July 17, 2024

Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties September 25, 2022 edition

Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties September 25, 2022 edition


Beach Mountain LLC, to TCR Properties LLC, Rear Shoemaker Lane, $20,000.

Carol Ann Ciccarelli, Thomas Martin Lariviere, Jason Robert Lariviere, John M. Colburn, trustee, Jamie L. Colburn, trustee, and Lariviere 2022 Irrevocable Trust, trustee of, to Megan E. Champagne, 100 Norris St., $261,000.

Joanne M. Lennon and Leigh W. Lennon to Dawna Bartnicki, 183 Brookfield Lane, $200,000.

Tyler B. Hardman and Mallory E. Hardman to Kerri L. Cofer, 20 Federal Ave., $245,000.


Hannah B. Treworgy to Yaman Omer Erzurumlu, Ozum Arzik Erzurumlu and Lutfi Erzurumlu, 170 East Hadley Road, $225,000.

Hani Karanouh and Nora Junaid to Cengiz Karagoz, 104 Belchertown Road, $380,000.


LaFleur & Son Inc., and LJ Development LLC, to Benjamin McCullough, Franklin Street, $85,000.

Kathy L. Ritter, Russell E. Ritter and Russell A. Ritter to Jesse A. Ritter, 147 Sargent St., $100.

Jesse A. Ritter to Hilltop 141 LLC, 147 Sargent St., $257,500.

Josephine Fitzgerald, trustee, and Josephine Fitzgerald Trust to Robert P. Kosier, 20 Stebbins St., $330,000.

Eric D. Hoadley, personal representative, and Thomas F. Hathaway, estate, to Antonio Carvalho, 397 Rockrimmon St., $182,000.


Nancy A. Ducat, Amy L. Stratford, Debora A. Stratford, “aka” Debra A. Stratford, Rachel L. Stratford and Ruth J. Stratford, “fka” Ruth J. Hanlon, to William Guiel, 213 Martindale Road, $205,864.


Joseph D. Jachym, Kelli A. Jachym and Kelli A. Stack to David Mestre Sr., and Sarah G. Mestre, 28 Gore Road, $375,000.


Scribner Development LLC, to Robert Charles Montgomery, 0 Oakwood Road, $380,000.

Stephen R. Soper and Amie J. Soper to John T. French and Amanda L. Banfill, 118 Wales Road, $406,000.


Scott M. Doneilo and Diane L. Lanoue to Stephen M. Doneilo, 55 North St., $166,666.62.

Marcia H. DeWolfe, trustee of the Amanda Real Estate Trust, to Ari Covitz and Howard Covitz, 10 Walker Road, $408,500.

Wanita E. Laffond and William P. Laffond to Jonathan D. Steele and Katerie M. Steele, trustees of the 26 Williams Street Realty Trust, 26 Williams St., $200,000.


CDM Properties LLC, to Pah Properties LLC, 38-52 Front St., $150,000.

Chad A. Beaudette and Michelle Beaudette to Jill Marie Beaudette, 40 Deslauriers St., $240,000.

Donald R. Lacroix to Justin Paul Fay and Danielle Fay, 15 Maryland Ave., $410,000.

U S A Housing & Urban Development to Rafael Mestre, 35 Shaw Park Ave., $131,000.

James A. Mercier, Darlene J. Nareau and Darlene J. Mercier Nareau to Gary R. Bernard, Lisa Sweatt and Lisa A. Bernard, 41 Syrek St., $30,000.

Jorge Morgado, trustee, Marco Morgado, trustee, and Morgado School Street Realty Trust, trustee of, to Nicholas Turnberg, trustee, and School Street Realty Trust, trustee of, 192-194 School St., $380,000.

Joshua M. Njuguna to Chantel Marie Duda and Chantel Duda, 200 Lambert Terrace, Unit 6, $235,000.

Kevin Carkey and Melissa B. Carkey to Brian R. Houghton Jr., and Kerryann M. Houghton, 22 Honeysuckle Drive, $192,000.

Matthew A. Ruyffelaert to Katherine P. Robillard, 71 Austin St., $412,000.

Peter Walsh, Aubrea Walsh and Aubrea Melber to Selicia A. Franklin, 12 Crawford Ave., $245,000.

Sebastian A. Raposo to Jessie E. Peterson, 59 Prospect St., $349,000.

Thomas D. Morin, Michelle Ann Joubert and Michelle Ann Morin to David Hueber, 162 Pendleton Ave., $270,000.


Ragus LLC, to Elaine Dietrich and Kristen R. Dietrich, 6B Gray Lock Lane, Unit 21B Sugarloaf Condominium, $399,900.

