April 15, 2024


Real Estate Transactions Include Former Restaurant, Land Near St. Columban’s | News, Sports, Jobs


Undeveloped property near a senior home and a closed Westfield restaurant are among the real estate sales that took place in late July.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing real estate transactions in Chautauqua County and recently looked at the sales from July 18-29.

During that time period, 9-11 Holt St., Westfield was sold to Triple C. Coffee LLC of Fredonia for $145,000. This is the former Vine City Restaurant.

In a separate sale, Missionary Sisters of St. Columban’s Inc. of Silver Creek sold a parcel at 2546 Route 5, Sheridan to Stoica Capital LLC of Hamburg for $245,000. St. Columban’s on the Lake Retirement Home is owned by the Missionary Sisters of St. Columbian. The facility has the same mailing address, although a real estate website describes the property that was sold as a “beautiful, wooded, two acre vacant lot.” The Missionary Sisters of St. Columbian, Inc. are listed as the property owners for three other parcels along Route 5 that vary in size.

Overall, from July 18-29, there were 195 real estate transactions, 139 of which were higher than $1. Of the 139 transactions, 20 were $250,000 or higher. Of those 20 transactions, four were in the town of Ellery, three were in the town of Pomfret, three were in the city of Jamestown, two were in the town of Chautauqua, and there was one sale each in the towns of Ripley, Sherman, Cherry Creek, Portland, Ellington, Harmony, Hanover and Busti.

The top 20 sales were as follows:

¯ 5358 Lake Avenue, Dewittville sold for $750,000.

¯ 1694 Blockville Watts Flats Road, Harmony sold for $492,500.

¯ 3135 Wait Corners Road, Sherman sold for $485,000.

¯ 148 Thayer St., 251 Barrows St., 522/524 Cresent St., 374 Falconer St., and property on Cowing Street, Jamestown sold for $404,000.

¯ 4704 Bemus-Ellery Road, Ellery sold for $380,000.

¯ 216 West Summit Ave., Lakewood sold for $365,000.

¯ 9580 Chautauqua Road, Pomfret sold for $325,000.

¯ 5674 The Circle, Ellery sold for $324,900.

¯ 20 Carroll St., Jamestown sold for $320,000.

¯ 4964 Pittsburgh Avenue, Chautauqua town sold for $320,000.

¯ 5 Ventura Circle, Fredonia sold for $315,000.

¯ 6380 Klondike Road, 6370 Welch Hill Road and property on Benson Road, Ripley sold for $300,000.

¯ 3662 Pleasant Ave., Ellery sold for $300,000.

¯ 3862 Rt. 430, Ellery sold for $290,000.

¯ 5583 Lakeside Boulevard, Portland sold for $272,000.

¯ 6366 Pickup Hill Road, Cherry Creek sold for $265,000.

¯ 1355 Waterman Road, Ellington sold for $260,638.

¯ 5 Casabella Drive, Fredonia sold for $251,900.

¯ 320 Park St., Jamestown sold for $250,500.

¯ 5 Karen Drive, Silver Creek sold for $250,000.

The full list of sales above $1 is as follows:

A referee for the late Charles Gillette sold 47 Eagle St., Fredonia to Lake Shore Savings Bank for $92,669.

Nelson Family Construction LLC of Clymer sold 20 Charles St., Jamestown to Wein Realty LLC of Lakewood, NJ.

The administrator for Paul Carlson sold 2511 Panama-Stedman Road, North Harmony for $16,000.

Gary Szymanski sold 17 Babcock Ave., Silver Creek to Janet Field for $91,000

Roger and Jessica McCleary sold 135 Fredrick Boulevard, Ellicott to John Robert Rogers for $131,000.

Wayne and Amy Jo Dorler sold 8025 Fredonia-Stockton Road, Pomfret to Paul Pierski and Edith Orozco for $249,900.

Larry and Janice Bowman sold 9422 Reagan Road, French Creek to Matthew Catrabone for $115,000.

Edwin and Emily Morris sold 3135 Wait Corners Road, Sherman to the Elder/Okumura Living Trust of Inverness, Calif. for $485,000.

Kellie Lisciandro sold 1704 Eddy Road, Harmony to Willliam Jr. and Shawna Whitmore for $200,000.

Russell Solazzo and Bernadette Chapman sold 30 Berry St., Fredonia to Ronald J. Roush Jr. for $119,900.

David Lepley sold 409 Busti-Sugargrove Road, Busti to Charles and Terra McKay Legg for $65,000.

Daniel and Linda Tota 235 Summit Ave., Jamestown to Conor-Cruz Frank Sporer for $160,000.

Benjamin and Sarah Hostetler sold 6366 Pickup Hill Road, Cherry Creek to Henry and Franey Miller for $265,000.

Carol and Stephen Shulman sold 16 Elam Ave., Jamestown to Kristofer Nolloth for $125,000.

Julie Ann Spencer, Sharon Lee Aten Johnson and Gayle Marie Aten Perria sold 4704 Bemus-Ellery Road, Ellery to James and Jessica Gatto for $380,000.

Vincent and Mary Frances Powall sold 102 Center St., Fredonia to Mark Carlson and Lisa Dickey for $170,000.

David Logan and Laurie Doreen Capps sold 154 Lakeview Ave., Lakewood to Matthew Titus for $157,500.

Robert and Marilyn Hall sold 5 Casabella Drive, Fredonia to Kristina Johanson for $251,900.

David and Timothy Neckers sold 257 Clymer-Corry Road, Clymer to Ray and Robyn Wiggers for $135,000.

Gary and Jonathan LaPaglia sold 20 Hillcrest Drive, Fredonia to Nicole Siracuse for $238,600.

The executor for P. Richard Cowan sold 158 Chautauqua Ave., Jamestown to Jonathan Hoyt for $67,500.

Daniel Brehm sold property on Weaver and Livermore Road, Arkwright to Lyle Milliman for $8,000.

Michael Seivert sold 620 Southside Ave., Cherry Creek to Debby Banas for $25,000.

Enrique Bautista Lopez sold 10 Pine St., Dunkirk to Marcelino Hernandez Lopez for $45,000.

William Brown sold 3862 Rt. 430, Ellery to Dennis Lee and Vera Knutson for $290,000.

Darrell McKee sold 14 Bemus Ave., Lakewood to Andrea Kenney for $142,000.

Michelle Foote sold 12785 Iola Drive, Hanover to Heidi Sauer for $159,900.

Coreen Kachermeyer sold 33 Wicks Ave., Celoron to Michael Kerry Fuller for $79,900.

Gary and Darlene Youngs sold property on West Main Road, Westfield to R. Chadwick Land Holdings LLC for $185,000.

Fernsler Family Partnership sold 5583 Lakeside Boulevard, Portland to John and Susan Schober for $272,000.

Scott and Pamela Sue Pollock sold 249 Ruggles St., Dunkirk to Nicholas Polvino for $113,000.

Gary and Darlene Youngs sold property on West Main Road, Westfield to Timothy Bertram for $113,700.

Edwin II and Chrystal Clover sold 44 Frew Run St., Frewsburg to Deven Dudenhoeffer for $139,900.

Jamestown Houses LLC of Ashville sold 278 South Main St., Jamestown to Abraham Estates Corporation for $33,000.

Brandon Hite and Toria Triscari-Hite sold 75 Norton Ave., Jamestown to Emily Pickert for $126,500.

Gary and Darlene Youngs sold property on West Main Road, Westfield to Jeffrey Bertram for $130,000.

PCAL Holdings LLC of Falconer sold 84 West Main St., and property on North Pearl Street, Frewsburg to Adam and Keerstin Karns Hill for $80,000.

Sherry Johnson sold property on Sylvan Way, Arkwright to Stephen and Erica Lahnen for $25,000.

