May 29, 2024


13 Home Design Trends People Are Tired Of Seeing In 2023

13 Home Design Trends People Are Tired Of Seeing In 2023

People have wildly different opinions when it comes to the way they design and decorate their homes — which is why I love polling you, our readers, about your home design preferences. Recently, I wrote a list featuring the "most divisive" home design trends, according to readers...aka the ones that y'all were entirely split over. Now, it's time to explore the ones that most folks just can't get behind.


The first trend that people seem to no longer be loving: open shelving in the kitchen. And I can understand why! Sometimes, it's just easier to shut your things in a closed cabinet without paying attention to what they look like. Out of sight, out of mind.


People also seem to be pretty over "millennial pink," I guess. (Now, we have to watch out for Gen Z yellow, apparently.)


Considering the fact that they're basically death traps, the public's disapproval of floating staircases does not surprise me.


And while we're talking about floating staircases being out, so are spiral ones.


Also out? All-white kitchens.


Gold hardware is making a bit of a comeback these days, but it seems like many people aren't entirely sold.


And listen, though only 19% of readers love sliding barn doors, a decent amount of folks say it depends on the context. What I mean by that is...don't use them for a bathroom door.


Concrete flooring? It's a no for most.


Depending on your aesthetic, this one might sting. Lots of anti-cottagecore people out there!


As far as mid-century modern chandeliers go, they're certainly not a guaranteed hit.


Apparently, granite countertops are pretty controversial!


And many folks reaaaaaally can't get behind linear mosaic tile.


Last — and very much least, actually — "word signs." You know the ones.

Which home design trends are you tired of seeing over and over again? Let us know in the comments below.