June 18, 2024


Maintenance tips to avoid hefty home repair costs this winter

As winter approaches, most Brits will do all they can do put off home maintenance.

At present, 54 per cent of Britons (28 million), put off maintenance according to Aviva, with many giving time and money pressures as the cause of delay. This may result in hefty repair costs or large insurance claims if jobs aren't tackled.

Here are ways to prepare before the cold weather, according to Yell.

Check your roof

Roofs can suffer anything from minor to extensive damage during the winter in the event of a storm bringing heavy rain, winds and snowfall.

Should your roof incur any damage, you should find a good viewpoint where you can assess the impact of strong weather. You may find it is helpful to check for:

  • Missing tiles

  • Blocked gutters

  • Holes

  • Debris build-up.

Missing tiles can result in water damage or leaks which can be a costly repair. Meanwhile, debris build-up and blocked gutters can put extra weight on your roof, increasing the risk of damage.

Check your heating system

Reports have shown that by December most central heating systems have been switched on – except for an unlucky few whose boilers are not working.

It’s a good idea to have your furnace or boiler system checked annually by a professional but additional checks are advised when exceptionally cold weather or storms are imminent. If you have a boiler, you are advised to:

  • Keep an eye on water pressure once a month

  • Bleed your radiators twice a year

  • Check radiator valves are open and working properly before winter comes

  • Check for any leaks in the venting system

  • Check if any wiring looks questionable or damaged

  • If your heating system is a heat pump, make sure your outdoor unit is free from any leaves or snow. There should be no greenery crowding the unit at any time.

Check your pipes to avoid freezing

Experts warn that at-home thawing of pipes can cause them to burst. To avoid having to remedy the issue later on you should:

  • Ensure all pipes in your roof space or loft, as well as pipes in other areas that may be vulnerable to the cold, are insulated.

  • Ensure your heating is not turned off completely but remains low if you're away for the winter.

  • Have your thermostat set to a minimum of 18 degrees or your heating timed to come on regularly throughout the winter to ensure the pipes are not at risk of freezing.

Block out window and door draughts

There is no easier way to save money on your heating bills than by blocking door draughts.

Draught-proofing around windows and doors could save you £45 a year, the Energy Saving Trust has said. If you have an open chimney, draught-proofing it when not in used could save £65 a year. The benefits include reduced condensation and damp, money saved on energy bills and, of course, a warmer house.

Draught-proofing needs will vary depending on what level is needed but homeowners should generally be able to do this without external help. By adding metal brushed window and draught excluders to frames, you will be able to keep out the cold and reduce the amount of warm air that is being lost. These can be fitted to both exterior and interior doors.

It should also be noted that keyholes and letterboxes can be draught-proofed.

Tips for a successful home renovation | Features

(StatePoint) Whether you’re buying a fixer-upper or updating your current home, renovations will improve the functionality of your property and increase its value. Here’s your guide for making the process successful:

Set a goal: Prioritize renovations that help you meet your goals. For example, if you’d like to elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal, consider projects like landscaping the front yard or refurbishing a highly-trafficked room. If you’re more interested in guarding your home against natural disasters, consider exterior updates such as replacing the roof or windows.

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Sustainable home renovation tips: 6 expert ideas |

Renovations present a unique opportunity to make your home greener, creating environments that combine aesthetics and practicality with environmental consciousness.

Every decision made during a home renovation can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle, from choosing eco-friendly gadgets and materials to minimizing waste and reducing energy consumption.

Moving Soon? These 12 Tips Can Simplify Your Next Move

Deciding to purchase a new home and choosing a new place to live are two of the most impactful decisions you'll make in your adult life. Buying a new home, especially, is a huge milestone. However, just because you have the keys, that doesn't mean you're ready to move all of your stuff into your new place. 

Regardless of whether this is your first time moving or you're a seasoned pro, you might already know the basics: how to pack all your belongings in boxes; how to transport those boxes (maybe even with the help of movers and a moving truck) to your new space; and how you should unload everything once you get there. With all the hustle and bustle of a move, it's easy to forget to take care of some crucial home projects before pulling up in your moving van.

CNET Moving Tips logo CNET Moving Tips logo

There are plenty of projects you can tackle while living in your home, but some are better done before you move in to save yourself the extra stress. Consider updating, replacing, remodeling and knocking out these home projects before moving in full-time. After finishing those up, check out the best internet providers and whether you should invest in solar panels. 

Transfer utilities and change your address 

Changing your address and updating your utilities may seem obvious but can be easily overlooked when you're busy with the home-buying process. Make sure you have utilities and core services set up to be active in your new home before you move in. What a bummer to spend your first night in your first home with no power. Don't forget to also transfer mail, the internet, TV services and any regularly scheduled deliveries to your new home address.

Person with orange gloves scrubbing a tile floor Person with orange gloves scrubbing a tile floor

The floor is just one spot you should clean in your new home.

Alfred Evelina/Getty Images


No matter whether your new home looks spotless or is visibly dusty, it's a good idea to give it a deep clean before you settle in. The previous owner probably left some dirt, pet hair, dust or other grime behind. Whether you see it or not, it's best to start fresh. 

Before moving in, you'll want to clean these spots. While scrubbing, take a moment to replace your air filters and check your smoke detectors, too. 

1. Kitchen
2. Cabinets
3. Stove 
4. Refrigerator
5. Bathroom
6. Shower heads
7. Toilet
8. Floors, walls and baseboards
9. Ceiling fans and light fixtures
10. Washing machine
11. Dishwasher

A cordless vacuum leaning against a wall, between a table and a window A cordless vacuum leaning against a wall, between a table and a window

Before you move in, you'll want to vacuum, wipe down and scrub your new home. 

Brian Bennett/CNET

Must-have cleaning equipment

Deep-cleaning your entire home is easier when you have the right tools. CNET puts many products to the test, and these are some of our favorites: 

A women sitting on the floor painting a wall A women sitting on the floor painting a wall

Don't like the color of a room? Paint it. 

The Good Brigade/Getty Images


Painting can transform a space. Do you hate that purple dining room or the jet-black bedroom formerly occupied by a teenager? Best to get it done before you get settled. It may not be as intrusive as other major home updates, but you will have to move all your junk to the middle of the room, provided there's space.

Also, paint sprays and splatters, so if you do have belongings in the room you'll need additional protection by way of plastic sheeting or drop cloths. Pro tip: You can paint walls or rooms before doing flooring updates so you don't have to be as concerned with getting paint on your new floors.

Man putting down new hardwood flooring Man putting down new hardwood flooring

If you're going to replace or refinish an existing floor, you definitely want to get that done before moving in.

Getty Images

Replace or refinish flooring 

Everything in your house that isn't attached to a wall is going to take up floor space. If you're going to replace or refinish an existing floor, you definitely want to get that done before moving in. Anyone you hire to do the work will require the affected rooms to be empty, so there's no reason to fill them up beforehand. 

Even if you do the work yourself, you'll need to shuffle your belongings around, and that will drastically lengthen the time it takes to complete the project and make it harder on yourself. 

Plumbing and electric updates

If you're buying a home that is a bit dated and needs major updates to core systems like plumbing or electrical, you might consider getting these projects done before your move. 

If you do have major updates taking place, there's a fair chance the work involved will include cutting out sections of drywall or flooring to make pathways for updated pipes or wiring. The demo and subsequent drywall repairs will create quite a bit of dust, so you'll also likely be painting walls or repairing flooring. 

Man working with a power drill Man working with a power drill

Cutting out sections of drywall can create a lot of dust, which might require you to repaint walls or repair flooring. 