Hine & Company LLC of Jamestown sold 107 Lister St., Jamestown to Kazzi Leeper for $89,900.

Laverne and Tracey Miller sold 81 West Whallon St., Mayville to Sherry Cruz for $130,000.

Brett Mitchell Pedrico sold property on Empire Road, Hanover to Timothy Steven Snyder for $6,000.

Barbara Kane sold 309 Veterans Drive, Dunkirk to Christopher and Denise Closson for $120,000.

David Chapman sold 5410 Green Flats Road, Harmony to Jason Buck for $5,000.

Patrick Roche sold 228 Connecticut Ave., Jamestown to Shally Jacobs for $143,617.

ZTS Residential Properties LLC of Tonawanda, NY sold 512 Dove St., Dunkirk to Kratos Holdings LLC for $45,000.

The executrix for George Catalano Sr sold 1259 Chemar Drive, Hanover to Jennifer Demarco for $240,000.

Nathan White sold 1709 Washington St., Jamestown to JMI Properties LLC for $50,000.

Robert Jr. and Janet Gibbs sold 9499 East Main Road, Ripley to Patrick Rummings and Robin Woodcock for $92,500.

Beverly Blair sold 190 Brooks Ave., Dunkirk to Mirna Figueroa Echevarria for $92,000.

Gregory and Susan Leif sold 307 Sampson St., Jamestown to Jerry Vargeson for $145,000.

Keith and Martha Oxley sold 119 Point Drive North, Dunkirk to Matthew Newman and Kaitlyn Vanstrom for $150,000.

Salam Development Corporation of Pittsburgh, Pa. sold two lots in Sunrise Cove, Harmony to Navage Enterprises LLC of Beaver, Pa. for $69,900.

Robert Orr Jr. and Jolene Krigar sold 24 Clinton St., Fredonia to Shayne Wolnik for $122,000.

Jean Dawes sold 185 Temple St., Fredonia to Shaila and Shainee Mahnaz Islam for $180,000.

David Gross sold 9-11 Holt St., Westfield to Triple C. Coffee LLC of Fredonia for $145,000.

Neil and Judy Hilliker sold 5 Karen Drive, Silver Creek to Vacation Rentals The Point Inc. of Fredonia for $250,000.

Mary Alice Russo sold 2883 Gerry-Ellington Road, Gerry to Esther Bly for $85,000.

Dons Ice Cream LLC of Lakewood sold 1993 East Main St., Ellicott to Aaron Destro for $109,000.

Jeremy Gross sold 19 Pearl St., Westfield to M&R Westbrook LLC of Westfield for $57,500.

Scott and Brittany Daniels sold 5432 Route 474, Harmony to Emma Blasius for $150,000.

James Coronia and Beverly Ann Grobaski sold 302 Springdale Ave., Jamestown to Patrick Langworthy for $169,900.

Mark and Martin Terrell sold 52 North Ermine St., Dunkirk to Eric Streebel for $110,000.

James Woltz sold 35 Lindsey Ave., Ellicott to Robert and Kathryn Woltz for $80,000.

Michael Joseph Williams sold 50 Chestnut St., Fredonia to Glenda Barber-Stanley for $77,500.

Norman A. Struzynski sold 66 Eagle St., Fredonia to Johnson Rentals LLC for $130,500.

Amy Carlson sold 3067 Dutch Hollow Road, Ellery to Amber Drake and Janice Johnson for $50,000.

A trustee with the George M. and Linda J. Colburn Joint Revocable Trust sold 1355 Waterman Road, Ellington to Kathy and Matthew Waterman for $260,638.

Ronald and Monica Mazany sold 20 Carroll St., Jamestown to Hideaway Enterprises LLC and Fitness Bunker LLC of Lakewood for $320,000.

Alan and Linda Laudsley sold 2814 Gerry Ellington Road, Gerry to Brian Briggs for $59,900.

Russell and Patricia Anzalone sold 55 Ruggles St., Dunkirk to Angel Jimenez Gonzalez for $30,000.

TBR Development LLC of Falconer sold 11 N. Dow St., Ellicott for $16,500.

Ernest Jr. and Barbara Laemmerhirt sold 2574 Hanson Road, Gerry to Olivia Lynn for $120,000.

Katherine Chant sold 12060 Buffalo Road, Hanover to George and Donna Patterson for $186,000.

Teri Tenpas sold 23 Sampson St., Jamestown to Russell Morrison for $106,000.

William and Frances Cassidy sold 163 East Main St., Westfield to Colin McKinley and Kelli Herschbach for $106,000.

Vincent Peterson sold property on Salisbury Road, Ellery to John Henry for $40,000.

Michael Johnson sold 3347 Anderson Road, Busti to Wyatt Johnson for $130,000.

Missionary Sisters of St. Columbian Inc. of Silver Creek sold 2546 Route 5, Sheridan to Stoica Capital LLC of Hamburg for $245,000.

Jill Hopkins sold 119 Trenton St., Jamestown to Justine Dillon and Kristine Hughes for $240,000.

Jean Mary Malinoski sold 12 Lodi St., Hanover to Kerrieann Waterhouse Pelletter for $215,000.

Jeanette Lobello sold 307 Newland Ave., Jamestown to Abdulla Abuhamra for $17,000.

Colleen Trisler sold 1426 Hartson Road, Poland to James and Anna Conner for $57,400.

The executrix for Peter Epolito sold 173 Liberty St., Fredonia to Jorge A. Lozano Deciga for $92,900.

Cullen and Jacqueline Duke sold 8999 Shore Drive, Westfield to Brad and Judith Hamric for $216,000.

Jason Stine sold 2196 Mill Creek Road, Charlotte to Mark and Marlo Barbaro for $21,000.

Owen and Kathryn Kauffman sold 237 Allen Road, Clymer to Robert and Lorena Byler for $150,000.

Marlene Volpe sold 11 Dewey Place, Jamestown to Christopher and Patricia Larson for $25,000.

Kirstie Hanson sold 124 Hotchkiss St. Jamestown to Brennan and Ellen Lockwood Webb for $124,900.

Kathy Ross sold 206 South Hanford Ave., Ellicott to Junior Abbey and Jamie Riley for $175,000.

Johnathon Sabella sold vacant property on Dean Road, Poland to Levi and Susan Hostetler for $17,000.

Jennifer Elzemeyer and Melissa Wert sold property in French Creek to the Jennifer L. Elzemeyer Trust for $100,000.

Donald Campopiano sold 3662 Pleasant Ave., Ellery to Lawrence and Lynn Wells Tiret for $300,000.

John Marcellus sold 4964 Pittsburgh Avenue, Chautauqua town to J. Michael Dywan Revocable Trust for $320,000.

A trustee with the Gerald M. Mooney and Jewell F. Mooney Revocable Living Trust sold 6380 Klondike Road, 6370 Welch Hill Road and property on Benson Road, Ripley to Walter Troyer Jr. for $300,000.

Amy Fitzpatrick sold 5 Maltby St., Jamestown to James II and Holly Nelson for $35,000.

Steven H. Duckworth sold 434 Washington Ave., Dunkirk to Devlin James Dillon for $70,000.

MZM Properties Inc. of Brocton sold 35 Highland Ave., Brocton to Elisabeth Perez for $90,000.

Cynthia Miller and Allen McNeal sold property on Sunset Bay Park, Hanover to Sunset Properties of WNY of Irving for $115,000.

Michael Brezner sold 148 Thayer St., 251 Barrows St., 522/524 Cresent St., 374 Falconer St., and property on Cowing Street, Jamestown to Michael and Sara Rinaldo for $404,000.

Michael Brezner sold 28 and 30 Bush St., Jamestown to Michael and Sara Rinaldo for $146,500.

Leo Wilcox sold 1606 South Main St. Extension, Kiantone to Russell and Theresa Cusimano for $160,000

Gardenview Properties Inc. of Falconer sold property on Park Street, Jamestown to Elizabeth Barr for $20,000.

