions are installing large expansive windows or even a seasonal sunroom. Using natural elements, such as wood or stone, or even specialized thematic wallpaper helps create warmth and texture in any room regardless of the style of the home. 


Show Your Style: Adding Personal Touches to Your Renovation

As much as I love my designers, the homes we give back to the homeowners are “homes”, not showrooms so we always try to incorporate pieces that provide a personal touch and show off their personality. This can be achieved by incorporating custom art, family heirlooms, handcrafted items and eclectic pieces of furniture – these all help create connections to the homeowner and their home and focal points within the space.

We created a beautiful wall display and focal point in a recent episode (find the name of the homeowners), with Kimm’s direction, by using the homeowner’s beloved blue and white China plate collection. Otherwise, stuffed in a drawer or box, now can be enjoyed every day. The homeowner loved it!


Sherry Holmes and Mike Holmes working with Kimmberly Capone to create a personal wall art piece for this homeowner on Holmes Family Rescue Season 2.Sherry Holmes and Mike Holmes working with Kimmberly Capone to create a personal wall art piece for this homeowner on Holmes Family Rescue Season 2.

We had so much fun creating this personal wall gallery using the homeowner’s china that was stored for years without being used.


Use Colour to Bring Boldness to a Room

Some of the interior designers I work with love colour, which I tend to shy away from. However, with a trained eye, a pop of colour can really enhance a room. 


According to Bilha Kangethe “everything from warm earth tones like terracotta, olive green and chocolate browns, to deeper hues like chartreuse and buttery yellow tones will dominate”, offering simple elegance with comfort. 


Floral wallpaper on Holmes Family Rescue.Floral wallpaper on Holmes Family Rescue.

We wanted to really make a statement in this room and this wallpaper was the perfect fit adding lots of colours to brighten up the space.


No matter what colours you like, pops of colour can be incorporated with paint, wallpaper, a wooden wall treatment or even pillows. Adding texture is another great way to enhance a space. Plus, there are so many different wallpaper “prints” available you can even mimic a stone wall at a fraction of the cost of a real stone wall. 

There are countless possibilities to brighten and enhance a room and show your personality. 



14 Accent Wall Ideas For Your Home

Sherry Holmes’ Tips for Making Your Accent Walls Pop


I’m looking forward to another busy year and I’m excited to see what my team and I can create. Renovation and design trends will come and go but ultimately it’s essential to create spaces that are practical, and functional while also reflecting your personality and lifestyle.



8 Home Renovations that Add Value to Your Home

How Much Should You Budget for Home Renovations?

Your Home Renovation Team – Who to Hire and When?

A Holmes Guide To Prioritizing Home Renovations

Christina Hall’s Ought to-Adhere to Renovation and Layout Guidelines

Christina Corridor appreciates her way all over a renovation. The HGTV star has completed hundreds of them at this stage you can enjoy her renovation journeys on her HGTV reveals, Christina on the Coastline, Christina in the Place, and Flip or Flop. Any person who’s concluded their personal reno appreciates it is no little feat now just picture undertaking a renovation about and over and about all over again, and all the trials you go by during it are caught on camera.

With so quite a few projects at the rear of her, Hall is a renovation pro, and we spoke with her for her advice on what to consider when you’re starting up a project of your very own: Study on for her strategies.

Decide When to Renovate Cautiously

So, when is the finest time to deal with your renovation venture? Hall’s shorter answer: Whenever you are up to it. Corridor understands as a great deal as any person how a lot perform and income a renovation venture can just take.

“I imagine what’s actually essential for individuals to comprehend is that pricing has gone up rather a bit due to the fact of inflation,” she tells Far better Homes & Gardens. “What probably employed to expense $50,000, can now value almost $100,000. I constantly advise finding a couple of estimates and earning confident that any contractors you take into consideration working with have excellent references.”

Having the time to establish what your spending budget is, what each and every venture will charge, and which tasks or rooms are most significant to you is the to start with move in renovating your residence. Corridor indicates finding all of all those decisions agreed on first, then stressing about the a lot more time-consuming structure facts later on.

Christina Assortment Flooring

Mix Style Types and Colors

Hall has noticed a shift in what style design home owners are gravitating towards. She claims that more men and women are steering absent from great tones and starting to use hotter and more pure tones.

“I’m looking at additional medium-browns, in distinction to every thing remaining all white oak. I really like mixing colors—I really like mixing blacks and organic woods specially,” Corridor says.