Getty Images

Kitchen remodel

If you're planning on remodeling or renovating your kitchen, it's better to do it before moving in. Going through a total kitchen remodel can upset the day-to-day flow in many ways. Not only will you not be able to prepare food, you also won't have any space to store food, especially if appliances need to be moved or unplugged. You'll need space to store all of your dishes and kitchen gadgets, plus all of the debris and materials for the kitchen renovation will have to go somewhere as well. 

Bathroom renovation

Another inconvenience is a total bathroom remodel. If you have multiple bathrooms, it may or may not be a huge issue depending on how many people live in your home. If you only have one full bathroom, being without it for days or weeks will be a pain. In either circumstance, if you're paying to have the work done for you, it's wise to factor in more time than your contractor estimates and be prepared for limited bathroom space.

An HVAC unit at the CNET smart home An HVAC unit at the CNET smart home

Luckily, replacing major HVAC components isn't usually too lengthy of a process.


Replace HVAC 

This one can depend on the timing of your new home purchase. Replacing major HVAC components isn't usually too lengthy of a process, nor does it normally require much renovation to other parts of the home. If you live through sweltering summers and arctic winters, you may want to have this work done before moving in so you won't have to expose yourself to extreme temperatures. 

Change locks and install home security 

It's never a bad idea to change out locks on a new home or put home security elements in place before moving in. Changing out your locks ensures the previous owner no longer has access to your home, while home security cameras and video doorbells deter would-be burglars and let you keep an eye on your property no matter where you are. 

Every home is different, so there's no one-size-fits-all rule on security camera placement. Some common places to put them are by front, back and side door. Whatever you do, avoid putting cameras in places that violate your or your neighbor's privacy like bedrooms and bathrooms. If you're still wondering where to put your new security cameras, CNET lays out the best and worst spots for them.

A dog sitting inside a moving box A dog sitting inside a moving box

Make sure to pet-proof your home before bringing in your furry friend.

Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

Child and pet-proofing

Safety can go beyond locks and security cameras. If you have small children, you may want to put child safety devices in place before having them in the home. Likewise, if you have pets, you may need similar safety precautions inside or a fence around your new yard. 

This is also a good time to walk through your home and make sure you know where the main electric, water and gas shut-offs are, as well as any other safety features. This lets you start thinking about your family's home safety plan in case of an emergency. 

To recap, any of these tasks can happen while you're already moved into and living in your new home, but you're likely to be less stressed if you make sure these are checked off beforehand. You'll be much more likely to start off loving your new home than being frustrated with how it's complicating your life. While you're at it, check out this list of tools you'll need for maintaining your new home. Plus, here's how to become friends with your new neighbors and how to turn your new house into a home. 

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Shea McGee’s top tips for living through a home renovation |

If you've ever lived through a home renovation, you will be familiar with the chaos that tends to ensue. Between builders coming in and out of your house at all hours to the inevitable noise that becomes the status quo, it's notoriously a difficult process to get through. And while some get the opportunity to live somewhere else through the worst of the remodel, others are stuck right at home, living amongst the construction.

Luckily, interior designer Shea McGee just shared her top tips to those living through a remodel, from what to expect to how to cope with the worst of the process. And as someone who's led countless renovations (plus lived through many in her own home), there's no one better than Shea to share her advice. And with her tips in mind, you can make the final call on whether you should live on-site when renovating a property. Here's what she had to say.

What to know when living through a home remodel

‘Unsellable Houses’ Stars Reveal Money-Saving Renovation Tips

Unsellable Houses stars Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis are on a roll. The twin sisters and real estate agents recently won season five of Rock the Block, appeared on House Hunters: All Stars, and are gearing up for a fifth season of their HGTV series. They even started a podcast, Twin Win Unfiltered, that digs into the behind-the-scenes of their busy lives. While fixing many homes over the years, the duo has learned major ways to save money on renovations—and anyone can follow suit. From refreshing cabinetry with new doors to finding materials in unexpected places, take a look at their top tips below.

Reuse Cabinetry

For a kitchen renovation, the duo says one of the biggest ways to save money is to reuse cabinetry and some appliances. "You can paint cabinetry and replace hardware," they tell House Beautiful. "If you need more than just paint to make it feel right, you can still save a ton by just replacing the doors to a new style and leaving the cabinet body in place."

Source Leftover Materials

Another option for building or revamping a kitchen is to ask a cabinet installer for remnant boxes. This way, you can design a fresh kitchen for a fraction of what a custom job will cost. “If we are going to have colored cabinets, we will ask the cabinet installer to use 'leftover' cabinet boxes from any job they had that fit the space and layout so that we are getting a lower price by using mix-and-match boxes and not ordering a new complete matching set," Lamb says.

Through this method, Lamb and Davis usually end up with white, natural, and even blue boxes when the kitchen is installed. "This is totally fine with us because we then have it painted the color we want the boxes to be," Lamb says. "Often, this is because we are going for a color that is not 'in stock' with standard cabinet colors. We will paint them our custom color, and no one would [be any] the wiser.”

Turn to Unexpected Places

Lamb and Davis recommend buying materials and fixtures from a salvage yard, Habitat for Humanity, or building material auctions for good deals on quality pieces. Classic buy-and-sell websites (like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and AptDeco) are also a great place to start. "People are always moving and need to sell perfectly fine appliances quickly, or you may end up finding a ton of lumber left over from someone else's project they need to sell before moving," they say.

Follow House Beautiful on Instagram and TikTok.

Headshot of Kelly Allen

Kelly Allen is the Associate Editor at House Beautiful, where she creates design, culture, and travel content online and in the magazine. She’s been on the team since 2019, writing features on and , in-depth , and inspiring . From researching to discovering can’t-miss onscreen, she’s always eager to answer burning pop culture questions through a design lens. In her five-year career, she’s built a strong network of designers across disciplines to tap for their invaluable expertise. Her background includes honing reporting skills while tackling viral news for Delish and contributing to Cosmopolitan’s entertainment coverage. When she’s not watching every new and , she’s browsing vintage home stores, attending industry events, and wandering around —highlighting it all .

Improve your home’s suppress enchantment with my patio & porch makeover tips – the best way is price range-welcoming, too

AN specialist has spilled the beans on what tends to make the excellent patio.

The dwelling renovation professional gave his out of doors advancement suggestions, which is not going to crack the lender.

Quinn Babcock, a home renovation expert, has weighed in on how to create the perfect patio


Quinn Babcock, a house renovation expert, has weighed in on how to create the great patioCredit score: Photo courtesy of Block Renovation

Quinn Babcock, the design and structure functions guide at Block Renovation spoke exclusively with The U.S. Sun.

Block Renovation is a system to assist householders and contractors alike execute residence renovation initiatives.

Babcock pointed out techniques to increase a patio while sticking to a spending budget.

He also included some insider strategies on how to take on an inexpensive undertaking with out compromising type.

Examine A lot more Home TRANSFORMATIONS

HOW TO Build A Energy PATIO

Babcock said not to get worried when it arrives to daunting property renovation initiatives.

He pointed out that there are a great deal of techniques to go about it that suit the buyer's wants.

"There are a whole lot of economical methods to improve your porch or patio, building your outdoor spaces extra usable and improving the control charm of your household," he claimed.

"Paint. 1 of the least complicated and most price-productive strategies to update your porch or patio is with a clean coat of paint on the flooring or partitions."

He also extra some realistic information to make the place a snug place for frequent use.

"Privacy screens," he claimed.

"Introducing privateness screens can also make improvements to the area aesthetically and make it sense more usable.

"There are a array of elegant and inexpensive approaches to do this, from bamboo screens to picket slats to cloth curtains."


Babcock didn't skimp on techniques to beautify the outside spot of any household.

How to Do-it-yourself completely transform your patio this summertime

"Crops," he stated. "You can simply remodel your outside room by incorporating plants — including planters, hanging baskets, or vertical gardens.