The Chautauqua County Land Bank Corporation sold 4696 Ashville Road, Busti to Paul DeFrisco for $500.

The Chautauqua County Land Bank Corporation sold 8666 First St., Portland to Brenda Abel for $500.

Jerome and Darlene Miga sold 323 Mullet St., Dunkirk to Jason Howard for $177,000.

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs of Washington, DC sold 4827 Mahanna Road, Ellery to Patrick and Anne Farrell for $165,112.

Ralph and Delores Dolce sold 10 Taft Place, Dunkirk to Steven and Ashley Grimm for $205,000.

MacDonald Servis sold 4594 Maple Grove Road, Ellery to J2N Partners LLC for $191,500.

Paul and Judy Leonard sold 15 Unit #6, Ames Avenue, Chautauqua Cottage Condominium, Chautauqua Institution, for $169,900.

Norma Vanderpool and Ruth Christensen sold 94 Lake Ave., Brocton to James Rizzo for $44,100.

Daniel Jr. and Kimberly Woloszyn sold 5 Ventura Circle, Fredonia to Ryan and Jaime Mourer for $315,000.

Edwin Jr and Nina Stachewicz sold 9580 Chautauqua Road, Pomfret to Leland Johnson for $325,000.

Susanne Weeks sold 5674 The Circle, Ellery to John P. and Mary S. Peterson Living Trust for $324,900.

Angelique Lipari sold 1694 Blockville Watts Flats Road, Harmony to William Bognar for $492,500.

A trustee of the Anderson Trust sold 216 West Summit Ave., Lakewood to Stephen and Amy Flaherty for $365,000.

Anthony Valvo sold property on Pullman Street, Brocton to Dilorenzo Construction LLC of Brocton for $20,000.

Fred Jr and Jamie Carder sold 1457 Route 394, Poland t o Ashley Pearson and Tauron Smith for $113,000.

The Administratrix of the estate for David Siragusa sold 43 Smith St., Brocton to Robert and Samantha Fancher for $55,000.

Elaine Condon sold 23 Elm St., Ellington to Jennie Bridges for $111,600.

Thomas Horvath sold 13 West 18th St., Jamestown to Saraden White for $15,210.

A referee for Sunshine Carroll sold 56 Houghton St, Fredonia to Tracey Panek for $20,000.

APG Acquisitions LLC of San Clemente, Calif. sold 841 E. Second St., Jamestown to Scott Beebe for $105,000.

A trustee with US Bank Trust N.A. sold 21 Leming St., Dunkirk to Joseph and Valerie Senatore for $42,400.

Brian and Shannon Guenther sold 511 McKinley Ave., Dunkirk to Edwin and Luchelle Buchannan Ortiz for $185,000.

Mitchener Builders Inc. of Jamestown sold property on Diamond Drive, Carroll to K. Schoppe and B. Rauh for $29,400.

Trustees with the Shirley S. Gustafson Revocable Family Trust sold 636 Stowe St., Jamestown to Kirstie Lind Hanson for $190,000.

Eric Botticello sold 10963 Bennett State Road, Hanover to Michael Woolley for $160,000.

Steven Strickland and Barbara Jean sold 1911 Washington St., Jamestown to JMI Properties LLC of Celoron for $50,000.

The executor for the late Roger Pacos sold 35 Gardner St., Fredonia to Kravitz Properties LLC of Fredonia for $140,000.

Sean Gardner sold 241 Clyde Ave., Jamestown to Marcel Madonia for $140,000.

Richard and Onda Cole sold 228 Valleyview Ave., Jamestown to Aaron Dunlap and Teri Tenpas for $179,500.

Keisha Bowden sold 432 Washington Ave., Dunkirk to Kratos Holdings LLC of East Aurora for $65,000.

Olive Marie Visosky sold 967 Central Ave., Dunkirk to Roger Gloss for $9,000.

Girtons Flowers and Gifts Inc. sold 1519 Washington St., Jamestown to JMI Properties LLC of Celoron for $195,000.

The executor of the estate for Jerome Nowak sold 9868 East Lake Resort, Villenova to Callan Dickerson for $115,000.

David and Karen Holfoth sold 5358 Lake Avenue, Dewittville to Eric and Kaitlin Balboni for $750,000.

Shannon Rowe sold 33 E. Main St., Ripley to Aaron and Teri Rowe for $72,000.

Terrance and Kathleen Stronz sold 320 Park St., Jamestown to Michael Swanson for $250,500.

Joseph and Judy Digregorio sold 517 Pine St., Jamestown to Gabalski Jones Properties LLC of Frewsburg for $89,900.

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Iredell County real estate transactions: Sept. 9-15

The following deeds were filed in the Iredell County Register of Deeds office from Sept. 9-15. For more information regarding specific plots of land, visit www.co.iredell.nc.us/Departments/RegDeeds.


From Everest Mooresville, LLC to Bhanumati LLC, Ramji Krupa, L.L.C., Ocera Management LLC and Riva, LLC, Lot 2 of Regency Center, 122 Regency Center Drive, Mooresville, $8,150,000, on Sept. 15.

From S. and L. Cassidy to D. and S. Mahramas, Lot 3 of The Point on Norman, 150 Chatham Road, Mooresville, $4,000,000, on Sept. 13.

From D. and D. and A. Wood to J. Stoudmire, Lot 727 of The Point, 175 Rehoboth Lane, Mooresville, $3,500,000, on Sept. 15.

From F. Maciolowski to J. Richardson and L. Whitley, (Lot 27), 211 Wilson Lake Road, Mooresville, $3,000,000, on Sept. 15.

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From A. and A. and C. Oddo to G. and P. Herman, (Lot 96), 131 Cooley Road, Mooresville, $2,000,000, on Sept. 9.


From D. Johnson and H. and R. Johnson, metes and bounds, 12.32 acres on Misty Road, Harmony, $60,000 on Sept. 13.

From S. and S. Barnard and W. Pruitt/AIF to Church and Church Lumber Company, LLC, timber deed, 66.828 acres, Harmony Highway, Harmony, $108,000, on Sept. 15.

From C. and G. Ward to C. Dickson and M. Floyd, Lot 26 of Sagefield, 136 Cedarvale Drive, Harmony, $150,000, on Sept. 15.


From M. Phifer to A Little Southern Stay, LLC, Lot 90 of Quail Hill, 108 Woodwinds Drive, Mooresville, $90,000, on Sept. 9.

From Taylor Morrison of Carolinas, Inc. to J. and K. Hauta, Lot 187 of Stafford, 167 Tetcott St., Mooresville, $644,500, on Sept. 9.

From P. Slaughter to Ribbon Home SPV II, LLC, Lot 95 of Johnson Manor, 103 Canter Lane, Mooresville, $389,000, on Sept. 9.

From L. and M. Sellman to A. Ugolini, Lot 13 of Serene Lane, 113 Jami Wind Court, Mooresville, $800,000, on Sept. 9.

From A. and K. Schild to P. and P. Byers and J. Thomas, Lot 45 of Stutts Cove, 304 Stutts Road, Mooresville, $775,000, on Sept. 9.

From M. and N. Scarola to T. Bruce IV, Lot 3 of Fieldnwood No. 1, 539 W. Wilson Ave., Mooresville, $235,500, on Sept. 9.

From C. and K. Caldwell to E. Cabrera, 0.466 acre, 254 Bolivia Lane, Mooresville, $140,000, on Sept. 9.

From V. and V. Brawley, V. Marsh and J. Brawley Jr. to V. and T. Cihovska, Lot 178 of Morrison Plantation, 131 Middleton Place, Mooresville, $545,000, on Sept. 9.