Trying to keep to solely all one design design (like present day farmhouse, for case in point), is a issue of the earlier, according to Corridor. She says structure is trending in the direction of mixing several style types all in just one household. Moreover, combining numerous types will assistance make sure a extra timeless final result from your renovation, as tendencies are constantly evolving. Pick what you like, not just what is popular this yr.

Shop with Your Relatives and Way of life in Mind

Among her lots of other commitments (now renovating 18 homes and flipping a few!), Hall has also created her very own flooring line, Christina Selection Flooring, as her hottest enterprise enterprise. She observed that her purchasers had been continuously seeking for flooring that was inexpensive and resilient, but nevertheless aesthetically satisfying, for their home renovation—so she created just that.

“When I formulated this line, it was super vital to me that the flooring was family-pleasant,” Hall states. “We have young children and puppies, and I’ve experienced some previous flooring in my have house that is not quite resilient and essential a great deal of maintenance. Christina Selection Flooring is water-resistant and scratch-resistant, and a lot of my purchasers that have used it have been tremendous happy.”

Paying for substantial-good quality and resilient merchandise for just about every part of your renovation is integral in producing confident you can enjoy the fruits of your tough perform for years to come. Assume of what the products will arrive in get in touch with with just about every day—this will assistance decide how resilient you have to have them to be.

Know Your Style

One of the most prevalent troubles Hall runs into though functioning on a style and design task with purchasers is them not possessing a great comprehending of what their desired model for their residence really is.

“I often have my customers show me inspiration photos for their wished-for design and style model,” Hall suggests. “Someone can normally explain a style they like but when they see it in pics, it is not usually accurate to what they were being picturing.”

Hall normally advises her consumers to search Pinterest and other layout resources to help narrow down their home’s closing style and design eyesight.

A Nearby Designer’s Leading 4 Ideas for Surviving a Household Renovation

As co-founder of Colorado- and California-based mostly interior design company Studio Mesa, Cameron Shepherd has made areas for significant-profile Hollywood executives and motion picture producers. But he not too long ago transformed an early 1980s Evergreen property for his most tough consumer however: himself. To enable you survive your own dwelling makeover, we requested Shepherd about what he learned becoming his very own manager.

1. Exercise patience.

In its place of promptly drawing up designs after acquiring the residence, Shepherd followed a piece of assistance he provides clients: Are living in the space 1st. “It’s essential to see how you interact with a space right before you tear into it,” he says. For example, even although his home’s main lavatory needed the most TLC, he still left that venture for later in the renovation. “By the time we commenced doing work on it,” he suggests, “I had truly potent thoughts about what I wanted it to be.”

Living room
The revamped living space. Photograph by David Lauer

2. Phone a friend.

Through the two-yr-very long renovation, Shepherd leaned on his spouse, Peter Sloterdyk, and his business enterprise lover, Jill Norman. “I can make selections for my shoppers very rapidly, but when I’m my have client, that decisiveness goes out the window,” he claims. To stay away from analysis paralysis, Shepherd indicates narrowing your options down to two or a few choices and presenting them to your associate, mate, or design-savvy relative for a clean viewpoint.

3. Simmer down.

“There are heading to be moments the place you are at your wit’s close,” Shepherd says. “The expense of it all, having people in your residence every single day, making choices constantly…it’s heading to be thrilling, but it’s also heading to be exhausting.” To stay away from burnout, Shepherd suggests creating a harmless haven. “Find a location that feels calm—whether it’s a library, a park, a coffeeshop, or an off-web site office—and make a point of paying time there,” he claims.

The Zen key lavatory. Picture by David Lauer

4. Opt for your battles.

Unless you have an infinite price range, you will have to make some sacrifices to remain in your signifies, no matter if it is extending your timeline or opting for brief beauty fixes fairly than considerable structural alterations. To help save funds, Shepherd painted his present kitchen area cabinets and included a present day light-weight fixture, new components, and clean backsplash tiles rather of overhauling the overall area. “Is it the kitchen I would structure if I have been starting up from scratch? No. But I’m proud of how it turned out, especially for as little as we invested in it.”

This write-up was at first published in 5280 March 2024.

Michelle Johnson

Philly Professionals Share Renovation Suggestions to Provide Your Home A lot quicker


From good renovations to cost-effective updates, best structure minds share their professional guidelines for today’s sellers.

home renovation sale upgrade

Marketing your house? These residence renovation and style and design tips can support.

