April 15, 2024

Shea McGee just shared all the furniture she used to decorate her forever home |

When you design furniture for a living, you’ll inevitably want to try out a few of the pieces in your own home. And for Shea McGee, interior designer and founder of McGee & Co., the options are nearly endless. In a recent design project, Shea made some significant renovations to her own forever home in Salt Lake City, Utah – and it goes without saying that quite a bit of McGee & Co. furniture made its way into the final space.

We can’t get enough of McGee & Co.’s collections as it is, and Shea’s done us a favor by picking out some of the brand’s most stunning pieces to feature in her own home. And even better, she’s taken to social media to share exactly which pieces she chose. Room by room, here’s a rundown of the furniture that made it into Shea McGee’s remodel, plus our pick of the best pieces.

The furniture pieces that made their way into Shea McGee’s home