Ragus LLC, to Mary Ann Murnane, 6A Gray Lock Lane, Unit 21A Sugarloaf Condominium, $339,900.

Angel Properties LLC, to J2K Realty LLC, 3 Sugarloaf St., $305,000.

Christine Manning, “aka” Christie Manning, and Christopher Manning to Matthew Alvarez and Samantha Alvarez, trustees of the Matthew & Samantha Alvarez Family Revocable Trust, 630 Greenfield Road. $900,000.

East Longmeadow

D R Chestnut LLC, to Robert T. Whitely and Pamela K. Whitely, 57 Fields Drive, Unit V-10, $722,650.

Nancy J. Deraleau, representative, Gail A. Miller, representative, Shirley Joyce Talbot, estate, Joyce Talbot, estate, and Shirley J. Talbot, estate, to Michael Choquette and Judith A. Bordenuk, 56 Nelson St., $225,000.

Peter A. Mengwasser and Beth T. Mengwasser to Jennifer M. Conroy, 47 Breezy Knoll Road, $342,000.


Mikena L. Wood and Anna C. Siembor to Mikena L. Wood, 50 Overlook Drive, $100.

Melissa E. Peters and Kenneth L. Peters to Kimberly Ann Pedigo, 37 Ward Ave., $445,000.


Daniel J. Sargent and Jessie L. Sargent to Andrey Vdovichenko and Olga Vdovichenko, 2 Ridge Road, $250,000.


Joshua M. Justin and Tami M. Justin to Janice Kovitch and Timothy Roberge, 99 Kendall St., $630,000.

Michael J. Brennan and Bonnie G. Brennan to Ty D. Frappier, 24 Circle Drive, $435,000.

Angela M. Parent to Russell Entrikin, 28 Baggs Hill Road, $389,900.


Timothy K. Derrig to Jesse T. Mayne, 12 Borden Brook Road, $245,000.


Gail G. Shute and Roland F. Shute to Nancy A. Keefe, 230 High St., $278,000.

Vanessa Fortin, personal representative of the Estate of Lorraine Claire Blanchard, “aka” Lorraine C. Blanchard, “aka” Lorraine Blanchard, and Laura T. Haggerty, “aka” Laura J. Haggerty, to Jorge F. Dominguez Pacheco, 440 Adams Road, $300,000.

Bonnie L. Lemme and Scott M. Lemme to Dale Berry, Evelyn Berry and Crystal Lee West, 43 Munson St., $339,900.

Joshua A. Moran and Kera R. Moran to Benjamin M. Johnson and Nichelle L. Johnson, 165 High St., $320,000.

Debra S. Roberts and John W. Roberts to James Jacob Brown and Marcelia Hamilton Brown, 111 Homestead Ave., $481,000.

Dylan T. Neal and Taylor E. Neal to Autumn R. Yarian and Jephthah J. Yarian, 342 Log Plain Road, $300,000.

Katherine A. Fish to Joshua B. Kopin and Annasophie C. Lee, 23 Linden Ave., $353,600.


Leslie M. Howard, trustee, and Leslie M. Howard Revocable Trust to Guojin He and Jennifer He, 3 Grand Oak Farm Road, $645,000.


John Kirzec and Judith Makol-Kirzec to Eric Shimits and Arianna Shimits, 272 Bennett Road, $403,000.


Edward J. Sikorski Jr., and Frances H. Sikorski to Jason Sikorski, 67 King St., $600,000.


Adin Maynard and Llama Maynard to Timothy O’Reilly, West Hill Road, $30,000.


Tyler Hutton and Willard J. Hutton to Krista E. DiGregorio, 188 Brimfield Road, $402,000.


Foley Capital LLC, to Nicholas O. Hewes, 16 Charles St., $249,000.

James M. Reed and Donna J. Reed to Christopher M. Stoddard, trustee, Michael P Stoddard Family Irrevocable Trust, trustee of, and Patricia M. Stoddard Family Irrevocable Trust, trustee of, 49 Liberty St., $532,000.

Michael W. Czerniak, Helen Breeden and Henry J. Czerniak to Christopher Donahue, 3 Taylor St., $261,000.

Nhi-Reit of Northeast LLC, to 282 Cabot Propco LLC, 282 Cabot St., $2,725,200.

Pah Properties LLC, to William John Zemanek Jr., and Susan Frances Zemanek, 47 Pynchon Road, $310,000.


Linda L. Zmuda, trustee, and LaFortune Realty Trust to Pisgah Properties LLC, Pisgah Road, $90,000.

Kirsten L. Myallaked to Daniel Wood, 29 Basket St., $305,000.