As Philly boomers downsize to smaller sized abodes, their much larger family members residences are progressively idling on the market. But there are a variety of techniques that sellers can ensure a swift sale with a tiny scheduling.

“Different properties require various points,” says Christina Henck, founder of Philadelphia inside design agency Henck Design and style. “It’s essential to contemplate the age and design of the dwelling, amongst other components, ahead of producing improvements.” That does not always mean gutting the kitchen area to improve the value and marketability of your house, regardless of classic contemplating. Often, you can conveniently transform the area with new components. Jeff Frederick, founder of Giappo Style and design + Create — a Philadelphia company specializing in new development and remodels — says to keep away from busy-wanting stones and choose for cleanse white quartz or Carrara marble for countertops. Henck provides that a simply made matching backsplash, like subway tile, can complete the look.

Somewhere else in the house, there are a great deal of no-price approaches to make your house much more appealing to potential buyers. Eddie Ross, a Main Line artistic consultant and the co-founder of Maximalist Studios, endorses that homeowners strip down their spaces when getting ready to promote — think eradicating curtains, carpets, mild fixtures, wall art and accents.

When they’re decluttering, says Michelle Gage, founder and chief artistic officer of her complete-service Chestnut Hill style business, sellers must determine out the good flooring plan and household furniture layout for just about every area, so possible potential buyers see how to best maximize the house and movement. She also tells sellers to deal with any goods that have been lingering on their individual “honey-do” lists: “Fix that leak, repaint that wall — smaller updates that make it so your consumers aren’t starting their shift with a record of to-dos for them selves.”

Denise Sabia, a structure-make guide with Montgomery County architectural style and design company Harth Builders, doubles down on that strategy. She indicates that householders solely aim their time and interest on structural updates — normally identified as initiatives that no a single is at any time fired up to invest income on. “Think about what a house inspector seems to be for when examining a home, and get the job done from there,” she advises. Think about dwelling renovations like changing the roof, installing new home windows and gutters, or updating the h2o heater or HVAC procedure.

No make any difference which jobs you go after, never underestimate the electric power of curb attraction. Ross suggests ripping out too much shrubbery, changing the light-weight fixture, and supplying the entrance door a new coat of paint in a neutral hue or high-gloss black. Henck and Sabia both agree that strain-washing the exterior and sidewalk (Henck warns that town dwellers must analysis the stone on their stoops right before cleaning) is another quick way to improve your home’s enchantment.

“The aim is to simplify your dwelling,” suggests Ross. “You want to make sensible investments that will get additional revenue out of your offer you.”

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Printed as “All the Suitable Moves” in the March 2024 issue of Philadelphia magazine.

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Rock the Block’s contestants reveal their reno do’s and don’ts |

House renovations can be rigorous. Concerning spending budget and time constraints,  the system is one particular that requires lots of scheduling – and 1 that can be make or crack relying on the crew finishing the task.

HGVT's popular level of competition collection, Rock the Block, can take the household renovation system and flips it (pun intended) on its head. Its most current time attributes four returning style and design duos, all of whom have considerable, still assorted, renovation backgrounds. 

Have Your Cats At any time Pressured You to Renovate Your Household?

When I acquired my dwelling a year ago, I didn’t envision kitchen area renovations, but obviously my kitties, Ghost Cat and Specter, did.

They scratched partitions, obtained much too close to warm aspects, and knocked clear dishes to the ground, until eventually we recognized this space just was not operating for our spouse and children.

We are now in the middle of a key kitchen renovation, something that I in no way desired or meant to have to stay via, but in the end it is likely to make all our lives less complicated and it will make items a small safer for my cats.

cat paw dividercat paw divider


My cats ended up rather enthusiastic when the renovations they prompted began.

My spouse and I under no circumstances would have begun this procedure if the cats (or additional accurately, Specter) hadn’t clawed up the 3D Martha Stewart panel-style wallpaper that at the time embellished the south wall of our kitchen area. That was the initially straw, actually. That wallpaper was truly adorable, in fact, it aided provide me on the household in the very first place. It was not until our setting up inspector pointed out how smooth and squishy the wallpaper was that I recognized it may well be an issue.

A sample of Specter's handiwork. This wallpaper needed to come down. A sample of Specter's handiwork. This wallpaper needed to come down.
A sample of Specter’s handiwork. This wallpaper essential to come down.