From M. and J. Krider to P. and A. DeAngelis, Lot 565 of The Farms, 108 Bantam Place, Mooresville, $1,260,000, on Sept. 9.

From C. and C. and J. Swedenberg to G. and M. Grose, Lot 1 of Lutz Place, 545 Pitt St., Mooresville, $198,000, on Sept. 9.

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to D. Tremblay, Lot 66 of Sequoia Forest, 108 Kona Road, Mooresville, $400,000, on Sept. 9.

From M. and M. and C. Cornish to LPF Blvd North Carolina, L.P., Lot 66 of Greencroft, 110 Ellington Drive, Mooresville, $355,000, on Sept. 9.

From J. and J. Morris and L. Davis/AIF to MRSP Homes, LLC, Lot 155 of Brookhaven, 131 Summerwood Circle, Mooresville, $215,000, on Sept. 9.

From Rayna Properties LLC to BT Aspen Borrower LLC, Lot 249 of Morrison Plantation, 110 Charing Place, Mooresville, $401,500, on Sept. 9.

From N. and K. Jindal to C. Ruiz and M. Zilius, Lot 119 of Morrison Plantation, 113 N. Audubon Ave., Mooresville, $540,000, on Sept. 9.

From Lennar Carolinas, LLC to S. Patro and S. Swain, Lot 178 of Gambill Forest, 231 Eden Ave., Mooresville, $392,000, on Sept. 9.

From K. and T. Massey to J. and J. Hendelsman, Lot 28 of Talls Oaks, 124 Kristens Court Drive, Mooresville, $339,000, on Sept. 9.

From P. Busa to W. and K. Valentine, Lot 65 of Oaks on Main, 107 Milan Court, Mooresville, $450,000, on Sept. 9.

From R. and R. and J. and J. Todd to P. and K. Ridinger, (Lot 382), 135 Estes Park Drive, Mooresville, $1,350,000, on Sept. 9.

From R. and R. and C. and C. Graham to C. Warren IV, 0.275 acre, 224 E. Waterlynn Road, Mooresville, $280,000, on Sept. 12.

From Opendoor Property Trust I to GVII-RS Ownerco LLC, Lot 3 of White Oak Acres, 919 Briarcliff Road, Mooresville, $326,000, on Sept. 12.

From Lennar Carolinas, LLC to T. Grimes and W. Fleming Jr., Lot 130 of Gambill Forest, Mooresville, $399,000, on Sept. 12.

From D. Kluttz/Exr & Indvl, F. Chapman/Est, F. Chapman/Est and C. and R. Martin to K & P Rentals, LLC, Lots 117-119 of Whitman Park, 161 Goodwin Circle, Mooresville, $60,000, on Sept. 12.

From OP SPE TPA1, LLC to SFR Crown Jewel Borrower LP, Lot 167 of Stafford, 121 Tetcott St., Mooresville, $551,000, on Sept. 12.

From Woodbridge Partners, LLC to P. and A. Gallagher, Lot 74 of Woodleaf, 139 Trent Pines Drive, Mooresville, $83,000, on Sept. 12.

From R. Warren and T. Bond to G. Brady, metes and bounds, 670 Brookwood St., Mooresville, $112,000, on Sept. 12.

From Alberk Empire, LLC to P. and D. Henderson, Lots 7 and 8 of Patterson Heights, 346 Bell St., Mooresville, $165,000, on Sept. 12.

From Lennar Carolinas, LLC to T. and R. Green, Lot 128 of Gambill Forest, Mooresville, $462,000, on Sept. 12.

From Lennar Carolinas, LLC to T. Konzer and J. Flewelling, Lot 134 of Gambill Forest, Mooresville, $383,500, on Sept. 12.

From AmeriFirst Financial, Inc. to IH6 Property North Carolina, L.P., Lot 521 of Curtis Pond, 104 Saye Place, Mooresville, $394,000, on Sept. 12.

From D. Sturm to Concorde I, LLC, Lot 82 of The Hampshires, 210 English Hills Drive, Mooresville, $181,500, on Sept. 12.

From B. and W. and W. Kirk to M. and K. Stepp, Lot 14 of Sunshine Estates, 140 Sunshine Drive, Mooresville, $460,000, on Sept. 13.

From Hinckley Gauvain, LLC to Helmsman Homes, LLC, ¼ acre, 436 W. McLelland Ave., Mooresville, $125,000, on Sept. 13.

From M. Dean, M. Gilbert and C. Dean to J. and S. Newman, Lot 232 of Curtis Pond, 113 Karlstad Lane, Mooresville, $436,000, on Sept. 13.

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to C. and M. Miedema, Lot 67 of Sequoia Forest, 106 Kona Road, Mooresville, $460,500, on Sept. 13.

From O. and O. and J. Garrigan to S. Blocker and M. Perkins, 3.06 acres, 189 Wiggins Road, Mooresville, $590,000, on Sept. 13.

From G. and G. Snyder to S. and S. Kunz, Lot 50 of The Point on Norman, 137 Mayfair Road, Mooresville, $1,620,000, on Sept. 14.

From D. Watts to N. and A. Glyshaw, metes and bounds, 564 Brumley Road, Mooresville, $280,000, on Sept. 14.

From Kenneth Allen Schoeneck, Jr. Revocable Trust, K. Schoeneck Jr./TR, K. Schoeneck Jr./TR, B. Schoeneck/TR, B. Schoeneck/TR and Beverly K. Schoeneck Revocable Trust to P. and J. Wolfe, Lot 267 of The Point, 115 Brawley Harbor Place, Mooresville, $1,410,000, on Sept. 14.

From Taylor Morrison of Carolinas, Inc. to G. and T. Trojaniak, Lot 230 of Stafford, 160 Tetcott St., Mooresville, $555,000, on Sept. 14.

From T. and T. Maddox and C. and C. Spicer to K. and T. Bringewatt, Lot 7 of Edgemoor, 354 S. Magnolia St., Mooresville, $355,000, on Sept. 14.

From M. Mathiesen to L. Britto, Lot 12 of Mooresville Mills Village, 333 E. Mills Ave., Mooresville, $232,500, on Sept. 14.

From V. and T. Theriot to M. and J. Osogwin, Lot 54 of Wellesley West, 104 Bushney Loop, Mooresville, $605,000, on Sept. 14.

From M. Murph and S. Diaz to J. Kleveland and S. Yelli, Lot 88 of Greencroft, 228 Flanders Drive, Mooresville, $400,000, on Sept. 14.

From R. and R. Dahl to J. and A. Adams, Lot 14 of The Enclave, 150 W. Maranta Road, Mooresville, $1,500,000, on Sept. 14.

From S. and S. Lee to G. Carrozzo, Unit 15 of Northgate Off Main Condominiums, 303 Knops Nob Drive, Mooresville, $315,000, on Sept. 14.

From J. Dobson/Est, I Ruch/Exr, L. and L. and W. Hebert and K. McDermott to B. Lee and M. Paszek, Lot 11 of Williamsburg Estates, 134 Charleston Drive, Mooresville, $215,000, on Sept. 14.

From C. Schook, M. Caraftis-Schook, M. Caraftis Schook and M. Schook to B. and S. Perry, Lot 32 of The Cove at Chesapeake Point, 120 Meadow Run Lane, Mooresville, $835,000, on Sept. 15.

From J. Morris to J. Morris and A. Hess, Lot 1 of White Oaks Acres, 1205 Grace Meadow Drive, Mooresville, $2,000, on Sept. 15.

From W. and M. Barber to R. Garcia, Unit 111 of Station 115 Condominiums, Mooresville, $285,000, on Sept. 15.

From M. Hennessy to Opendoor Property J, LLC, Lot 1021 of Woodburn Crossing, 140 Marakery Road, Unit E, Mooresville, $231,000, on Sept. 15.