"Based on your funds, you could begin from seeds, buy completely grown vegetation, or have a combine.

"Vegetation make areas truly feel additional alive and welcoming."

Including toss pillows, out of doors rugs, or a piece of art can insert some character and flair to the house.

Quinn Babcock

He also gave a golden recommendation on how to heat up the patio location aesthetically.

"Lighting," he mentioned.

"Incorporating photo voltaic-run lamps or string lights can develop a cozy ambiance and make your outside house much more usable at night time.

"The expenditures can change, with several photo voltaic lights currently being genuinely economical."

Sitting Around

Babcock shared his last piece of advice, which is very important to taking pleasure in a patio for leisure.

"Furniture and decor," he claimed.

"Changing or updating your furniture is a great way to enrich your patio or porch.

"You could update your seating or just the cushions if you’re on a spending plan.

"Including toss pillows, outdoor rugs, or a piece of art can add some identity and flair to the room."

He said one of the 'easiest' ways to spruce up a patio is to simply add a fresh coat of paint


He stated just one of the 'easiest' techniques to spruce up a patio is to just increase a fresh coat of paintCredit score: Picture courtesy of Block Renovation

Top spring routine maintenance tips for your house

Yellow flowers peak out of the ground near the Ottawa river. Buildings are seen in the distance.
Spring flowers in close proximity to the Rideau River. Photo by Charlie Senack.

By Patrick Langston, All Things Residence

When we could nevertheless get a dump of snow, spring has formally been in this article considering that mid-March and that indicates it’s time for seasonal house maintenance. 

Tackle a bit at a time, enlist family and friends when you require to, and bear in mind it is better to retain the services of a pro for just about anything you’re uncertain about or that could be perilous. 

Roof: The roof is your home’s first line of defence against the components and requires normal inspections. Use binoculars to test for problems like damaged or missing shingles or faulty flashing. With local climate adjust growing the intensity of summer months storms, recall to examine all over again following serious weather. It is a very long way from the roof to the floor, so simply call in a expert if you spot troubles. 

Gutters: A clogged gutter or downspout prevents water draining away from your house the way it ought to. That can lead to vegetation using root in the gutters, destroyed fascia and soffit, and pools of h2o close to your basis. If you are cautious, cleaning gutters from a ladder isn’t difficult. If your dwelling is a bungalow, you could try 1 of the extendible gutter cleansing gizmos sold at developing elements shops.

Attic: Check for moist spots or drinking water staining on the underside of the roof and humidity or mould on insulation, any of which could imply a leak. When you’re in the attic, enjoy for signs of mice or squirrels like droppings or bits of chewed garbage. Mouse traps usually do the career for compact critters, but even larger animals may need a pest management expert. 

Basement: To reduce flooding, check out your sump pump (YouTube brims with how-to videos), thoroughly clean your window wells (you can get cheap transparent handles at developing elements outlets) and make guaranteed the grading directs h2o away from your foundation (again, the net is a great resource for how to identify and rectify problems). And make guaranteed you have a backwater valve in circumstance the sewer backs up — talk to your plumber if you are unsure whether or not you have 1. 

Again and entrance yards: When was the past time you checked your trees for broken or weakened limbs that could drop on your household, your automobile or even a person? Tree treatment that will involve climbing is greatest still left to a experienced. Even though you are exterior, see if actions, porches and decks are in fantastic form and that walkway and patio pavers don’t present a tripping hazard. If you have a deck, it may perhaps be time to give it a protective coating for great looks and a longer existence.

Door and window treatment: Spring is a fantastic time to check the door and window caulking that keeps out drinking water and will increase electricity performance by blocking outside the house air infiltration. Caulking is an straightforward Do it yourself task as soon as you know how. When you’re inspecting the caulking, look at for rot in window or doorway frames. Window and door installers are hectic in summertime, so make an appointment immediately if needed.

Air conditioner: Central air conditioners perform tough all through Ottawa summers. Making ready yours now minimizes the probability of a failure on a steamy July night. If you are not a normal DIYer, employ a experienced to inspect and sustain it each year – the $200-$300 you invest will be properly worthy of it. 

Smoke detectors: If you didn’t examine your smoke detectors and modify the batteries when the clocks went forward, now is the time. Also, verify the expiry date on the back again or side of the product: battery-operated detectors generally last about 10 several years.

Anita Murray and Patrick Langston are the co-founders of AllThingsHome.ca, Ottawa’s go-to resource for householders and homebuyers.

Annual Clarksville Residence Clearly show gives tips for house enhancement jobs

BC Home + Garden Show 2024: Come for the tips, stay for the food

Advice about home organization, sustainable gardening and real estate investing on offer at BC Place

Article content

If you need another reason to check out this year’s BC Home + Garden Show—besides home-improvement tips, HGTV stars and cooking demos—here it is: pizza.

“Something new and cool that we’re doing this year is a pizza pop-up shop on the concourse level,” show manager Amber Beaton said.

Article content

“Basically, we’re going to be [bringing] out a bunch of pizza ovens and Canada’s top pizza chef, Giuseppe Cortinovis, will be preparing samples for everybody.”

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Article content

Last year’s show welcomed just under 30,000 attendees, and this year organizers expect something in the range of 35,000. More than 300 exhibitors have been booked.

“Compared to my first year, I feel like we’ve just found our legs and we’re really getting a grip on some cool features for the show,” said Beaton, now in her second year as manager. “When I first came back, it was right after COVID, so a lot was up in the air. It’s all coming into place now.”

HGTV star Scott McGillivray, a first-time guest of the home and garden show, will be talking about investing in real estate.
HGTV star Scott McGillivray, a first-time guest of the home and garden show, will be talking about investing in real estate. Photo by Supplied by Marketplace Events

First-time guests include Scott McGillivray, host of HGTV Canada’s Income Property, Renovation Resort, and Scott’s Vacation House Rules, among others.

“We’ve been hearing from our attendees that he is somebody that they’d like to see, and we’ve finally been able to make it happen,” Beaton said.

McGillivray said he’ll talk about investing in real estate “and what specifically people in the area can do to take advantage of the opportunities that are here.”

“Vancouver has been a hotbed of rules and regulations and a lot of pressure on that market,” he said. “We’ve seen crazy amounts of appreciation and we’ve seen a lot of government interference with that market. It’s been one of the more profitable, but one of the more difficult markets to navigate and it’s become more and more challenging for new investors to penetrate.”

Article content

Advertisement 3

Article content

He’ll share his tips on the Sleep Country Main Stage, presented by HGTV Canada and The Vancouver Sun. Other mainstage guests include Megan Golightly, Adam Weir and Bruno Feldeisen.

A home clutter and organizing expert, Golightly will encourage divesting, not investing.

Megan Golightly will discuss home organization on the BC Home + Garden Show Mainstage.
Megan Golightly will discuss home organization on the BC Home + Garden Show Mainstage. Photo by Supplied by Marketplace Events

“People think it’s all about organizing,” said the Calgary-based influencer. “But for me to stand up there and talk about the perfect containers and matching baskets would be to do you a disservice. You’d buy all these things, then you wouldn’t know what to do with them because you hadn’t dealt with the main issue, which is the stuff—things like a wedding dress or pictures or the cabinet you don’t like but that you inherited from your aunt.”

Weir, another HGTV veteran, will deliver a presentation called Behind the Scenes of Your Renovations.

“He’s an entertainer for sure, and a big draw as well,” Beaton said. “People hear him from afar and they’re drawn to see what he’s doing on stage. Last year, he did some magic tricks. I’m sure we can expect to see some of those again. He quite often goes off the cuff and gets a lot of audience involvement with his presentations.”

