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10 Most Stylish Palworld Furniture Decorations To Spruce Up Your Base


  • Crafting furniture in
    adds to the immersion and enjoyment of the game.
  • Many furniture items require high Tech Levels and specific resources.
  • The furniture in
    is mostly for aesthetic purposes and cannot be interacted with.

The survival and creature-collecting game Palworld isn't necessarily all about decorating, but being able to curate bases to look beautiful and personalized can add a lot to immersion and enjoyment. There are many different sets of furniture items of all types available for crafting in Palworld. Though they typically do not provide any benefits other than looking pretty and sometimes giving light, making a base look better can add a lot to the game for many players.

Crafting furniture in Palworld requires a lot of resources gathered from jobs such as chopping wood or mining rocks and having a Tech Level high enough to craft the desired piece of furniture. Many of the most impressive items can require a Tech Level of 40 or higher, with the not-so-stylish Barricade Set requiring a level of 48. While it would be fun to interact with furniture, things such as the Grand Piano or Bathroom items cannot be used as one would expect to in real life and are for aesthetics only.


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10 Antique Globe (Level 28)

From The Antique High Quality Furniture Set

Antique Globe in Palworld

The Antique Globe is a furniture item that comes from the Antique High Quality Furniture Set, which requires Tech Level 28. Crafting the decorative globe needs 50 Wood and 1 Ingot. The globe provides a bit of a stately presence to a base, with a touch of intellectual feel. Perhaps having this in a base would even help Dumud learn a little more about the world, although, in reality, probably not.

9 Leather Couch (Level 39)

From The Leather Chair Set

Leather Couch in Palworld.

There are a few seating options among the craftable furniture in Palworld, but in the rugged terrain that these bases are in, classic leather feels like the most respectable choice for stylish bases worthy of Palworld magazine covers. Part of the Leather Chair Set, a Tech Level of 39 is required for this item. It requires 20 Wood and 3 Leather to build, which seems like a very small amount of Leather given the surface area.


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8 Stylish Street Lamp (Level 40)

From The Street Lamp Set

Stylish Street Lamp in Palworld

Good lighting is a must for the best bases in Palworld, both inside and outside of structures. The Street Lamp Set requires a Tech Level of 40 and includes four different lighting structures in the set, including this Stylish Street Lamp. To craft this stylish outdoor light, 20 Ingots, 3 Electric Organs, and 3 Nails are required, and then it will require electricity to light, which would be a great job for an Orserk.

7 Antique Round Table (Level 21)

From The Antique Desk Set

The classiest bases simply must have their stylish flower-laden Antique Round Table in a prominent location. This piece requires 15 Wood, 5 Fiber, and 2 Stone to craft and is part of the Antique Desk Set, which has a Tech Level 21 requirement. Many of the matching pieces in this set are all very elegant in design, and with the lower Tech Level requirement, are fairly easy to make earlier on.


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6 Antique Carpet & Antique Red Carpet (Level 18)

From The Carpet Set

Unless a Flambelle is walking around, the hard floors in Palworld bases are likely to be a bit chilly for the feet during the cold nights. Placing a few of the trendy carpets that are available to craft in the game can add a lot to both the appearance of comfort and style. The traditional Antique Carpet requires 3 Cloth and 1 Venom Gland to craft, while the Antique Red Carpet needs only 2 Cloth and 1 Flame Organ. While it does not say it adds any actual heat, in theory, if a Flame Organ is being woven into the carpet, it should be almost like a heated floor.


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5 Wooden Counter (Level 6)

From The Wooden Tavern Furniture Set

Wooden Counter in Palworld

The Wooden Tavern Furniture Set only requires a Tech Level of 6 and gives players the chance to create their own bar to help alleviate the burdens of players and Pals with a bit of liquid refreshment. The Wooden Counter, in particular, is the showpiece of this set and requires 30 Wood and 5 Stone to craft. This piece pairs perfectly with the Wooden Bar Stool from the Wooden Living Room Furniture Set.

4 Antique Desk (Level 21)

From The Antique Desk Set

Antique Desk in Palworld

The main showpiece of the Antique Desk Set, this Antique Desk comes complete with a non-functional desk lamp and cluttered papers to give the appearance of busywork. The set requires a Tech Level of 21, and then the desk itself requires 25 Wood, 5 Fiber, and 5 Stone to craft. Although perhaps a bit too large for the desk, it looks as though a Kingpaca might enjoy pondering its leadership abilities while stationed at an important-looking desk such as this.

3 Antique Bathtub (Level 23)

From The Antique Bath Set

Antique Bathtub in Palworld

Though the Pals generally prefer the Hot Tub, the most stylish and respectable player characters will not settle for anything less than this decorative Antique Bathtub, although it cannot actually hold any water. Part of the decorative-only Antique Bath Set, which needs a Tech Level of 23, the tub is crafted using 1 Cloth, 20 Stone, and 1 Ingot. It may not help with staying clean, but it gives the appearance of at least trying.

2 Grand Piano (Level 25)

From The Piano Set

Grand Piano in Palworld

No base in the middle of the wilderness is complete without a Grand Piano to add style and culture to the setting. Palworld's pianos are, sadly, unplayable and are only for decoration, yet they certainly present an aesthetic of wealth and notoriety. Part of the aptly-named Piano Set, these luxurious items require a Tech Level of only 25 but cost a decent amount of resources at 100 Wood, 20 Fiber, and 5 Ingots.


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1 Frog Chair (Level 41)

From The Amusement Furniture Set

A Grand Piano may be fine for some, but for the truly stylish who want to showcase the height of taste and decorating haute couture, the Frog Chair is the best item available. Part of the Amusement Furniture Set, which requires a Tech Level of 41, this cheerful chair is based on the Animal Crossing Froggy Chair, only takes 2 Ingot and 2 Leather to make and provides a happy place for Pals to relax. This, naturally, is a must-have item for any stylish base in Palworld.

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