From D. and D. and L. and L. Lathrop to ASA Creative Concepts, LLC, Lot 2 of Mooresville Mill Village, 403 Doster Ave., Mooresville, $145,000, on Sept. 15.

From RKWP LLC to Justa LLC, 0.31 acre, 250 W. McNeely Ave., Mooresville, $291,000, on Sept. 15.

From J. and A. Kearton to Staten Real Estate Holdings, LLC, (Lot 198), 185 Carlton Drive, Mooresville, $1,500,000, on Sept. 15.

From Taylor Morrison of Carolinas, Inc. to G. Yanamadala and A. Nallagatla, Lot 188 of Stafford at Langtree, 169 Tetcott St., Mooresville, $534,500, on Sept. 15.

From E. Coleman to K. Diamond, Unit 303 of Harbor Point Village Condominium, tracts, 637 Williamson Road, Mooresville, $590,000, on Sept. 15.

From Lennar Carolinas, LLC to S. Barnes, Lot 208 of Gambill Forest, Mooresville, $459,500, on Sept. 15.

From Lennar Carolinas, LLC to D. Nguyen, Lot 210 of Gambill Forest, Mooresville, $391,000, on Sept. 15.

From K. Carter, K. Andonian and C. Carter to S. and K. Thornton, Lot 133 of Harbor Cove, 121 Biscayne Court, Mooresville, $580,000, on Sept. 15.

From 252 Greenbay Road LLC to E & M Limited Partnership, (Lot 1141), 252 Greenbay Road, Mooresville, $1,995,000, on Sept. 15.

From K. Campbell to R. Reighley, S. Wilson-Poe, S. Wilson Poe and S. Poe, (Lot 145), 283 Barber Loop, Mooresville, $1,279,000, on Sept. 15.


From The Alan R. Williams and Barbara C. Williams Trust and B. Williams/TR to S. Church, B. Mayberry and E. Spencer, 21.300 acres, Josey Road, Olin, $151,000, on Sept. 15.


From S. Bordeaux to H. and B. Gonzalez, Lot 94 of Harbor Watch, 198 S. Harbor Watch Drive, Statesville, $52,500, on Sept. 9.

From R. Benge/TR, Ralph L. Benge and Della K. Benge Revocable Living Trust, Survivor Trust A Ralph L. Benge Revocable Living Trust and Decedent Trust B Della K. Benge Irrevocable Trust to Opendoor Property Trust I, Lot 7 of Cross Creek, 253 Scotts Creek Road, Statesville, $247,500, on Sept. 9.

From D. Kellogg and D. Greenwald to Opendoor Property J, LLC, Lot 16 of Farmview Acres, 128 Farmview Lane, Statesville, $258,500, on Sept. 9.

From NC Asset Management Group, LLC to RS Rental III-A, LLC, Lot 105 of Beverly Heights, 435 Millsaps Road, Statesville, $171,000, on Sept. 9.

From C. Stevenson, S. and B. Lowery, S. and J. Deal, S. and D. and W. and W. Crawford and P. and R. Johnson to The Crawford Farm of NC, LLC, two tracts, 14 acres and metes and bounds, 3522 Taylorsville Highway, Statesville, $341,500, on Sept. 9.

From 326 Westwood, LLC to C. and R. Johnson, metes and bounds, 326 Westwood Drive, Statesville, $200,000, on Sept. 9.

From J. and J. and J. and T. Morrow to City of Statesville, tracts one, 0.824 acre; tract two, 4.176 acres; and tract three, 2.433 acres, 2853 and 2861 Hickory Highway, Statesville, $435,000, on Sept. 9.

From West Homes of NC, LLC to W. and R. Rintala, Lot 34 of Fox Den, 105 Fleming Drive, Statesville, $270,000, on Sept. 9.

From Opendoor Property Trust I to D. Carter, 1.157 acres, 117 Lucky Lane, Statesville, $262,000, on Sept. 9.

From True Homes, LLC to J. Soto and E. Hernandez, Lot 12 of Wheatfield, 142 Wheatfield Drive, Statesville, $465,000, on Sept. 9.

From R. Lowe and D. Ellis to N. Reyes and R. Cabrera, Lot 356 of Oak Creek, 130 Buckwheat Drive, Statesville, $217,500, on Sept. 9.

From J. Corpening, R. Flowers-Corpening, R. Flowers Corpening and R. and W. and A. Corpening to L. McKee, Lot 64 of Lincoln Estates, 2204 Kennedy Drive, Statesville, $130,000, on Sept. 9.

From M. Henderson to D. Kincaid-Cox, D. Kincaid Cox and D. Cox, metes and bounds, 1431 School St., Statesville, $100,000, on Sept. 12.

From R. Espasandin to G. Brenz Jr., J. Cossey-Brenz, J. Cossey Brenz and J. Brenz, 0.383 acre, 605 E. Elementary Road, Statesville, $200,000, on Sept. 12.

From R. Dishman to W. White, (Lot 3), 267 Fox Mountain Road, Statesville, $150,000, on Sept. 12.

From Land Air Group, Inc. to True Homes, LLC, multiple lots and parcels, Martha’s Ridge, Phase 2, Statesville, $584,000, on Sept. 12.

From D. Alford to R. and B. Olson, Lot 45 of Mountain View Estates, 763 Midway Road, Statesville, $320,000, on Sept. 12.

From L. and L. and H. and H. Brown to Empire House Buyers, LLC and Rodriguez-Bueno Realty, LLC, Lot 21 of Loyd Acres, 162 Trent Road, Statesville, $70,000, on Sept. 12.

From M. and M. and S. Faust to J. Neely and M. Smolec, two tracts, 1.058 acres and 0.617 acre, 274 Troutman Farm Road, Statesville, $315,000, on Sept. 12.

From G. Long/Indvl & Admr, J. Morrison Jr./Est, G. Turner/Indvl & Admr, P. Morrison Ashe, P. Ashe, P. Morrison-Ashe, J. Ashe Jr., C. and C. and D. and E. Morrison to K. Varoli, metes and bounds, 192 Airport Road, Statesville, $105,000, on Sept. 13.

From BWA Builders, LLC to A. Richardson, Lot 7 of Ponderosa Farms, 307 Massey Deal Road, Statesville, $365,000, on Sept. 13.

From A.H., Inc. to Helmsman Homes, LLC, metes and bounds, (Lots 1 and 2), 805 Campbell St., Statesville, $90,000, on Sept. 13.

From M. Estrada to Sidenbury Holdings, LLC, tract 5, Clements SR #2358 Road, Statesville, $60,000, on Sept. 13.

From M. Perkins to J. Lawrence, two tracts, Lots 70-77 and metes and bounds, 1729 Scott Road, Statesville, $315,000, on Sept. 13.

From T. and T. Phillips to JD24 Investments LLC, 903 W. End Ave., Statesville, $93,000, on Sept. 13.

From Magnolia Lakes Partners, LLC to Helmsmen Homes, LLC, Lot 407 of Oak Creek, 130 Kodak Drive, Statesville, $45,000, on Sept. 13.

From J. and R. Cartner and S. and S. and S. Branch to C. and C. Wingler, 2.860 acres, 532 Gethsemane Road, Statesville, $188,000, on Sept. 13.

From R. and L. James to M. Jimenez and M. Devia, metes and bounds, 137 Beaver Brook Road, Statesville, $176,000, on Sept. 13.

From J. Greenfelder and S. Demarest to T. and M. Wasik, metes and bounds, 130 Tilley Lane, Statesville, $335,000, on Sept. 13.

From T. and L. and L. Allen to T. and A. Rowe, lots of Forest Park, 115 N. East End Ave., Statesville, $225,000, on Sept. 13.

From M. Wasik and M. Snoddy and T. Wasik to K. Falkenthal and J. Decker, 1.1033 acres, 573 Sprinkle Road, Statesville, $274,500, on Sept. 13.