When Specter arrived in our residence a pair months soon after we closed on the house, she was a whole lot quicker to recognize she wasn’t looking at serious panelling than I was. She took her sharp tiny kitten claws to the wallpaper as quickly as she could and speedily figured out that it was fantastic for shredding.

As considerably as we tried out to train Specter to scratch other issues (cat trees, cardboard scratch pads, you title it) she nonetheless acquired her claws in the wallpaper a pair additional moments and even affected Ghost Cat to join her in a scratch session that received them equally into issues.

Baby Speck had plenty of toys, but still went after my wallpaper. Baby Speck had plenty of toys, but still went after my wallpaper.
Toddler Speck had loads of toys, but continue to went soon after my wallpaper.

When my spouse and I stepped again and surveyed the hurt to the wallpaper, we realized it would require to come down inevitably. We lived with the scratched-up wall for a several months just before at last taking the plunge and pulling all the weakened paper down (revealing badly damaged drywall that was far too pitted to be painted). The cats genuinely savored the night we taken out the wallpaper, scampering via the torn sheets of paper we ripped from the wall and tossed to the ground. Although Ghost Cat and Specter scratched up the remnants of our the moment-really wall, my partner and I contemplated how we ended up heading to repair up our now-unsightly kitchen area.

The aftermath of our wallpaper pulling party. Poor Speck had to move paper to get to her water. The aftermath of our wallpaper pulling party. Poor Speck had to move paper to get to her water.
The aftermath of our wallpaper-pulling social gathering. Bad Speck had to transfer paper to get to her drinking water.

We stood in the center of the area, staring at the wall, and understood that there had been some other flaws in our kitchen that we necessary to deal with — some of them relating to the kitties. We had been employing our kitchen area island as a feeding station for our kitties. We maintain their automatic kibble dispenser on top rated of the butcher block where by it is out of reach of the pet dogs, and we preserve cans of damp cat meals and kitty treats in the drawer underneath the butcher block. The drawer is considerably harder for Ghost Cat to open up than our cabinets are, so she’s no longer able to assist herself to additional servings of treats, and Ghost Cat and Specter seem to love having fed large off the floor.

Ghost Cat always liked her feeding station, but I didn't like its location next to the stove. Ghost Cat always liked her feeding station, but I didn't like its location next to the stove.
Ghost Cat always favored her feeding station, but I did not like its spot up coming to the stove.

The only dilemma with using the island as a feeding station was its spot — the movable cabinet was semi-permanently placed in between our stove and fridge. Most of the time that did not hassle me, but each at the time in a although Ghost Cat or Specter would get too near to the very hot stove for my ease and comfort. I don’t cook significantly, but I do warmth up some noodles or fry an egg every after in a even though, so at times individuals features can be dangerously crimson. I kept stating we needed to shift the island absent from the stove, and for a whilst we didn’t know what we would place in it’s location to fill the void among our fridge and our stove.

At the identical time, my partner was making an attempt to occur up with a way to squeeze a dishwasher into our 1950s kitchen. We’d been applying a drying rack soon after washing the dishes in the sink, but the rack was generally filled to bursting and the kitties have been frequently leaping up on the counter and knocking the precariously piled dishes out of their rack. We wished a solution that would be both equally a small much more sanitary (who wishes to eat off a plate a cat has rubbed up against?) and would not consequence in dishes falling to the floor each individual several times.

3 cat face divider3 cat face divider

We understood a dishwasher would continue to keep our dishes secure from our kitties, but we just could not feel to in good shape 1 in our kitchen. We’re nonetheless rocking our authentic (read through, historic) cupboards, which means our countertop is not tall enough to match a dishwasher below — but the hole left vacant by the kitties’ food items island turned out to be the best size for the modern equipment. I guess I can thank my cats for encouraging to bring my kitchen into the 21st century.

"I used to find food here. Where have you hidden it?" "I used to find food here. Where have you hidden it?"
“I applied to uncover meals listed here. The place have you concealed it?”

We’re now about halfway by our kitty-inspired renovation, and Ghost Cat and Specter are altering well. The dishwasher still does not have a cupboard crafted all over it, but that hasn’t stopped Ghosty and Speck from leaping up to investigate the room that applied to household their feeding station (which has been moved to safer locale, away from the incredibly hot stove.)


