May 19, 2024

Spring design trends and decor ideas to refresh your home

Many are yearning to switch things up, recharge and reimagine living spaces to reflect the refreshing new season

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Suddenly, it’s spring. Weird Canadian weather aside, many are yearning to switch things up a bit, recharge and reimagine living spaces to reflect the refreshing new season — perhaps with fresh coats of paint and bright new hues.

Everywhere you turn the deep, rich colours of winter have been replaced with soft delicate touches of pastels. Spring comes on so quickly; all those bulbs one planted last fall are starting to poke their heads through the still-cold earth, and there’s a strong desire to fling open windows and let in that delicious spring air in.

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But, are we too late to make changes? Especially when one is on a tight budget? Your changes can be as simple as “painting your front door to make your whole home feel new again,” says Vasili Benja of Ontario-based GNB Contractors. “Change just one room to a brighter colour, switch up some wall artwork, even get new bathroom towels and suddenly not only will your home look amazing, but you’ll feel amazing, too.”

Classic white bath towels with a pop of colour.
Classic white bath towels with a pop of colour. Photo by Homebird

Well-known and respected Canadian name in the world of design, Glen Peloso, who has designed hundreds of gorgeous commercial and residential spaces around the world, says it’s never too late.

Peloso, whose expertise has been showcased on a variety of television programs, recommends we go to town.

“Except for (such) holidays as Christmas, Easter and Halloween, it’s never too late to make decor and seasonal changes,” said Peloso, in a recent interview. “These are often temperate related — that warmer weather lasts for several months — you’ve lots of time.“

What’s hot? “I love the pastel and ‘shots’ of colour that are popular for the spring.  If you are ever worried about what colours to use and at what kind of intensity, you just need to look at tulips for your guide,” says Peloso, “The colours vary in intensity from deep purple and rich reds to soft pastel greens, yellows, mauves etc. Use the colours that make you feel the happiest. I wouldn’t worry about adding intensity to suit your personality.”

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Changes don’t have to be so drastic, or break the budget, adds Peloso. It can be as simple as switching up a pillow cover or hanging a floral spring wreath on your door.

Hubba Bubba Pink by BEHR.
Hubba Bubba Pink by BEHR. Photo by CNW Group/Mars, Incorporated /BEHR® (CNW Group/Mars, Incorporated)

It should be noted pink continues to trend, especially in the fashion and decor world. Just recently the famous Hubba Bubba gum (made by Mars) teamed up with Behr Paint Co., to create Hubba Bubba Pink by BEHR, a hue not only full of whimsical energy but, according to company officials, to embrace the “Dopamine Décor’ design movement, where colour is used to enhance mood and create joyful spaces.” (Available at Home Depot. )

“Accessories can change the look and feel dramatic without costing too much,” says Peloso, who recommends the following changes.

Products to consider

  • Toss cushions and light throw blankest — look for linen, cotton, raw silk, summer wools as a fabric choice (vs. velvets, faux furs, heavy wool knits or heavy wool plaids by contrast). We love Homebird, Simons, H&M and Etsy.  Look for unique pieces. As a tip to save money, you just need the cover the same dimension as the cushions you currently have — you can store covers more easily than the cushion fill as well.
  • Bed linens, duvet covers, bath towels  — lighten up the bed as the temperature goes up. “You don’t need a heavy duvet (and duvet covers) this time of year. The bath towels can also change to pastel colours or just to a simple white with coloured face clothes only.  I love to use Turkish towels in the warmer weather, plus they also make great shawls outdoors in the spring evenings,” says Peloso.
  • Maximalism trend — “Moving to a more layered look — maximalism vs the simple look of the past. Pattern looks with layered accessories; patterns that clash but have a common colour thread to tie together.  Eclectic looks of ‘vintage’ and travel finds.”
  • Pastel — Intense versions of the pastel colours we see every spring and summer are now more saturated and vibrant. Chintz fabrics and accessories, throws etc.  “The look is intense and eclectic so feel free to pull out the things from your past that you love. Those looking for a calming spa-like space may want to stick to more pastel colours with some life and softer fabrics like cotton and linen to help maintain a calm space.”
  • Wall paint/paper — “If you’re looking for a dramatic change, wall paint and wallpapers are a great way to make a huge change. Combine the colours to create interest, soft peaches or coral mixed with soft pastel greens,” says Peloso.
  • Clean your windows — “I know this seems silly but cleaning the window is a simple but great way to brighten the house. The point of spring-summer decor is to brighten things up,” says Peloso. “If new purchases are not in the budget, then do yourself the favour of hauling all that winter dirt off the windows.  You’ll be amazed at how much brighter the house will feel.”

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Floating shelves create magical space in the home.
Floating shelves create magical space in the home. Photo by Amazon /

Stay on budget

We reached out to Amazon retail expert, Octavia Roufogalis of the Amazon Home Decor team, who suggested the following items that can switch up a room yet stay on budget.

  • Trend: Functional decor. The perfect accent for any décor style with functional purpose, these floating shelves are easily mounted to the walls and offer a clean, chic look to an otherwise bare wall. Perfect for areas of the home that require extra storage space, like the kitchen, these classically designed shelves are an affordable way to declutter your space in style.
  • Trend: Neutral and pastel tones. Neutral tones never go out of style and provide a subtle accent colour that works with nearly any aesthetic. Muted pastels are making a resurgence this year as well, and pair well with neutrals. The Casa Platino Luxury Bedding provides cloud-like warmth and comfort as a result of its tested microfiber filling blend. Available in a variety of neutral and muted pastel tones, it’s a great way to re-introduce spring colours to your bedroom as we approach warmer weather.
  • Trend: Florals. If you’re looking to embrace the ever-popular floral trend as we head into spring, consider dipping a toe into the aesthetic with this gorgeous, floral pattern vintage rug, for a subtle nod to this trend.
  • Trend: Marble Finishing. Avoid breaking the bank through a full kitchen or bath renovation and instead consider this easy-to-use, peel-and-stick backsplash to give your space a makeover. With on-trend marble finishing and deep-coloured veins of gold, these self-adhesive pieces have a natural, elegant appearance and realistic texture that add character.

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Furniture and home decor retailer Crate & Barrel and Crate & Kids in Canada offers budget-friendly, sensational ideas for the home this season. They include wall mirrors to duvet covers, throw blankets to dish towels, all featuring the latest designs and colours. Ideas include a wavy wall mirror functional accent piece that makes a space appear bigger to a beautiful washed organic cotton duvet cover that transforms a bedroom instantly to a cozy throw blanket that adds a splash of warmth. You can even give your kitchen a pop of fun with these lemony looking cotton dish towels.

Want to let your creativity flow? Reach for a childhood favourite toy — LEGO. Not just for kids, but LEGO sets can artfully reimagine a living space with a burst of floral creativity and colour.

“Part of the beauty of LEGO building is that there is a set for everyone –—adults included,” says Genevieve Capa Cruz, senior marketing director, Adults at LEGO Group. “There are sets that connect to many adults’ interests including art and décor to nostalgic and modern cultural moments.”

LEGO kits make great decor ideas.
LEGO kits make great decor ideas. Photo by Walmart /

Cruz says there’s a  “variety of LEGO sets introduced over the years have been purposely designed to be displayed proudly in one’s space. The LEGO️ Art theme, for example, was launched in 2020 to attract adult consumers who are interested in creating their own decorative display or art-inspired masterpieces for their homes,” such as The Orchid.  Brick-built home décor is not limited to the artwork, adds Cruz, noting such examples as Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night, and the company’s botanical collection that can “brighten up any space with floral beauty.”

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