May 26, 2024

How To Expand The Farmhouse In Stardew Valley

There are a ton of places in Stardew Valley where you’ll spend a lot of time, but none of them more than your own home, the farmhouse. Initially, you’ll reside in a small, one-room cabin, but you can upgrade it to a huge house with several rooms, designed however you please.

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It’ll cost you quite a bit of money and resources to fully upgrade your farmhouse, and there are other changes to make along the way. Here’s every Stardew Valley house upgrade and renovation and how to obtain them.

Updated August 4, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: We’ve updated this guide with refreshed formatting. Now, you can quickly find all the renovation information that you are looking for.

Standard Farmhouse Designs

stardew valley farmhouse starting interior designs
Screenshots from the official Stardew Valley Wiki

The initial layout of your farmhouse and the furniture it starts with are determined by which farm layout you choose. For example, if you choose the Standard Farm, you’ll have some basic wooden furniture, flooring, and wallpaper; if you like the Forest Farm, expect some trees, leafy garlands, leaf-motif wallpaper, and so on.

All of this furniture can be obtained regardless of the farm you choose, so don’t let this determine which layout you select when making a new file.

How To Upgrade Your House

Stardew Valley - Robin's carpentry shop-1

There are a few different changes that will be made to your farmhouse as you play through your in-game years. But, the most direct way to upgrade it is by visiting Robin at her Carpenter Shop on the Mountain, north of town.

There are three total upgrades that Robin can make, plus a few renovations and cosmetic changes. Each upgrade costs money, and a couple of them require you to gather resources as well.

Each upgrade will add more rooms to your farmhouse. Here they are at a glance.





10,000 gold

450 wood

Adds a Kitchen

Allows marriage

Separates bedroom into its own space

Upgrades bed to a double


50,000 gold

150 hardwood

Adds a Nursery

Allows you to have children if you are married

Adds an empty room to use for whatever you want

Expands the size of the Kitchen and Bedroom


100,000 gold

Adds a Cellar

Lets you use Casks to age certain products

​​​​​​Be sure to check out our money-making guide if you are struggling to save up enough gold to purchase an upgrade.

First Upgrade – Kitchen And Bedroom

Stardew Valley - Recipe menu-1

The first time you upgrade the farmhouse, it’ll cost 10,000g and 450 pieces of wood. This upgrade separates the main living area from the bedroom, placing the bed in a separate room to the right and upgrading it to a double bed. It also adds a small kitchen.

This kitchen can be used to cook meals and refill your watering can, and it also comes with a fridge where you can store items like a chest. You can prepare meals if the ingredients are in the fridge, acting as a sort of extension to your inventory when cooking.

Upgrading Your House For Marriage

Stardew Valley - Talking to the Old mariner

With this first upgrade, you can now get married or add Krobus as a roommate. Prior to this, you cannot marry anyone, as the house is too small. This applies if you are playing in a multiplayer world as well.

Once you get married or have Krobus move in, your spouse/Krobus will add a room to the right-hand side of your farmhouse. These special rooms will be covered later on in this article.

The Old Mariner will not sell you the Mermaid’s Pendant if your house isn’t upgraded at least once.

Second Upgrade – Nursery

Stardew Valley - Robin offering the Nursery upgrade-1

The second time you upgrade your house, it’ll add two new rooms. One of them is an empty room that you can do whatever you want with. The other one is a small nursery-like room with a crib and two single beds.

With this upgrade, you can now have children with your spouse. In addition to the new rooms, the existing kitchen and bedroom are made slightly larger. This upgrade costs 50,000g and 150 pieces of hardwood.

You can have children even if you are in a same-sex relationship.

Third Upgrade – Basement

Stardew Valley - A basement filled with casks-1

This third upgrade doesn’t add more rooms to the main floor but instead introduces a basement to the house. In the basement, you can place casks to age certain artisan goods, increasing their quality and therefore their value. Casks will only work if placed here.

Initially, Robin provides you with 33 casks, but you can fit almost 200 if you fill every space.

Some players completely fill the entire basement with casks, then pick them all up when they’re ready, placing them back down and filling them while backing themselves out.

This upgrade doesn’t require any materials but will cost you 100,000g.

Spouse Rooms

Stardew Valley - A fully decorated farmhouse-1

When you marry one of the six bachelors or six bachelorettes in town, they’ll move into your farmhouse and add a small room to the right-hand side, next to the bedroom.

Each of these rooms is themed around that particular character. If you decide to ask Krobus to be your roommate instead of marrying someone, he’ll also add a room to the side of your house.

Here are the details of each spouse’s room.

Stardew Valley House Renovations

Stardew Valley - New House Renovations and added rooms-1

There are a few renovations and some cosmetic changes that Robin is happy to make for free. These include the following:



Remove Crib

Removes the crib from the Nursery

Open bedroom

Removes the separating wall between the Bedroom and Living Room

Add southern room

Adds a room below the Bedroom

Add corner room

Adds a room in the northeast corner of the house, with entrances into the Nursery and Bedroom

If you choose to remove the crib, you will not be able to have children. Keep this in mind if you remove the crib while married.

Removing the crib after you have children will not make them disappear, but you can get rid of them at the Dark Shrine of Selfishness.

Additionally, when you choose the option in Robin’s menu to construct farm buildings, you can now paint the following structures.

  • Farmhouse
  • Shed
  • Coop Variations
  • Barn Variations
  • Stable
  • Cabin Variations

On your farmhouse, you can change the roof, siding, and trim to basically any color you want. Until you fully upgrade the exterior, though, you can only change the roof color.

Farmhouse Wallpaper

Lastly, it’s important to note that you can change the wallpaper of each individual room. This includes the ‘hallway’ space that connects rooms; although this space is a few tiles wide, it can have it’s own unique wallpaper.

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