From F. Meade, J. Wallace-Meade, J. Wallace Meade and J. Meade to J. Wallace-Meade, J. Wallace Meade and J. Meade, Lot 14 of Brookgreen, 905 Carolyn St., Statesville, $20,000, on Sept. 14.

From Shedley Investments, LLC to L. Anastasi, 0.183 acre, 608 E. Front St., Statesville, $189,000, on Sept. 14.

From CMH Homes, Inc. to A. Burwell, 2.942 acres, 948 Sharon School Road, Statesville, $203,000, on Sept. 14.

From J. Greenfelder and S. Demarest to R. and L. Overman, 0.337 acre, 130 Tilley Lane, Statesville, $12,000, on Sept. 14.

From WJH LLC to C. and R. and D. Wainwright, Lot 49 of Ridgecrest, 182 Grassy Meadow Lane, Statesville, $215,000, on Sept. 14.

From A. Cook/Indvl & Exr, J. and J. Woodard, C. Cook and C. Cook/Est to W. and J. Gibson, two tracts, metes and bounds, 157 Dagenhart Farm Road, Statesville, $120,000, on Sept. 14.

From P. and P. Klaene to M. Brandt, lots, 316 Reynolda Drive, Statesville, $230,000, on Sept. 15.

From J. and J. Parlier to L. Yang, 4.938 acres, Fox Mountain Road, Statesville, $25,000, on Sept. 15.

From Azlina LLC to J. and C. Akers, three parcels, metes and bounds, 612 S. Mulberry St., Statesville, $556,500, on Sept. 15.

From J. and A. Goodman to Campos Property Solutions, LLC, Lot 14 of Eastgate Estates, 179 Eastgate Drive, Statesville, $106,500, on Sept. 15.

From CMH Homes, Inc. to P. and S. Rajapaksa, (Lot 3), 115 Rosa Jane Court, Statesville, $279,500, on Sept. 15.

From MGI Props NC 1, LLC to R. Castillo, 0.489 acre, 1040 Secor St., Statesville, $150,000, on Sept. 15.

From C. and C. Cline to J. and K. Cline, tract one, .8 acre; and tract two, metes and bounds, 264 Celeste Eufola Road, Statesville, $35,000, on Sept. 15.

From M. and M. Abercrombie to B. Orr, 221 N. Patterson St., Statesville, $230,000, on Sept. 15.

From A. Noda and C. Hines to Shaver Wood Products, Inc., 2.39 acres, 855 Elmwood Road, Statesville, $65,000, on Sept. 15.

From D. Parrish and D. and D. Finnen to J. Clark Jr., Lot 42 of Angel Oaks, 134 Falling Leaf Lane, Statesville, $310,000, on Sept. 15.

From R. Cloaninger to W. and J. Reeves, two tracts, 34.61 acres, Mocksville Highway, Statesville, and 1.864, 1488 Mocksville Highway, Statesville, $490,000, on Sept. 15.

From M. and C. and C. Sheridan to A. Hooven, Lot 8 of Ponderosa Farms, 311 Massey Deal Road, Statesville, $301,500, on Sept. 15.

From Statesville Estates MHC, LLC to Statesville MHP LLC, two tracts, 13-5/8 acres and metes and bounds, 185 Yellowstone Lane, Statesville, $1,158,000, on Sept. 15.

From D. Shea/Est, L. Houpe/Exr & Indvl, K. Houpe and C. and B. and K. Shea to Purpose Real Estate Group LLC, metes and bounds, 708 Georgia Ave., Statesville, $215,000, on Sept. 15.

From J. and D. Troutman and L. and L. Jackson to Heaven Properties, LLC, metes and bounds, 1018 Davie Ave., Statesville, $101,000, on Sept. 15.


From M. and J. Ericson to M. Chinikaylo, Lot 27 of River Walk, 179 Riverwalk Road, Stony Point, $21,000, on Sept. 12.

From J. and R. and R. Combs to R. VanFleet and K. Struckmeyer, 14.6 acres, 126 W. Lackey Farm Road, Stony Point, $425,000, on Sept. 13.

From D. and D. and D. and D. Chapman, K. and K. Dudley, L. Rector and S. Chapman to Rosey Investments, LLC, metes and bounds, 4847 Taylorsville Highway, Stony Point, $140,000, on Sept. 15.


From LGI Homes-NC, LLC to B. Atkinson and S. Bock, Lot 72 of Colonial Crossing, 121 Tradesmen Trail, Troutman, $391,000, on Sept. 9.

From M. McConnell/TR and The Michael Edward McConnell Revocable Living Trust Agreement to J. Geiger, Lot 886, 207 Stillwater Road, Troutman, $700,000, on Sept. 9.

From NVR, Inc. to T. Chanthirath and A. Giovanni, Lot 50 of Weathers Creek, Troutman, $315,000, on Sept. 9.

From A. and A. and M. Berry to C. and G. Gaither, Lot 2 of Cor-Del, 152 Lytton Farm Road, Troutman, $278,500, on Sept. 9.

From LGI Homes-NC, LLC to K. and J. Arborgast, Lot 73 of Colonial Crossing, 119 Tradesmen Trail, Troutman, $373,000, on Sept. 12.

From LGI Homes-NC, LLC to A. and A. Gonzalez, Lot 54 of Colonial Crossing, 104 Tavern Trail, Troutman, $335,000, on Sept. 12.

From LGI Homes-NC, LLC to J. Arzonico/TR, K. Arzonico/TR and Arzonico Family Trust, Lot 71 of Colonial Crossing, 123 Tradesmen Trail, Troutman, $330,000, on Sept. 12.

From Lennar Carolinas, LLC to K. Laster, Lot 249 of Falls Cove at Lake Norman, 184 Tackle Box Drive, Troutman, $488,500, on Sept. 13.

From Troutman Bowman, LLC to NVR, Inc., Lot 131 of Weathers Creek, 151 Crownpiece St., Troutman, $80,500, on Sept. 13.

From NVR, Inc. to S. Debuc and M. Lefler, Lot 53 of Weathers Creek, Troutman, $300,000, on Sept. 14.

From LGI Homes-NC, LLC to J. Ashby, Lot 69 of Colonial Crossing, 131 Tradesmen Trail, Troutman, $330,000, on Sept. 14.

From NVR, Inc. to T. Dixson, Lot 52 of Weathers Creek, Troutman, $363,000, on Sept. 14.

From J. and K. Grissom to G. Silva/TR, M. Fox-Silva/TR, M. Fox Silva/TR, M. Silva/TR and The Silva and Fox-Silva Family Trust, (Lot 819), 138 Roundstone Road, Troutman, $920,000, on Sept. 15.

From LGI Homes-NC, LLC to GVII-RS Ownerco LLC, Lot 68 of Colonial Crossing, 135 Tradesmen Trail, Troutman, $338,000, on Sept. 15.

From NVR, Inc. to K. Cahn, Lot 19 of Weathers Creek subdivision, Troutman, $380,000, on Sept. 15.

From C. Booth and L. Adams to S. Carr and L. Tyber, Lot 29 of Falls Cove, 166 Port Bow Drive, Troutman, $485,000, on Sept. 15.

From T. Cook/Est, J. Benfield Jr./Exr and J. Benfield Jr./Exr to JMPH Properties LLC, Lot 236 of Inglewood, 370 West Ave. W, Troutman, $180,000, on Sept. 15.

From Nest Homes, LLC to J. and M. Visbaras, Lot 114 of Sanders Ridge, 126 Round Rock Road, Troutman, $479,000, on Sept. 15.


From J. and S. LeForge, Church & Church Lumber Company, LLC and Casey & Company Forestry, PLLC to Church & Church Lumber Company, LLC and Casey & Company Forestry, PLLC, timber deed, metes and bounds, Fletcher Road, Union Grove, $61,500, on Sept. 15.