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Article content

Expect to see plenty of indoor and outdoor plantings at the four-day home and garden show at BC Place.
Expect to see plenty of indoor and outdoor plantings at the four-day home and garden show at BC Place. Photo by Supplied by Marketplace Events

On the builder side, guests include Graeme Huguet of Vancouver-based My House Design/Build Team, the recipient of multiple HAVAN Awards.

“He has been involved in in our shows for many years,” Beaton said. “He’s always able to draw a lot of people over to his presentation. He keeps them new and fresh and clean and really personable. And he answers a lot of audience questions, which I think our visitors really appreciate.”

Other highlights include a recreational living presentation with Hewing Haus and Pura Vida. The former will exhibit one of its 700-square-foot units, a two-bedroom, one-bathroom prefab that visitors can explore. Pura Vida Vans will demonstrate the Custom Clips system it uses to customize vans into campers.

Cooking demos are always a big hit with visitors to the show at BC Place, which is expected to attract something in the range of 35,000 people this year.
Cooking demos are always a big hit with visitors to the show at BC Place, which is expected to attract something in the range of 35,000 people this year. Photo by Supplied by Marketplace Events

For the gardeners in the house, Vancouver Sun Gardeners’ School will host several of the Lower Mainland’s greenest thumbs, including bestselling author Brian Minter, Vancouver Master Gardeners, Erin Berkyto of The Knotty Garden, and representatives from Art’s Nursery in Surrey.

“There are going to be some interactive presentations and some sustainable gardening tips,” Beaton said. “We have some indoor planting happening as well with West Coast Gardens who are going to show how to grow some tropical plants.”

Advertisement 5

Article content

Representatives from Art's Nursery will be on hand to talk all things gardening with visitors to the show.
Representatives from Art’s Nursery will be on hand to talk all things gardening with visitors to the show. Photo by Supplied by Marketplace Events

In addition, expect “lots of new outdoor spaces designed by local landscapers. So right up the centre of the show, there’s going to be a ton of features for showgoers to walk through.”

And Great Canadian Baking judge Bruno Feldeisen will return to the Food Network Stage.

“Everybody loves to see him,” Beaton said. “He always inspires a lot of audience involvement.”

Taking a break from the ovens on the concourse level, pizza maestro Cortinovis will also give a cooking demonstration on the stage.

BC Home + Garden Show 2024

When: Feb. 8 to 11

Where: BC Place Stadium

Recommended from Editorial

Article content

8 holiday decor tips from Melissa Bowers of MA Bowers Inc

Interior designer and stylist designer Melissa Bowers shares her approach

Article content

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s not unusual to feel a little panicky about how you will do up your home for holiday celebrations.

Interior designer and stylist Melissa Bowers, of M.A Bowers Inc., has a firm grip on where to start and what to avoid. Here are some of her top tips.

Article content

Decide on your colour palette

Begin with your colour palette, says Bowers. Red and green are a classic choice, but don’t restrict yourself to these. One of her clients recently opted for a magical purple, red, gold and soft pink colour scheme. She says they decorated their Christmas tree with clear plastic ornaments holding pastel edible macaroons, which looked amazing.

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Article content

“Once you select your theme and palette, it’s easy to make the whole thing flow,” she says.

3 things to consider when choosing your Christmas tree

Consider height, fullness and species when selecting your tree. You may want a blue spruce because the silvery blue-green suits your colour scheme. Or opt for a noble fir, with its unfussy, clean esthetic. Many people like simple, full balsam fir trees, but they can be pretty hard to work with because they often need a little help as stems need to be added to cover up bald spots, says Bowers.

Don’t forget your skirt!

Every tree needs a skirt, particularly if the base isn’t packed with gifts, says Bowers. A vintage blanket or fabric for your tree skirt can play a big part in your overall holiday décor look.

Christmas tree
Melissa Bowers of M.A. Bowers Inc. shares the three things to consider when choosing a Christmas tree. Photo by Courtesy M.A. Bowers Inc.

Vertical versus horizontal lights

There’s quite a bit of debate that happens around stringing your Christmas tree lights vertically versus horizontally, says Bowers. People have strong preferences.

“I prefer the traditional horizontal installing of the lights, but I typically use double or triple the amount of lights,” she says. More is more.

Article content

Advertisement 3

Article content

Loud is in

For years, it’s been all about minimalism in Christmas décor. But this year, says Bowers, the selection of 1950s metallic ornaments on offer is amazing.

The designer says she has a hotel client in Miami who is bringing back a tradition they first started when the hotel opened in the 1930s, throwing an annual tree trimming and lighting event.

“It’s all part of being together again and community. The more the merrier.”

Embrace tradition and nature

Bowers says when decorating her home and workspace this Christmas, she’s opting for holly and ivy garlands and wreaths.

The scent of these natural materials makes the air feel fresh, and mistletoe reminds those in the space of how seasons change and spring will come.

“Holly and ivy remain green year-round, signifying eternal life. The bright red berries for the holidays add cheerful spots of colour,” says Bowers.

For her Christmas tree, Bowers says she often opts for a potted pine — bonsai-like — dressed with a skirt, which she donates to a garden after the holidays.

Holiday décor pitfalls to avoid

Lighting and extension cords can trip people up in more ways than one, says Bowers. When decorating for the holidays, it’s worth looking at your floorplan and thinking about how you’re laying things out. Consider where the tree will go and if it’s the right location for surrounding cables and cords.

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Article content

Time it just right

If you put your tree up too early, it can dry out and not be in great shape for Christmas.

For one client, Bowers says they did a large-scale installation using fresh pomegranates. It looked terrific, but they had to replace the pomegranates twice within one month as they started to rot. If you’re using fresh and live materials, think about how long you want them to last.

Transition the look for New Year’s celebrations

Remove any holly and anything red. Replace them with festive black, silver and gold. You can keep all your greens but add some ribbons and a “bigger hit of sparkle,” says Bowers.

“Freshen them up with sprigs of green for more scent, and get out the disco ball.”

Related Stories

Article content

Home renovation tips that never go out of style

Article content

I love renovating and construction and always enjoy talking about it. Styles, colours, and trends come and go, but the basics stay the same. Today, many people are choosing to stay in their homes rather than move; so, I think it’s important for me to remind homeowners to renovate the right way.

Home renovations can be significant or as simple as making cosmetic updates to furniture or paint colour. No matter what, taking your time, having a realistic budget and understanding what you really want are essentials.

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Article content

Article content

Before you start, it’s important to define your goals and expectations for the project. Are you looking for a new look to improve functionality, increase energy efficiency, or fix some unresolved issues? Your renovation will go much smoother if you have a well-defined plan.

Do a cost analysis before you do anything. Renovations can be expensive, so you must understand everything required for your project — materials, products, labour, and demolition. The larger the job, the more money it will be — remember to have a slush fund for contingencies. 

Your research will give you a sense of the timeline your project will require. Proper planning is essential, like factoring the time it takes to select materials, fixtures and finishes. This may take several rounds before making a final decision, so be patient with the process. Also don’t forget to factor in material delivery times.

And always be prepared for the unexpected. Thinking that you won’t have any hiccups is unrealistic — you shouldn’t have many, but there will likely be something. Whether it’s a product or fixture that is unavailable or perhaps something more serious, like an issue that is revealed behind a wall — a slow leak that has caused mould or structural damage. This is common in older homes that haven’t been renovated in a while. So be prepared, especially when it comes to electrical compliance.

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Article content

Simple things like painting a wall, updating a cupboard with door hardware, or even wallpapering can be accomplished by a DIYer. More complicated tasks can sometimes be done by a seasoned handy person, but know your limitations. If it’s beyond your skill set, hire a pro. 

Also there are certain jobs like plumbing, electrical and HVAC that I would never recommend a homeowner do themselves no matter how skilled they are. These are jobs best left to licensed professionals.

