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SAMOROST Reveals Visionary Mycelium-Dependent 3D Printed Furnishings at Designblok

Published on January 19, 2024 by Isaac B.

SAMOROST Reveals Visionary Mycelium-Dependent 3D Printed Furnishings at Designblok

SAMOROST, a visionary project led by the Czech 3D printed building business Buřinka, unveiled an remarkable collection of sustainable home furniture crafted from mycelium at the worldwide Designblok pageant. This modern reveal combines the forces of mycelium, additive manufacturing, and a determination to sustainability to challenge how we perceive and generate eco-aware style. Even though mycelium has been utilised alongside 3D printing in the earlier, SAMOROST distinguishes itself as the pioneer in applying this product as the major component in home furniture.

The generation of this household furniture requires the use of mycelium-centered substrates. In these, the mycelium’s hyphae expand, weaving dense networks as they feed on cellulose. Mycelium shows its adaptability by thriving in a range of elements, these as sawdust, paper, cardboard, and many others considered non-recyclable or no for a longer period usable. Infusing these supplies with mycelium presents increase to a unique new substrate known as mycocomposite. The mycocomposite, the essential building materials, is the vital component in the home furnishings creation.

Preparation of mycelium substrate.

After the new mycocomposite is formed, the substrate is crushed and put in a reusable 3D printed mildew created from recycled plastic. This permits the hyphae in just the mycelium to re-website link and improve, resulting in an even more robust mycocomposite fitted in the shape of the mildew. The substrate is then allowed to dry, the place the mycelium dies. Once this approach is entire, the remaining mycocomposite substrate can be processed to create household furniture.

Designer Tomaz Kloza from MYMO, one particular of the partners for the project, even further spelled out, The table was produced in these types of a way that no waste was created throughout production. For the ribs that the table is made of, we labored with rectangular reusable kinds that were loaded with organic and natural substrate with mycelium. We accomplished a particular curvature of the ribs by splitting the substrate in molds with an organic curve into two components. The unique curves gradually evolve and the ensuing desk therefore seamlessly blends amongst the individual ribs into a continual organic and natural shape.”

This modern constructing material stands out not only for its eco-pleasant layout but also for its excellent physical characteristics, surpassing lots of benefits supplied by traditional home furnishings products. For occasion, the mycocomposite boasts a bodyweight akin to polystyrene but surpasses it in strength and support. It also exhibits extraordinary thermal insulation abilities whilst retaining flame resistance and hydrophobic homes. Lastly, the material requires a substantial leap in the direction of environmental obligation as it is biodegradable, environmentally welcoming, and has garnered entire overall health security acceptance from its designers.

Mycelium Home furnishings in the Highlight

Just one of the principal points of interest of the exhibit was a mycelium-centered espresso desk intended to mirror the natural and organic visual appeal of a chanterelle mushroom. This table not only showcased the visual attractiveness of utilizing mycelium, but also highlighted the furniture’s operation, as it conveniently withstood a load comparable to that of a regular coffee table. Other exhibit items provided luminaires, acoustic panels, shelves, stools, and even a grill – just about every uniquely designed to resemble a mushroom in some way.

Buřinka, the driving pressure at the rear of SAMOROST, envisions a route to sustainable dwelling that aligns with mother nature. Possessing previously ventured into 3D printing with concrete, Buřinka recognizes the great potential of mycelium in sustainable dwelling. Collaborating with MYMO’s mycelium research gurus, the challenge was born, aiming to placement the Czech Republic amongst the world leaders in sustainable design and style. To study additional about the SAMOROST venture, click in this article.

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*All Image Credits: Stavebni sporitelna Ceske sporitelny (Burinka)