As for the wall once wrecked by very small kitten claws, very well, it is now protected in difficult wood paneling, which does not feel to fascination Speck in the least (and would be really much impossible for her to problems). We nonetheless have to include some trim, some paint, and a few much more finishing touches, but the whole kitchen area is genuinely coming alongside. The cats are happier (and safer), and so are we individuals.

Have your cats at any time inspired you to acquire on a remodeling project? Convey to us in the reviews!

Study a lot more about cats, furnishings, fame, and household goings-on:

About the creator: Heather Marcoux is a freelance writer in Alberta, Canada. Her beloved Ghost Cat was the moment her only animal, but Specter the kitten, GhostBuster the Lab and her latest pet, Marshmallow, make her fur spouse and children finish. Heather is also a spouse, a terrible prepare dinner and a previous Television set journalist. Some of her good friends have hidden her feed due to the fact of an excessive of cat photographs. If you do not intellect cat pics, you can abide by her on Twitter she also posts pet GIFs on Google +.

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How to help you save revenue on house renovations in 2024 |

Enterprise household renovations can be an fascinating but economically demanding endeavor. Having said that, there are lots of methods you can strategy your residence renovation to decrease costs with no sacrificing aesthetics or high quality.

From employing intelligent know-how to repurposing and upcycling products, these tactical selections can lower expenses and improve the aesthetics and value of your home enhancements.

5 means to renovate your dwelling and strengthen its resale price in Ontario

Revealed February 8, 2024 at 3:46 pm

Sam McDadi Real Estate shares 5 ways to renovate your home and improve its resale value in Ontario

As we enter the spring real estate marketplace, inhabitants who possess property in Ontario can considerably increase its price by subsequent these renovation strategies from Sam McDadi Authentic Estate.

Renovating and enhancing your home’s physical appearance can make a massive variation if you are arranging to offer it. 1st impressions matter, so creating sure the property seems to be very good is a good way to impress possible customers when they appear take a seem at it.

Centered on the Sam McDadi team’s business insider information, in this article are 5 means to increase a home’s resale worth:

1. Devote in landscaping to make the residence search extra inviting

Landscaping your front lawn throughout the spring – for case in point, setting up a effectively-maintained yard – can make the house search additional inviting and eye-catching to potential consumers. For best benefits, the garden ought to be watered everyday and cleaned periodically by plucking weeds and obtaining rid of any pests or particles.

Deciding on the proper trees to plant in your lawn can incorporate worth to your household. For suburban gardens, deciduous trees these as Japanese maples, crepe myrtle, and magnolias are extremely encouraged. Trees these kinds of as evergreen ash and citrus trees are also good selections for sprucing up a back garden.

2. Contact issues up with a fresh coat of paint

Applying a new coat of paint is a excellent way to brighten up any room. Portray a space is generally a well-known undertaking for the two novice and veteran renovators, and several paint organizations have online resources that permit you upload a image of your space and preview diverse colors on the walls.

Though painting the home’s exterior can be more of a problem, portray just the garage and front door will presently make a major variation in your home’s all round overall look. If the house’s exterior is manufactured of brick and stone, then power washing is the most effective way to eliminate grime and make the exterior look fantastic as new.

3. Look at for wintertime injury on the roof and driveway

Though you had been remaining heat inside your property throughout the wintertime, the house’s exterior was taking a beating from the aspects and chilly weather conditions. Now’s a excellent time to inspect for any damage that desires to be repaired – for case in point, repaving the driveway with new asphalt or brick pavers for an improved physical appearance.

Preserving the home’s roof and gutter pipes is also critical, as the two can be ruined from the weight of snow and ice. Roof servicing can enhance its lifespan, prevent h2o leaks, and retains the house’s heating and cooling programs performing proficiently. You can both employ the service of a expert to do the task, or commit in the correct instruments for some Do it yourself work.

4. Consider hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring has turn into increasingly preferred for its thoroughly clean and visually pleasing look, when compared to carpet which can maintain a ton of dust, dust and microorganisms, in particular soon after winter season. There are a range of hardwood flooring possibilities to take into account, based on your choices and spending budget.

5. Disguise what should not be observed

One particular of the greatest techniques to boost the overall look of a house’s exterior is to cover up the pieces that are much less aesthetically pleasing. Look at introducing a small fence or decorative box about your air conditioning unit, for example. Things that should not be protected, like electrical boxes and gas meter devices, can as an alternative be painted the exact same colour as the dwelling, or have trees or shrubs planted in front of them so they’re significantly less obvious from the road.