How do you know you’ve hired the right person? That comes with research, asking questions and understanding what you want. Check credentials, ask for references, and ensure they have the licences and insurance. The “interview” process is an essential step for both parties. Ultimately, you want someone you can trust to come into your home and do the work properly. 

Get everything in writing, even small jobs. Everything must be a line item, including specific products, materials, finishes, fixtures, labour, etc. Ask if there are any exclusions. What are the terms and conditions, payment structure? How are disputes or delays addressed? What are the warranties? Don’t assume anything. If you don’t see it in the contract, ask about it.

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Article content

Not all renovations require permits and not all permits are the same. You will need permits if there are any structural changes, plumbing changes, electrical changes, or upgrades. A building permit is different from an electrical permit. Building permits are obtained through the local building authority. Other types of permits may be obtained through different provincial governing bodies; in Ontario, for example all electrical permits must be obtained through the Electrical Safety Authority and in B.C., through Technical Safety BC. Not getting the necessary permits leaves homeowners vulnerable to costly fines and complications during the renovation. It’s not worth the headache or the risk to you and your family.

Sustainable and energy-efficient renovations are becoming increasingly popular, and it makes sense that everything costs more in today’s economy. Incorporating energy-efficient features into your project, such as improved insulation, energy-efficient appliances, and eco-friendly building practices, will reduce your carbon footprint and lower energy costs.

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Article content

If you are planning a renovation — it needs to make sense, so adding functionality to your renovated space is a no-brainer. Will it meet your family’s needs both now and in the future? Don’t be short-sighted. Time can move quickly, and change can happen when you least expect it. If you can, consider accessibility, especially if you plan to age-in-place, with features such as wider doorways, barrier-free showers, and well-placed lighting.

Home renovations and improvements can be overwhelming, but with the right planning and preparedness, your project should be a success. Keep these tips in mind, along with regular check-ins, inspections, and open communication with your point person. This will help you have a successful renovation project no matter how big or small the job is.

Tagline for online/National Post — Residents of the GTA can apply for Holmes on Homes: Building A Legacy at makeitright.ca.

Article content

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Residence Decor Tips And Tricks: 5 Wise Thoughts And Techniques For Your Dream Dwelling Renovation | Property & Kitchen area News

Revamping your dwelling is a individual task, and it really is about a lot more than just looks—it's about making your area work improved for you. No matter if it can be fixing wear and tear or upgrading performance, a property makeover is a practical way to strengthen your dwelling environment. To ensure a productive renovation, it is normally clever to seek out experienced assistance. &#13

In accordance to Amit Agarwal, CEO & Co-founder, NoBroker.com, "A property makeover is a personal project–every renovation has its distinctive needs. For numerous, it is an possibility to infuse new lifestyle and identity into their dwelling spaces, reflecting evolving tastes and styles."

House renovation assignments can be additional sophisticated than they seem to be, and gurus know how to cope with them, top to a smoother and a lot more enjoyable result.&#13

Listed here are recommendations for a dreamy house renovation as shared by Mr Amit Agarwal.

Exploration and Preparing: The first phase to a flawless renovation is complete investigation and setting up. Begin by setting a budget primarily based on your goals—whether it truly is enhancing utility, improving aesthetics, or boosting house value. Seem for inspiration on-line, producing a electronic board with suggestions that match your eyesight. Online collections provide simple accessibility to several home renovation concepts.&#13

Qualified Inspection: You should not forget the basic principles! Although choosing paint colours and household furniture is fascinating, it really is crucial to make certain the integrity of your home's basis. Pros can location troubles you could miss out on, from electrical wiring to plumbing. Their abilities saves you from high-priced mistakes and assures lengthy-time period security.&#13

Budgeting and Timing: Your renovation finances is the key to knowledgeable conclusions. Provide in a qualified early to enable you build a in depth program and timeline that aligns with your finances. This prevents overspending and makes certain you have means for crucial requirements. System your funds carefully to manage surprising expenses.&#13

Legalities and Paperwork: Really don't skip the paperwork, even if it appears to be mundane. Right documentation, like No Objection Certificates (NOCs), builds have confidence in with neighborhood authorities and stops upcoming hassles. Skilled support makes navigating legalities a breeze.

Layout Viewpoint: Colors can renovate a area. Specialist designers use coloration combos and home furnishings arrangements to achieve your renovation ambitions. Their skills guarantees thoughtful selections that convey your vision to lifetime.&#13

When the notion of a Do it yourself household renovation is tempting, professionals provide a more productive and charge-effective solution. Prioritize analysis, qualified information, and authorized factors to assure your desire household gets to be a actuality. With the correct steerage, your effectively-renovated household will deliver pleasure and consolation for many years to appear.

6 tips to getting a trusted corporation for window set up in Alberni Valley

When it comes to property renovation projects, window substitute is a single of the most important and efficient investments you can make. Not only do new, large good quality home windows improve your home’s electricity efficiency, they can also have a extraordinary result on your home’s resale benefit, supplying you a wonderful return on your financial investment (ROI). The ROI for window substitution is normally around 70 for every cent!

5 gains of changing your home windows

  • Electricity Effectiveness: Present day home windows with greater insulation and technologies this sort of as very low-e coatings and double glazing can aid lessen heating and cooling costs. Householders may perhaps pick to exchange windows to cut down heating and cooling fees, or to be far more environmentally helpful.
  • Stability: When you swap home windows with new kinds that have more powerful frames and improved locking mechanisms, you can make improvements to household protection and peace of head.
  • Sounds Reduction: Modern day windows can aid lessen the intrusion of exterior noise — specially handy for individuals who are living in noisy urban areas or favor a quieter indoor ecosystem.
  • Enhanced air flow and normal mild: Selecting a various window style, such as casement or awning home windows, can strengthen air flow by allowing in far more air. Diverse window measurements and kinds can also improve the total of normal mild that enters a room, creating a brighter and extra inviting residing room.
  • Compliance with developing codes and polices: When renovating or building structural alterations, home owners may perhaps require to substitute windows to meet up with present-day constructing codes and safety polices. More recent windows are often a lot easier to maintain as nicely!
Window alternative can strengthen ventilation and purely natural gentle, as perfectly as rising energy efficiency and stability.

To delight in these benefits, two factors are essential: a top quality product, and correct window set up. But how do you assure you’re employing the most effective window installer? We have designed this guide to support you discover reputable window providers on Central Vancouver Island and review your potential installer just before signing a replacement agreement.

1. Request friends for referrals

Practically nothing beats personalized knowledge from people you trust. All you have to do is inquire your close friends and neighbours for community suggestions. You will get further insights into how your conversation and practical experience with a probable window installation enterprise are probable to go.

Choosing a neighborhood window contractor will also preserve you from worrying about manufacturing and set up delays. Considering the fact that they are local, they can make the most of accessible time and maintain your job on agenda.

2. Check out your installer’s license and insurance

Choosing a window company that delivers coverage to their in-home installers is crucial in the event of problems. Your window installer’s coverage ought to incorporate legal responsibility coverage, workers’ payment and assets hurt insurance policy.

Similarly, choosing a business with a business enterprise license from the municipal governing administration is critical. Developing permits are also necessary for any window substitution the place the present opening is expanded, or the construction of the wall is altered. Replacing a window with an additional of the same measurement may well not demand a building permit, but request your installer to be positive.

Local creating permits are vital, in particular for egress home windows, and your installer should really be able to describe what is expected. Ecoline Home windows follows CSA rules, an additional sign of a reliable window installer.

3. Verify reference background

Ask the company to supply references and make contact with people earlier purchasers to study about their experience with the set up corporation. A powerful reference checklist will mirror the services’ quality and how a small business handles any troubles.