Jeffrey Allen Gladding, personal representative, and Lori J. Gladding, estate, to Justin R. Pinard, 4 Pine St., $225,000.


Ellen Patton Stanaway and Nathanael Noble Stanaway to Anthony Pacheco and Samantha Pacheco, 93 Westmoreland Ave., $430,000.

James R. Clune, representative, and Christine A. Clune, estate, to Cara L. Deane, 33 Cooley Drive, $290,000.

Marsha G. Harbison to Marsha G. Harbison and William A. Harbison, 217 Farmington Road, $100.


David A. Bucalo, Dawn M. Bucalo and Dawn M. Allen to Daniel Rowe, 142 Cedar St., $240,000.

Luisa McCarthy and Maria Luisa McCarthy to Michelle Morin and Thomas Morin, 143 Parker Lane, $510,000.

Whitetail Wreks LLC, to Evan Wytas and Karla Wytas, Lot 93 Equinox Pass, $149,900.

William F. Ostrowski and Peter M. Ostrowski to Jerad P. Ostrowski, 231 Chapin St., $260,000.


Bropod LLC, to TBF HQ LLC, 354 Boston Road, $750,000.


Jon C. Hollingshead and Genessa V. Hollingshead to Felix Lufkin, Margaret Ranen, David Ranen and Karen J. Ranen, 20 Chamberlain Road, $483,000.


J. Geoffrey Taylor and Sara Ann Taylor to Joshua Orlen, 29 Pleasant St., $354,000.

Orville Pierson and Judy Z. Pierson to Wayne C. Chatterton and Mary F. Proulx, 12 Moser St., $626,000.

Paul S. Weinberg and Mary K. Fago to Milan Merhar and Elissa Bar, 66 Roe Ave., $957,000.

Howard Rhett and Claudia Donald to Peter H. Wells and Terrell J. Wells, 4 Center Court, $428,000.


Thomas Aquinas College to Sean Cunningham, 33B Winchester Road, $282,500.


Katrina Elaine Jablonsky and Mary A. Jablonsky to Kenneth M. Nelson, 24 Mechanic St., $160,000.

Wendy L. Cornwell and Mildred B. Hill to Shawnee Lewis-Phillips and Stanley Kent Phillips, “aka” Stanley K. Phillips, 11 Haskins Road and West Orange Road, $220,000.

Kelly A. Barilone to Lori McGrath and Scott Roger McGrath, 142 Mattawa Circle, $295,000.

Grace Whelan to John Rogowski, 33 Maynard St., $265,000.

Barbara E. Coburn and Debra A. Puppel, “fka” Debra A. Roussell, to Debra A. Cuadro, 47 Prentiss St., $295,000.


Carol A. Ramsey and Carol Ann Ramsey to Josephine Fitzgerald, trustee, and Josephine Fitzgerald Trust, trustee of, 3040 Main St., Unit 3040, $195,000.

Helena Stephens and Shane Stephens to Bernadette Flores and Carol Negron, 44 Squier St., $390,000.

Ryan M. Allard and Karye Allard to Darian J. Saraiva, 9 Winthrop St., $255,000.

Stewart A. Terrien and Deborah A. Terrien to Coy Jacob Chaney, 95 Rondeau St., $510,000.

TDK Group LLC, to Linde Gas & Equipment Inc., 19 Second St., $800,000.


David Ruffner and Frances L. Ruffner to Amanda Klekowski Von Koppenfels andAmanda K. Von Koppenfels, Prospect Street, $101,000.


Judith A. Slowinski to Alex Potter and Paulette Potter, 124 Zoar Road, $375,000.


Jill Clemmer to Ann Gagliardi and Michael T. McDuffie, 40 Kettle Hill Road, $555,000.

Mary K. Noonan to Abdollah Moghaddam, 6 Carver Road, $331,000.

South Hadley

Maureen Mitchell Tindell, Elizabeth A. Mitchell, Sandra H. Mitchell and William J. Mitchell to Cassondra Marie Gendron, 44 South St., $236,500.

David Bergeron and Charlene Bergeron to Robert J. Schroeter, 2 Lesperance Court, $125,000.

David Krok and Darlene M. Krok to Jeffrey G. Couchon, 13 Hartford St., $211,000.

David Bergeron and Charlene Bergeron to Robert J.Schroeter, 2 Lesperance Court, $125,000.

David A. Ettelman and Sarah A. Ettelman to Robin M. Adams, Sarah K. Hampton and Robin M. Adams, 50 East St., $450,000.