Beyond individuals five strategies, there is a assortment of other reasonably priced means to strengthen your house’s overall look, these kinds of as upgrading your mailbox, adding route lights along the walkway, adding window boxes and fake shutters, or even just receiving a new doormat. Try to remember to spend consideration to the tiny particulars!

Rated the best brokerage in the GTA due to the fact its inception in 2012 (centered on greenback quantity offered from exceptional income, builder product sales, and income on the Toronto True Estate Board), the Sam McDadi Genuine Estate workforce is aware the several ins and outs of what it will take to market a dwelling. Their renovation guidelines are centered on above a ten years of knowledge in producing houses seem good and attracting interested customers.

Far more guidelines are offered on Sam McDadi’s site, like landscaping tips and a listing of well-liked property advancements to get the job done on through the spring.

You can ask for a duplicate of Sam’s regular newsletter, which includes sector updates, strategies and tricks, and their present-day listings, by emailing [email protected].

For the hottest serious estate news and updates, stick to Sam McDadi Serious Estate on FbTwitter, Instagram and TikTok.

insauga's Editorial Expectations and Procedures

Edmonton Renovation Show: Find the expert advice you need

Vancouver-based interior designer Jamie Banfield will offer tasty advice on renovating the kitchen.

Article content

Discover what’s in store for 2024 in the world of home improvement, design and technology at the Edmonton Renovation Show, running Jan. 26 to 28 at the Edmonton Expo Centre. From smart homes to renewable energy options, DIY makeovers and eco-friendly building materials, show goers will draw inspiration and ideas from more than 200 exhibitors, Main Stage speakers and celebrity influencers.

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Article content

HGTV’s Gemini-award winning handyman Bryan Baeumler, host of multiple network shows such as Renovation Resort and Bryan’s All In, will anchor the Main Stage at the three-day reno show. Baeumler’s breadth of knowledge, ability to translate trends into tangible projects and entertain audiences with his down-home humour makes him immensely popular on the Canadian home show circuit.

Article content

“Bryan has a massive fan base in Edmonton. He is incredibly popular here and homeowners can’t seem to get enough,” says Kristy Cairns, Edmonton Renovation Show group manager. “This show is great for any homeowner, renter or DIY enthusiast who may be looking for some inspiration or tips for projects in 2024.”

Also appearing on the Main Stage is Vancouver-based interior designer Jamie Banfield who will cook up tasty advice on renovating everyone’s favourite room, the kitchen.

“Kitchens are one of the spaces I love the most. I grew up around cabinetry and millwork,” says Banfield, who has designed kitchens for every type of space, from tiny homes to West Coast mansions. “They can be a sore spot for people.”

Article content

Advertisement 3

Article content

His presentation covers simple kitchen makeovers that add charm and texture. “There are ways to add life to your kitchen, even when you rent your home,” he says.

Planning and self-examination about how the kitchen functions is the place to start, followed by building a budget and engaging with professionals.

“It’s important to understand what kind of kitchen fits you. Instead of looking at Instagram or Pinterest and saying, I want that kitchen, you should figure out what function means to you and your family. If you build something that works, chances are it will work for the next family that moves into your home. So, resale can be an important aspect of your design, too,” he says.

Other presenters include renovation specialist Adam Weir, a project manager for HGTV programs and building talent in his own right. Appropriately, Weir will take audiences “behind the scenes” of a home renovation. Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault from Cityline is back with a sneak peek of a luxe Parisian-inspired space created on a shoestring budget in her presentation titled DIY versus BUY. Social media strategist Bree Tetz, one of Edmonton’s most ingenious thrifters, will also share her first-hand knowledge of second-hand home decor.

Advertisement 4

Article content

“Some of our features on the show floor include Tranquil Spaces, designed by Fresh Space by Grace, a wellness inspired feature for fitness aficionados, and A Breath of Fresh Design by Turquoise Chair, which will showcase 2024 design trends,” says Cairns.


WHAT: The 2024 Edmonton Renovation Show

WHEN: Friday, Jan. 26 to Sunday, Jan. 28

WHERE: Edmonton Expo Centre

HOURS: Jan. 26 from noon to 9 p.m., Jan. 27 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Jan. 28 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

TICKETS: $13 full day/$6.50 half day for ages 13-plus; $11 for ages 60-plus; free for children 12 and under. Save $2 per ticket by purchasing online in advance.


Article content