You can also look at on the web assessments to see what other owners say about the business you are about to employ the service of. Look into critiques on Google, Much better Business enterprise Bureau, Homestars, TrustedPros, Fb and other trusted sites to study far more about a company’s name.

4. Glimpse for providers that present electricity-efficient home windows

Make positive the window installation small business you are contemplating hiring has a good assortment of alternative windows. Question for home windows with Electrical power STAR scores to sustain the thermal convenience of your home without having incurring substantial power expenditures.

Also, only offer with firms that provide home windows with an NFRC label, which aids you review involving electricity-efficient windows. These windows give a reduced U-component (how well a window retains warmth from escaping from the inside of of a home), small SHGC (how well a window resists unwanted heat gain), and higher VT (how properly a window lights your household with daylight).

5. Get prices from different businesses

The price of window installation differs based mostly on the organization you choose, the sizing and type of windows you desire, and the options and supplies you want.

Therefore, it is far better to devote some time and get prices from two to 3 corporations. This will enable you to evaluate expenses and master additional about what just about every 1 has to present in advance of creating a selecting selection.

6. Make sure your installer qualifies for govt rebates

Be certain that the business provides excellent home windows that are eligible for the most Greener Homes Grant. This is an initiative by the Canadian federal government to boost the electricity effectiveness of our residences.

In accordance to this initiative, all over 700,000 in grants and up to $5000 per residence have been allotted, encouraging Canadians to make power-successful household renovations to their present residences. The British Columbia provincial governing administration features house owners countless numbers of bucks in rebates for completing residential renovation initiatives that cut down house electrical power fees, which include up to $2,000 for replacement home windows and doorways.

Small-revenue people may perhaps get CleanBC Profits rebates for home windows and doorways that compensate for 60 to 95 for every cent of renovation expenses, up to a worth of $9,500. Other renovations are also coated by these rebates.


It is critical to acquire your time when deciding on a window installer. Just before producing a selection, seek out referrals, test opinions, assure that the home windows are strength effective and check out the rates of several installers. Spending notice to these pointers can aid you get the best windows and installation for your house.

Ecoline Windows serves Port Alberni and the surrounding areas. For a lot more data, contact (778) 864-5890.

BBB: Residence maintenance tips for winter season temperature | Enterprise

Drop is here, and winter season will be listed here prior to you know it. With the transform in weather arrives a list of property maintenance that all homeowners need to deal with before the cold weather arrives.

“The very best time to prepare for winter season climate is right before the probable ice, sleet and snow established in,” explained Mechele Agbayani, President and CEO of BBB Central East Texas. “A bit of prevention can help you save you time, money and complications.”

BBB presents these strategies when planning your property for the colder weather:

Cleanse individuals gutters. Cleanse out gutters to prevent ice dams and water buildup. A create-up of leaves and other particles can lead to your gutters and downspouts not to drain accurately. Improper draining can make drinking water spill about your gutters, foremost to basis/basement hurt and destruction to your fascia boards. In the wintertime, ice dams can type that can allow snow soften underneath your shingles. Get a listing of gutter contractors close to you.

Examine your roof and gutters. Examine your roof for free or broken shingles and make any needed repairs. Destroyed or free shingles can let in water and ice in the course of the wintertime, producing inside hurt. Go to BBB.org to get a listing of roofing contractors near you.

Exam your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. Producing sure these crucial basic safety instruments are in proper operating problem is manageable and critical to making certain the protection of these in your property. The Countrywide Hearth Protection Association offers outstanding data on installing and maintaining smoke alarms. The U.S. Client Product Basic safety Commission has information and facts on carbon monoxide detectors.

Verify your window and doorways for air leakage. Incorporating caulk and weather conditions stripping assists prevent cold air leakage into your household and stops spiders and bugs from getting into. Also, check out where pipes and wires enter your dwelling.

Manage your garage. You will unquestionably use your garage a whole lot additional in the colder months. Get rid of trash and clutter, and make confident your snow shovel and other wintertime-use things are quickly obtainable. Fill/repair service any cracks or holes you see to stop bugs and rodents from moving into that will be trying to find refuge from the chilly. Obtain garage organizers close to you.

Examine your driveway. Slide is a fantastic time to fill cracks and seal coats to avert wintertime drinking water/ice damage. Obtain driveway restore contractors in the vicinity of you.

Schedule HVAC routine maintenance. A qualified Heating contractor in close proximity to you can support company your heating unit and likely save you up to 25% in electrical power costs in accordance to the U.S. Department of Electricity.

Secure pipes. Insulate pipes in unheated places, like attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Address up your outside water fixture (s). Spigot covers are reasonably priced at your neighborhood hardware retailer and assist hold the exterior pipes from freezing.

Get ready the yard and continue to keep it pest totally free. Trim trees and bushes absent from your household to avoid weighty snow or ice hurt. Clean up up leaves and particles to stop pests from acquiring shelter. For supplemental help, locate a BBB Accredited pest regulate corporation in close proximity to you.

Store patio household furniture and other out of doors items. Place away or address outdoor home furnishings, grills, and other summer things to defend them from wintertime weather conditions.

Sweep your chimney. Clean and examine your fire ahead of working with it. Guarantee the damper functions correctly to protect against drafts when it’s not in use. Getting the soot and possible blockages or creosote construct-up will help lower the chance of a chimney fireplace and can make improvements to the performance of your fire. Obtain a chimney sweep around you.

Reverse ceiling admirers. Transform your blades clockwise to assistance immediate heat air downwards in the course of colder months.

Test backup turbines. If you have a backup generator, take a look at it to make sure it’s in functioning affliction in scenario of electricity outages.

Test for BBB Accreditation for any experts you may seek the services of. Go to BBB.org to obtain a business enterprise you can belief. Generally search for the BBB seal. It’s the signal of a far better business.

— BBB is a nonprofit, company-supported business that sets and upholds substantial criteria for honest and straightforward enterprise habits. Most BBB companies to individuals are free of charge of charge. Visit bbb.org for extra data. BBB Serving Central East Texas was launched in 1985 and serves 19 counties.

15 easy home improvement tips

When we consider ways to improve our homes, we often think big: new bathrooms, solar panels, or redoing the landscaping. These renovations can be costly and, in these economically challenging times, too much for many people’s budgets.

However, a series of minor tweaks, like mini-makeovers, can breathe new life into our homes. We can make countless small, affordable changes to our living spaces that make them cozier, more functional and energy efficient.

Some minor fixes can increase your property value, too.

Recently, a group of Redditors came together to share some small changes that have made an enormous difference in their homes. It all started when a user named Super_Dupa2 asked, “What small upgrade made a huge difference at your house?”

The prompt was a big viral hit, receiving over 8,300 responses in just one day. Here are 15 small upgrades that can make a huge difference in your house.

1. New shower head

"A better shower. If you can't redo the whole bathroom, just replace the head. This also works if you rent. Just keep the old one in a box, so you can bring the nice one to your next house." — Maartenvanheek

"And a curved shower curtain rod. You get so much more arm space." — Cripnite

2. More chargers

"Methodically buying phone chargers with long enough cables to not have to ever move one again." — ihadtowalkhere

3. Blackout curtains

"Blackout curtains for sleeping. Such a game changer." — blehbleh 1122

"And they keep my bedroom cooler." — BunjaminFrnklin

4. New lighting fixtures

"Fixtures are now properly grounded, the interior looks more updated, and there is more/better light." — SnooCaliflowers9981

"Lighting can absolutely make a huge difference in the way you feel in your room. Get some shoulder-height (when you are sitting) lamps for your living room. You will notice a shift in how much more relaxed you feel when you use those instead of the overheads." — ShoesAreTheWorst

5. Laundry room light

"Motion-activated light switch for the laundry room. Never have to worry about turning off the light when leaving with an arm full of clothing." — Amazing Asian

6. Attic fan

"Attic heat exhaust fan. Our attic used to get up to 140F on the hottest days; on those days, our ceilings were hot to the touch. The whole house was consequently uncomfortable. Now the attic fan is thermostatically controlled to 90 degrees, and the whole house is cooler." — jermleeds

"I added a passive whirlybird that does the same thing. Heat rises and escapes before it can accumulate to those extreme levels. It also happens to be clear acrylic, so now there's always light up there too which helps keep away any vermin." — cantwejustplaynice

7. Hanging artwork

"Spending a day mounting my artwork. It felt so much more like my home after that." — GinGimlet.