Nancy J. Hamel and Paul H. Hamel to Jeremy Barnes and Caroline Cousson-Barnes, 23 Pine Grove Drive, $280,000.

J. N. Duquette & Son Construction Inc., to Joshua Justin and Tami Justin, 25 Lyon Green, $535,000.

Debra A. LaPointe to Curtis Fecteau and Kelly Fecteau, 23 Landers St., $293,000.

Dino Marinello to Tessa Wells and Aaron Wells, 25 Wood Ave., $290,000.

Gary R. Felendzer to John J. Estes and Donna M. Estes, 41 West Summit St., $180,000.

Francis T. Simone to Francis T. Simone Jr., and Matthew J. Simone, 3 Crystal Lane, $100.

James Jolley and Kassandra Jolley to Louis Cote and Christina Santana, 89 Alvord St., $450,000.

Paul D. Boudreau, Catherine A. Boudreau, George E. Boudreau Jr., and Martha D. Gilmore to John A. Dent and Pamela J. Peck, River Road, $187,500.

Steven P. Knowles and Catherine A. Knowles to Donna Duchenicz, 82 Sorbi Circle and 82 Pearl St., $230,000.


Ann W. Roy to Michael T. Fay and Julie C. Fay, 7 Elm St., $630,000.


Allison E. Leavitt to Lucy S. Moran, 1 Pauline Circle, $415,000.

Denise A. Ratti to Allison E. Leavitt and Jeremy J. Beu, 8 Laurel Ridge Road, $580,000.

Eugene Harrington to Diane Jeserski, 2 Rails End Road, Unit 2, $400,000.

Hamelin Framing Inc., to Joseph F. Houde and Shelby Houde, 5 (Lot 36) Silvergrass Lane, $525,000.

Zachary P. Dougherty, John K. Dougherty and Pamela M. Dougherty to Ryan A. Wescott, 97 College Highway, $325,000.


Amat Victoria Curam LLC, to Miguel Angel Perdomo Rodriguez, 1451 Bay St., $225,000.

Anatoly Atamansky and Valentina Atamansky to Ahmads Realty Investments LLC, 22-24 East Hooker Ave., $150,000.

Antonio Cavallaro and Rita Cavallaro to Polly Michel and Peter Michel, 120 Ravenwood St., $285,000.

Bukowski Construction LLC, to Jomaris Vasquez, 28 Juliet St., $390,000.

Clintona Wiley to Carlos Henriquez, 140 Chestnut St., Unit 709, $45,000.

David J. Joyce Jr., to Noelia Machado and Freddy Espada, 101 Mulberry St., Unit 418, $100,000.

David Stejna to Jane Kalfus-Maine and Michael E. Maine, 284 Lake Drive, $255,000.

Edwin M. McCray Jr., to HLRE Development LLC, 21 Greenwich St., $132,000.

Elliot Sierra Sr., and Elliott Sierra Sr., to Posiadlosc LLC, 17-19 Carlisle St., $76,000.

Hanh Chanh and Hang Thi Thuy Dang to Khoa Van Nguyen and Thin Thi Le, 66 Benz St., $275,000.

Helder P. Pires and Aldina O. Pires to Menaka Pokharel Sharma Nepal and Sanjeeb Kumar Sharma Nepal, 44 Andrew St., $320,000.

India Clemons and Lamont Clemons to Calissa B. Pereira and Deon A. Vann, 115 Pasadena St., $233,000.

Jeremiah P. Sullivan to Christal I. Coayla, 19 Arcadia Boulevard, $250,000.

Kenneth Gorenstein and Karen L. Shore to Anthony John Kelly, 30 Halifax Court, Unit F, $255,000.

Korie N. Johnson and Korie N. Mix to Nicolas Ayala, 17 Champlain Ave., $220,000.

1277 Liberty Street-10190746 LLC, to 1277 Liberty St. LLC, 1277 Liberty St., $28,571,428.

Leslie P. Hobbs, representative, Charles Anderson Leak, estate, and Charles A. Leak, estate, to Stephen Grandison, 27 Delmore St., $237,000.

London Realty LLC, to Ivan Bermudez and Zaida I. Mendoza, 107 Norfolk St., $285,000.

Lori J. Pellegrino to Ariel J. Pellegrino and Walter E. Frazier, 76 Derby Dingle, $428,000.

Luis A. Alicea and Meilany Figueroa Acevedo to Luis A. Morales and Wanda L. Ramos, 26 Redlands St., $232,000.

Marcy L. Wise to Christopher Owen and Courtney Gamache-Owen, 20 Herbert Ave., $275,000.

Nellysha Roberto, Nellysha Sanabria-Lopez and Ruben Orlando Roberto to Phillip Rurak, 136 Nassau Drive, $225,000.