From T. Knight/Indvl & Exr, M. Knight/Est, C. and L. Knight and M. Knight/Indvl & AIF to A. and R. Burns, 32.086 acres, more or less, Union Grove Road, Union Grove, $207,000, on Sept. 15.

Real estate transactions

Riverhouse/ML-BWP, LLC.; Riverhouse/1031, LLC., to Passco Riverhouse DST, Pt NE 32-2N-12W, $54,457,500.

Maumelle Housing Associates, LLC., to Highland Pointe Property Investors, LLC.; Wong-Gao Highland Pointe SPE, LLC.; Shumate Highland Pointe SPE, LLC.; XA Properties Highland Pointe SPE, LLC.; Griffiths Highland Pointe SPE, LLC.; Paul Trenton Highland Pointe SPE, LLC.; Weinberg Highland Pointe SPE, LLC.; Byrne Highland Pointe SPE, LLC.; Martin Highland Pointe SPE, LLC.; Warren Highland Pointe SPE, LLC.; Harder Highland Pointe SPE, LLC.; Whitney Highland Pointe SPE, LLC.; Rodigues Highland Pointe SPE, LLC L2AR, Maumelle Commercial Park, $25,200,000.

Scott Street Flats, LLC., to EPH 38 Clayton, LLC.; EPH 16 Clayton, LLC.; Leftin Clayton, LLC.; Pretzler Clayton, LLC.; Roderick Long Clayton, LLC., Ls1-6 B25, Original City Of Little Rock, $7,050,000.

FRG Little Rock, LLC., to WNR 10-Shelbyville, LLC.; Champion Gras, LLC., 10200 N. Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock. Tract 4, Colony West Commercial, $5,285,232 .

Legion Village, LLC., to EPH 38 Row, LLC.; EPH 16 Row, LLC.; Leftin Row, LLC.; Pretzler Row, LLC.; Roderick Long Row, LLC., Ls7-10 B40, Original City Of Little Rock, $4,780,000.

WSCamp, LLC., to GIP Little Rock, LLC., 1301 Wolfe St., Little Rock. L2R B10, Westside Lofts Replat-Centennial, $3,700,000.

Mann Development, LLC., to EPH 38 Mann, LLC.; EPH 16 Mann, LLC.; Leftin Mann, LLC.; Pretzler Mann, LLC.; Roderick Long Mann, LLC., Ls9-10 B76, Original City Of Little Rock, $3,250,000.

Bella Casa, LLC., to Arvest Bank, Lot BR-1AR Tract 13, Chenal Valley GMAC Center, $2,940,300.

Colonel Glenn Storage Center, LLC., to SEP Colonel Glenn, LLC., L4, Colonel Glenn Business Center, $2,225,000.

615 Main, LLC., to EPH 38 Ark, LLC.; EPH 16 Ark., LLC.; Leftin Ark., LLC.; Pretzler Ark., LLC.; Roderick Long Ark., LLC., L4 B7, Original City Of Little Rock, $2,050,000.

Magnolia Flats, LLC., to EPH 31 Magnolia, LLC.; WPH 16 Magnolia, LLC.; Leftin Magnolia, LLC.; Prestzler Magnolia, LLC.; Roderick Long Magnolia, LLC., Ls1-2 B150, Original City Of Little Rock, $1,575,000.

Michael S. Stine; Shelli Stine to Robert Cody Fow; Caroline Fow, 8 Hallen Court, Little Rock. L47 B96, Chenal Valley, $1,340,000.

Maumelle Autowash, LLC., to 7B Partners, LLC., 11921 Maumelle Blvd., North Little Rock. L11, Wal-Mart Commercial, $985,000.

Charter Oak, LLC., to 6301 C St. Little Rock, LLC., 6301 C St., Little Rock. Ls5-6, Henry C. Melrose, $950,000.

PBG Development, LLC., to Payton Seelinger; Chelsea Seelinger, 2600 N. Fillmore St., Little Rock. Ls7-8 B23, Park View, $925,000.

Mark E. Ramm; Katherine W. Ramm; Ramm Living Trust to Thomas Christopher Pledger, 5325 Sherwood Road, Little Rock. Ls181-182, Prospect Terrace No.3, $799,500.

Matthew P. Gawlik; Kristin B. Gawlik to Beau D. McNeff; Cecilia E. McNeff, 45 Maisons Drive, Little Rock. L14 B120, Maisons-Chenal Valley, $755,000.

Bok Soon Kim; Katherine Kim; Brian Kim to Nura, LLC., 4600 E. Kiehl Ave., Sherwood. Lot A Tract 1, Humble's 1st, $750,000.

Brandon K. Tedder; Shana M. Tedder; Tedder Revocable Trust to Siraj Madatali Khoja; Anis Siraj Khoja, 1401 Dorado Beach Drive, Little Rock. L58, Hickory Grove Phase III, $725,000.

Edward P. Bolin; May H. Bolin to John M. Downes; Elizabeth A. Downes, 20 Duclair Court, Little Rock. L10 B3, Chenal Valley, $590,000.

Sweatequity, LLC., to Brandon M. Kelly, 1023 N. Polk St., Little Rock. L10 B10, Hollenberg, $575,000.

Winston G. Chandler, Jr.; Sharon Ann Chandler to Stewart B. Yaney; Meredith C. Yaney, 62 Pebble Beach Drive, Little Rock. L3 B8, Pleasant Valley, $550,000 .

Mid South Property Management, LLC., to Muhammad Ali, 21 Fletcher Ridge Circle, Little Rock. L9 B1, Fletcher Valley, $514,090.

James W. Gentry, Jr., to Craig Kemdall Noel; Nicole Michele Noel, 33 Caurel Court, Little Rock. L16 B56, Chenal Valley, $508,000.

Bernard Jay Patterson; Annabelle L. Patterson to John R. Wilber, Jr., 9802 Dobby Drive, Little Rock. L19, Riverbend On The Arkansas Replat-Riverview Luxury Townhouses, $499,000.

Justin Spencer; Laurie Spencer; Spencer Living Trust to Frank L. Hugus, III; Nancy N. Hugus; Hugus Family Trust, L2 B2, Ridgeview Phase I, $484,900.

Gregory Young; Cecil Kirk Files Revocable Trust to Wirges Renting, LLC., Pt W/2 Section 32 & Pt W/2 SW 33-3N-10W, $476,800.

William C. White to Brandon N. Ragsdale; Andrea M. Ragsdale, 3420 Bear Creek Lane, Paron. Pt W/2 NE 28-2N-15W, $475,000.

Caldp, LLC., to Michael Butler; Molly Butler, 12 Sologne Circle, Little Rock. L5 B93, Chenal Valley, $475,000.

Samuel Coburn to A To Z Holdings, LLC., 734 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock. L28 B8, Wildwood Place, $470,000.

Hines Homes, LLC., to Julius Lamont Moore; Latessa Renee Moore, 104 Corniche Lane, Maumelle. L1749, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase 24B, $466,200.

Robert Dowell Skinner; Diane E. Skinner to Donald Wayne Gauldin, Jr.; Christiawna Joy Gauldin, 1 Woodstream Cove, Little Rock. L85 B2, Woodlands Edge, $465,000.

Nathan C. Culp to Mohammad Pakravan; Atosa Hashemi, L6 B68, Chenal Valley, $460,000.

Stine & Company Prime Real Estate, LLC., to Slaone N. Stine, 101 Fletcher Ridge Drive, Little Rock. L98 B1, Fletcher Valley, $435,000.

Jonathan Woo; Wen Chun Yang to Marcos Salgado; Autumn Salgado, 3009 Maelstrom Circle, Sherwood. L309, Millers Crossing Phase 5, $416,000.