"Every time I've moved, I put that off for way too long, then finally break down and do it and the house feels so much better to be in." — Elegant-Nature-6620

8. New blankets

"My wife and I are getting separate blankets. No more fighting about who takes the covers while we’re sleeping. Highly recommend 10/10." — Akumamatata8080

9. Fake stained glass

"I had a window above the stairs the neighbors could see through, so I went on Amazon and spent 40 bucks on some plastic window film that makes it look like stained glass. It turned out AMAZING and lasted forever." — OathofFenanor

10. Bidet

"I get mad when I have to use a different toilet now. I’m truly converted." — Itwasmyshadow

"The worst part of owning a bidet is going on vacation." — TinyPieceofYarn

11. Rice cooker

"I save so much time and energy. Plus, there's less washing up to do since all I need to wash is the pot inside, instead of a saucepan, a wooden spoon, and a colander." — Molwalk

12. RoboRock

"Using a $150 GC my sister gave me for my birthday. I picked up a RoboRock Q5 robot vacuum ($70 out of pocket after the GC). I have it running on a daily schedule at 2 pm while I'm at work, and my hard floors are always immaculate." — Matt314159

13. Solar panels

"Fitted 4 solar panels to my shed roof attached to a lithium battery and inverter. Not the cheapest upgrade at about £1000. But unlimited free electricity in my shed. Can plug all my power-hungry man stuff in there and it’s guilt-free! And when there’s a power cut I just run an extension lead into the house, and I’m good! and way simpler than grid tie-in system."— Badger906

14. New windows

"After living here for 35 years. We had all the windows in the house replaced 5 months ago. The house is so much more comfortable and quiet. It was expensive but worth it. We replaced 11 windows of varying sizes with Renewal by Anderson. All had to be custom-made because of their outdated sizes. The largest was 5’X7’. They are composite materials with heat-reflecting glass. It is incredible to stand behind the window in direct sunlight and open and close them to feel the difference of the heat they block out. The house was definitely more comfortable during the hot summer, and the electricity bill was about 20% lower. They look beautiful, and the crew of 6 guys removed the old and installed the new in one day and did not leave a mess of any kind. We ordered them in the last week in March, and they were installed in the first week of June. Total cost was $23K." — Blizzard7788

15. Get a dishwasher

"It has changed our arguments over dishes." — xuknownx26

"No washing dishes! A handy place to hide all your dirty dishes! A handy place for your clean dishes to dry! And no dish rack on the draining board has freed up loads of space/made it look a lot less cluttered." — binglybleep


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Designer Jessica Duce offers 8 fantastic property reworking tips

When Jessica and Ron Duce have been getting ready to go from Colorado to Houston, Ron arrived initially to discover them a house. A Realtor stored demonstrating him properties in The Woodlands, so he bought in the vehicle and drove all around right up until he found a position he appreciated — in Champion Forest.

"He mentioned he cherished the exterior and the community and the dimension of the lot and, then explained, 'I know you can figure out the rest,'" Jessica Duce stated.

They'd purchased and renovated ample houses with each other that they dependable every other, so they purchased the 5,000-sq.-foot property in September 2020 and lived in it for 18 months in advance of launching a huge renovation task. 

Jessica, who majored in small business in college, started off her job as a lender personal loan officer, but she was bored with the operate. But immediately after she aided a single financial institution govt embellish his workplace, then yet another and one more, she understood she was slice out for a a lot more innovative profession. 

In Omaha, she received a task at an interior structure company and uncovered almost everything she could right before opening her individual firm, which she has moved three moments to abide by her husband's occupation.

Now, Ron, 59, is human sources executive director for Kiewit Building, and he suggests they are here to keep.

In her household style firm, JDuce Layout, Jessica, 54, will help clientele reinvent their spaces. She also has carved out a specialized niche as a designer of luxurious rental vacation residences lately, she and two business companions, Julia Harmon and Cass Pietrok, released Getaway Rental Designers, a collective for other designers who do the job principally on family vacation rental houses. 

The huge house experienced lots of area for the Duces, who have 3 young children, now 29, 26 and 22, but as well several rooms had been overdone, with heaps of faux painting, odd colors and crown molding.

Early on in the transforming stage, HGTV hosted a Just one-Place Obstacle, and Jessica made a decision to makeover the pretty dark dwelling office environment, smoothing out the plywood panels and including wallpaper to the higher part of the walls. Then she redid the dining place, which experienced a dark, hand-painted mural. The relaxation of the perform took place when the couple had a date for their daughter's Might 2023 marriage.

Through it all, Jessica's total-household encounter gives a great deal of lessons for all those wanting to deal with their personal initiatives.

Have a eyesight

Commence with a approach and a spending budget for what you want to do. If you can only do one area at a time, that's fantastic. Just make sure the rest of the residence is perfectly coordinated as you move as a result of the residence. It can be a excellent notion to have more than some architectural details or paint colours, so each space would not appear like a a person-off. Jessica utilized Sherwin-Williams "Jasper Stone" in the property workplace and wallpaper in bogs and the mud place, but she stuck with Sherwin-Williams "West Highland White" for most of the interiors.

Complete a lot with paint

Colorful paint included cozy attraction to the business office, and clear, white paint produced the main living spot come to feel additional open up and light-weight. A prior proprietor experienced painted the large dwelling home yellow — walls, ceiling, beams and all. Shifting to white introduced a breath of clean air. Jessica, like most designers, believes that paint carries a large amount of bang for the buck, it isn't expensive, and portray is usually is a Diy job that homeowners will not mind executing on their own. When it was time to paint her individual property office, she made a pleasurable day of it with her daughters' aid. 

Store for bargains

There are occasions to store for new furnishings or materials at significant-close suppliers, but there is constantly place for a cut price. Jessica enjoys to shop at Habitat for Humanity Restore sites, in which you can frequently come across brand-new elements, these as tile, lighting or even plumbing fixtures. 

Several stores have showroom sample sales the place they mark rates down significantly. Jessica acquired a environmentally friendly sectional couch for her family place for fifty percent price tag at Ballard Structure when the retail store was possessing a sample sale. If you have a favorite shop, ask them when they sell their samples. 

She bought chairs at the StillGoode resale shop in Spring, then experienced them reupholstered. Other resale suppliers well-known with designers are the Guild Shop on Dunlavy, the Bluebird Circle on West Alabama and the Houston Junior Forum on Rutland in the Heights. 

Jessica purchased her seagrass window shades at Lowe's and included a contrasting trim for a designer look. She uncovered them to be a great deal more economical. (Pro suggestion: If you go this route, permit them pre-measure and put in the blinds. They'll get the dimensions ideal and the expense of the pre-evaluate should really be deducted from the rate of installation.)

Reuse scraps

In her mud home, Jessica additional a bench made from scraps of wood from building. If you have a compact total of tile or items of a stone slab leftover, you can help save them for use in a laundry space, mud space or powder room, spaces that are smaller sized and require much less resources. Also, she reused all of the doors in the residence, conserving fairly a bit of money.