Posiadlosc LLC, to Dalisa C. Wilson, 17-19 Carlisle St., $237,000.

Stephen Walter Wyszynski and Maria Wyszynski to Sean Kelleher, 45 Jonquil Drive, $280,000.

Tammy L. Norton to Stephen Vaccaro, 58 Webber St., $220,000.

William M. Fonseca, representative, and Alice M. Fonseca, estate, to Daniel Beauregard, 250 East St., $117,500.

WQN Management LLC, to Trinity Estate Investments & Development LLC, 1142 Berkshire Ave., $700,000.


Jon E. Storozuk and Kim L. Storozuk, personal representatives of the Estate of Donald W. Storozuk, to Dana Larsen and Zakes Hart Warner, 167 Hadley Road, $356,000.


Joanne F. Fletcher, trustee, and Fletcher Family Trust, trustee of, to Laurie E. Herrick and Daniel Zukergood, 68 Woodchuck Hollow Road, $495,000.


JR Investments & Management Inc., to Joelene Hackett, Par C Holland Road, $55,000.

Timothy B. Hannon and Laurette Johnson to Joseph Fritzges and Shannon Fritzges, 148 Union Road, $32,500.


Viola C. Cutler, estate, and Jordan T. Dewey, personal representative, to Ryan Cutler and Errin E. O’Hara, 92 Sczygiel Road, Sygiel Road, and 92 Sygiel Road, $144,000.

Roger C. Bouchard, Laureen M. Bouchard and Laureen M. Wells to Michele Denoff, 704 Belchertown Road, $350,000.

Margaret Mary LaBossiere to Luann Lauzier and Michael L. LaBossiere, 52 Anderson Road, $100.

Bruce A. Stevens to Colby Morin and Courtney Morin, 41 Greenwich Road, $357,500.


Susan M. Wright to Donna L. Haskins, 175 Shepardson Road, $354,000.

West Springfield

Gaurav Jain to Pasha Teyfurov and Minura Mamedova, 46 Cynthia Drive, $575,000.

Jean L. Young to Mazin Al Nuaimi and Rasha Al Mahdawi, 1536 Westfield St., $189,000.

Margaret A. Gilbert, representative, and Lois M. Fessia, estate, to Dreamwake Homes Inc., 248 Morgan Road, $163,500.

Michael B. Patruski, Roxanne M. Tetreault, Marc R. Patruski and Catherine M. Patruski to Daniel Richard Tibbo II, and Georgia Simon, 53 Worthen St., $245,000.

Raymonde Couture to Scott M. Gillman, trustee, Katherine M. Tardif, trustee, and Gillman/Tardif Family Revocable Trust of 2011, trustee of, 132 Woodbrook Terrace, $480,000.

Susan M. Hoskin to Farai Hatidani and Gladys Hatidani, Colony Road, Unit 78-1B, $113,000.


Brian M. Pray and Debra N. Pray to Quazi Kamran Uddin, 8 Rachael Terrace, $650,000.

Cig4 LLC, to Ryan Martin Lukowski and Rita Peter Hannough-Lukowski, 2 Birch Lane, $240,000.

Coy Chaney and Kaitlyn D. Chaney to Zachary Keefer and Megan Keefer, 34 South Maple St., $340,000.

David E. Tester Jr., to Dmitriy Temchenko and Elena Temchenko, 101 North Road, $114,000.

Maria Lopriore to Mary A. Geiring and Jonathan Miller, 62 South Maple St., $335,000.

Michael N. Corbett and Maria D. Corbett to Hilary Lebrun and William Lebrun, 27 Blue Sky Drive, $480,000.

Scott C. Andrews and Colleen Powers to JLX 2 Properties LLC, 3 Parker Ave., $650,000.

Todd C. Ratner, representative, and Lynn E. Rea, estate, to Lester M. Walker and Terry L. Walker, 102 Ely St., $277,000.


Big Sky Properties LLC, to Christopher Charles Wright and Taylor J. Wright, 15V Peak Road, $1,200,000.

Jeffrey Allard and Laura Allard to Erick Vasquez and Melissa Vasquez, 30 Silver St., $200,000.

John P. Isenburg to Paul Vincent Lotterer and Jeffrey Michael Lotterer, 26 Monson Road, $555,000.

Mark C. Trombley and Michael S. Trombley to Rachel A. Purcell and Paul Modzelewski, 22 Blacksmith Road, $385,000.

Meredith Lee Jacobson Marciano and Meredith Jacobson Marciano to Patrick Roach, 53 Lake Drive, $160,000.