Upcycle significant-box items

Jessica experienced two fantastic upcycle thoughts in her house. For the pool/visitor house rest room, she acquired a smaller, uncomplicated sink cupboard at Lowe's for $89. She then discovered a slab remnant huge adequate to install waterfall fashion throughout the prime and down just one side. She extra great hardware to the cabinet doorways, and the consequence is an low-cost sink that seems superb.

Jessica mounted wallpaper with a cheerful lemon pattern in the mud home. She had window shades created from matching fabric in the close by again kitchen. When she discovered a modest utility sink ($200) that would be ideal for the laundry space, she additional a skirt with the lemon fabric no a person would ever imagine it was a huge-box obtain. The wallpaper and material make for an costly search, and it authorized one particular sample to tie collectively a few rooms.

Retain items that are worthy of it

If you're renovating a property that was decorated by a prior operator who favored distinct colors or kinds, do not come to feel like you have to intestine each space. If a area has good crown molding, built-in bookcases or a hand-crafted fireplace mantel, contemplate holding individuals. You can give them a whole new glance by portray them and, in the circumstance of bookcases, you could insert mounted library lights, as Jessica did.

Do not be worried to gut 

When it came to the kitchen, Jessica could not find a way to appreciate the kitchen without having a comprehensive gut work. It was an odd ground system, made as a complete square, with the sink significantly away from cooking and prep locations. Her makeover made the equal of a kitchen as well as a chef's kitchen area, which she phone calls her "filthy kitchen."

While the key kitchen has black and white cabinets, the dirty kitchen's cupboards are painted in Benjamin Moore's "Pacific Teal." The coloration mixture adds punch to the house.

The powder bathroom turned a bar, with refrigerated drawers and a Zip Water fixture that dispenses chilled, carbonated and boiling h2o.

Jessica purchased Signature Kitchen area Suite appliances, LG's luxury line created to compete with Wolf and Monogram. Her significant array has induction, gasoline, sous vide, steam and air fry abilities, along with a standard gasoline oven. Her bar appliances are also SKS when you get several appliances from the identical maker, you can sometimes get reductions for the much larger invest in. 

Splurge the place you want to

For all the methods you can preserve revenue, really don't neglect that there are factors really worth splurging on. Two big points are countertop slabs and excellent lighting. For her floors and backsplash, Jessica purchased some of the tile from Floor and Decor, even though some arrived from the more costly Tile Store. You won't always be equipped to guess which tile is from which retailer. 

“11 Yard Household Improvement Tips

Your backyard is an extension of your residing place, presenting endless possibilities for rest, amusement, and household bonding. With the right house improvement suggestions, you can remodel your backyard into an oasis that satisfies your life style and boosts the worth of your house. Regardless of whether you personal a property in Houston, TX, or are leasing a house in Sacramento, CA, Redfin has some yard advancement strategies to encourage your following undertaking.

spacious backyard with concrete steps

1. Landscaping magic

Start your backyard transformation with landscaping that enhances your home’s architecture and blends with the normal environment. Incorporate lush crops, colorful bouquets, and very well-maintained lawns to build a serene and inviting ambiance. Contemplate including pathways, ornamental rocks, and seating parts for an increased outside encounter. If your garden is battling, San Jose Tree Assistance suggests that you overseed, fertilize and fix any damaged irrigation components.

2. Develop outlined spaces

Optimizing your yard requires a strategic technique, one that involves dividing the outdoor expanse into unique useful zones, making sure you optimize every inch of offered house. Take into consideration crafting focused domains for a variety of things to do, such as al fresco eating, serene lounging, vibrant gardening, and playful recreation. Greatly enhance your backyard by incorporating components like small walls, charming fences, or lush shrubbery.

3. Outside kitchen area

Improve your outdoor dwelling space by incorporating a subtle outdoor kitchen area, generating an surroundings that takes your culinary adventures to new heights. The addition of a totally outfitted grill, roomy countertops, a functional sink, and enough storage room makes certain a seamless out of doors cooking and eating encounter. Notably, the thoughtful integration of an out of doors kitchen not only offers unparalleled advantage but also provides about a substantial enhancement in the general value of your dwelling, promising lasting enjoyment and a intelligent financial investment for the future.

4. Increase a splash of shade to your yard

“Think outside the box when it will come to sprucing up your yard by inserting places of vibrant colour in your dwelling space, and then continuing the coloration out into your lawn,” suggests Beckie from Corridor Landscape Style.

“You can do that by incorporating things like brilliant-coloured pots with wonderful plantings, vibrant yard art these types of as float balls, a glass birdbath, a colourful statue, and many others.a bench with a bright pillow, or insert a small stone pathway to individuals regions as effectively – have pleasurable with your spaces. This will make your lawn inviting, and it will by natural means attract your eye out so you can delight in the overall garden.”

5. Fireplace Pit

A hearth pit stands as a fascinating addition that not only introduces heat but also infuses a charming ambiance into the amazing evenings, therefore solidifying its place as a extremely sought-soon after backyard factor. No matter if you opt for the rustic simplicity of a fundamental fireplace pit or the additional subtle allure of a carefully designed built-in masterpiece, this cozy extension creates a welcoming surroundings for social gatherings with mates and loved ones.

6. Employ h2o functions

Improve the tranquility of your yard with a water function, this kind of as a fountain, pond, or waterfall. The calming seem of flowing h2o generates a serene ambiance, inviting you to unwind and escape the stresses of everyday lifetime.

backyard pergola

7. Put in a pergola

Improve the ambiance of your backyard by incorporating a charming pergola or arbor, which not only delivers shade but also introduces some elegance to the outside room. The addition of climbing vegetation like ivy can artfully adorn the structure, turning it into a lush and picturesque focal point. 

8. Out of doors lighting

Increase the performance and appeal of your backyard properly into the evening hours by strategically incorporating a thoughtfully created outdoor lighting plan. Use a choice of light, inviting lights to solid a warm and enchanting glow that easily transforms your outdoor room. In addition to improving the aesthetics of your backyard, outdoor lighting can also be a safety element.

9. Playful features for little ones

If you have children, consider incorporating playful features like a swing set, sandbox, or treehouse into your yard structure. These additions provide countless entertaining and foster creativity for more youthful relatives customers.

10. Include eco-welcoming touches

Improve the environmental integrity of your yard structure by integrating a variety of sustainable options. Embrace the principle of dependable residing with components like advanced rainwater harvesting systems, thoughtfully curated native plantings that thrive in your region’s climate, and the utilization of eco-friendly components in your landscaping tasks. By creating these eco-acutely aware decisions, you not only lead positively to the health of the world but also experience the benefits of diminished extended-time period maintenance bills.

11. Relaxed seating and outside household furniture

Spend in high quality outdoor furniture to make your backyard a relaxed and inviting retreat. Choose temperature-resistant supplies like rattan, teak, or metallic to withstand the things and make certain sturdiness for yrs to appear. For a much more organic different, a tree that’s been chopped down can be repurposed as yard household furniture, giving your area a eco-pleasant and rustic touch.

“A reside edge wooden slab desk or bench embodies the best union of nature’s uncooked class with human craftsmanship, claims Elena Patrice of Arborist Now. “If you find by yourself needing to get down a tree on your property, repurposing its wooden into these types of furnishings not only pays homage to the tree’s everyday living but also presents a sustainable solution. This piece, with its one of a kind contours and grain styles, stands as a testament to the tree’s legacy when supplying purposeful natural beauty to your area.”

A ultimate notice on backyard household advancement tasks

With these yard property enhancement guidelines, you can remodel your outdoor house into a fascinating oasis of relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you choose for lush landscaping, an out of doors kitchen, a cozy hearth pit, or a h2o characteristic, each and every enhancement adds benefit and natural beauty to your residence. Make your dream yard and appreciate the ideal sanctuary for memorable times with loved ones and pals.