Joshua W. Beal; Hollyann L. Neal to Christopher L. Palmer, 22 Wellington Colony Drive, Little Rock. L8 B14, The Villages Of Wellington, $414,000.

Coburn Construction, LLC., to Lewis Orange, 212 Copper Way, Little Rock. L20 B4, Copper Run Phase III, $411,500.

Christian Ramos; Maricela A. Ramos; Max Cabrera Revocable Trust to Martha Bendette Glover; Drew Allen Glover, 518 E. 16th St., Little Rock. Parcel C B62, Original City Of Little Rock Replat, $408,500.

David E. Reid, III to Jacob E. Hall, 315 Rock St., Apt. 1607, Little Rock. Unit 1607, River Market Tower HPR, $403,000.

Charles Ray Riggs; Cherye Francine Riggs (dec'd) to Barbara S. Stacks; The Barbara S. Stacks Revocable Trust, 12880 Rivercrest Drive, Little Rock. L18 B1, Walton Heights, $400,000.

Cyril Lemerle to O. D. Patton; Curtistine Patton, 31 Chemin Court, Little Rock. L20 B70, Chenal Valley, $400,000.

Robert R. Miller; Alan R. Miller And Katherine S. Miller Revocable Trust to Natalie Van Schoyck; Nathan Van Schoyck, 501 Club Road, Sherwood. Pt SE SW 6-2N-11W, $395,000.

Khalid Mohammad; Tasneem Fatima to Evan Kerr, 11 Glasgow Court, Little Rock. L30 B21, The Villages Of Wellington, $390,000.

Param Lubana to 2511 Highway 161, LLC., 2511 Ark. 161, North Little Rock. L1, Strawn, $390,000.

LeAnne Winters; Peggy LeAnne Winters; Larry Winters (dec'd) to Jessica L. Wallace; Clint Wallace, 1310 Brush Mountain Trail, Paron. Pt NE NE 31-2N-15W, $386,000.

Ives Custom Homes, LLC., to David Ryan Williams; Monica N. Williams, 18926 Lochridge Drive, Little Rock. L156, Lochridge Estates, $385,700.

Billy Stain Construction, LLC., to Bryan Graham; Rayna Graham, 17105 Willow Creek Drive, North Little Rock. L84, Bent Tree Estates, $368,000 .

Jennifer Mary Jeffs to Caroline Fortson, L31 B1, Wildwood Place, $365,000.

Deere Builders, LLC., to Andrew T. Maurer; Alyssa L. Maurer, 9841 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood. L23, Millers Glen Phase 6, $365,000.

David Nagy to Donald G. Deaton, 315 Rock St., Unit 1306, Little Rock. Unit 1306, River Market Tower HPR, $360,000.

Talina Mathews to Carl J. Goehegan; Elizabeth H. Geohegan, 116 Calais Cove, Little Rock. L47 B9, Chenal Valley, $357,000.

Lewis Guy Dillahunty, III; Joy Fulton Dillahunty; The Guy And Joy Dillahunty Family Revocable Trust to Carol Alayne Fike, 1517 Mountain Drive, Little Rock. L164, Leawood Manor 2nd, $356,000.

Herman Shirley, Jr.; Susan J. Shirley; Shirley Revocable Trust to Michael Kuzma; Lauren Kuzma, 2417 Ozark Drive, North Little Rock. L41R B63, Indian Hills, $342,000.

Lamonte W. Grulke; Myranda Grulke to Britni Liberton, 2001 & 2005 W. 17th St., Little Rock. Ls21-22 B33, Centennial, $330,500.

Floyd Mickel Freeman; Patricia K. Freeman; The Mickey And Pat Freeman Trust to Randy Rainwater; Kerry Rainwater, 120 Dickson Drive, Little Rock. L399, Kingwood Place, $325,000.

Karl E. Sorrells; Heidi Sorrells to Kelan D. Watson, 106 Shady Drive, Maumelle. L81, Pleasantwood, $319,900.

Mary W. Powell to Linda M. Armour Bruce, 8140 Austin Gardens Court, Sherwood. L34, Austin Gardens, $317,000.

Natalie Van Schoyck; Nathan Van Schoyck to Darren D. Duckworth, 3216 Stonehill Drive, Sherwood. L58 B11, Stonehill Phase VI, $316,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC., to Jessica Ashley Pfundston, 32 Saffron Circle, Little Rock. L19 B3, Parkside At Wildwood Phase II, $315,000.

Grant W. Bowen; Sharon A. Bowen to Mark Steven Enloe; Michelle Diane Enloe, 3007 Laman Lake Road, Cabot. Pt N/2 NE 11-4N-11W, $305,000.

Marguerite Caracciolo; Ricky Caracciolo to Cheryl Schoeneweis; Amber Tilghman, 57 Stonewall Drive, Jacksonville. L396, Stonewall Phase V, $304,000.

Carley Glenn; Cody Glenn to Rodney J. McCain; Tara McCain, 121 Limoges Court, Maumelle. L669R, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $303,000.

William Martin; Karen Caster; Kathryn Gutierrez to Michael Martin, L123, Forest Heights Place, $302,812.

Cope Homes, Inc., to Dorthy J. Matthews, 5701 Rope Trail, Jacksonville. L26, Jaxon Terrace Phase 15, $301,900.

Aquila Argo, LLC., to Linda Jan Buss; Christian Michael Buss, 10 Stoneledge Drive, Maumelle. L108, Stoneledge Phase I, $300,000.

Quentin Connell; Jennie Connell to Sony Chey; Sokhim Lay, 1509 Hidden Creek Drive, Sherwood. L2, Hidden Creek, $290,000.

David Gill; Vicki Gill; David And Vicki Gill Living Trust to Dante Jacuzzi; Susan Jacuzzi Pt NE SW 30-2N-14W, $290,000.

Adam Glasier; Ali Glasier to Elizabeth Riley, 5527 Lee Ave., Little Rock. Ls1-2 B18, Pfeifer, $289,900.

Dennis A. Althoff; Barbara L. Althoff to Robert M. Koehler; Marilyn T. Koehler, 1116 Club Road, Sherwood. L5 B11, Country Club Park, $288,500.

Brent J. Marrigan; Carley J. Harrigan to Alan Kenneth Vedder; Micaela Gale Vedder, L120, Marlowe Manor Phase II, $286,000.

Randy James Construction Company, Inc., to Joe D. White, Jr.; Kimberly H. White, 66 Saffron Circle, Little Rock. L9 B3, Parkside At Wildwood, $285,000.

Kevin Liles; Charlotte Liles to Howard A. Chapin, IV; Alyce K. Chapin, 43 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle. L15C, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $285,000.

Cynthia B. New to Narda Spurgeon, 400 Forest Oak Cove, Jacksonville. L8, Forest Oaks Phase, $282,000.

Noah Benjamin Sanders; Bailie Sanders to Braden M. Jones; Melissa Joye Jones, 6307 Cantrell Road, Little Rock. Ls64-65, Normandy, $280,000.

Amanda M. Pittman; Alex P. Pittman (dec'd) to Michael McMeekin; Tish McMeekin, L136, North Ridge, $270,300.

Dana Gaddy; Larry J. Suva to Danielle Shelby; Race Shelby, 440 Maple St., North Little Rock. L19 B1, City Grove Townhomes, $270,000.

Aaron Martin Metrailer to Lori Lynn Wincek, 5121 Woodlawn Drive, Little Rock. Ls6-7 B28, Pulaski Heights, $265,000.

Cynthia L. Newcomb; Cynthia L. Newcomb Revocable Trust to Branden Schumacher; Madeline Burke, 5504 N. Hills Blvd, North Little Rock. L38 B17, Overbrook, $260,000.

Caden Freeland to Miranda Wentzel, 5108 Rainer Drive, Jacksonville. L20, Jaxon Terrace Phase XI, $260,000.

Jalisa Carey to MarKeeta S. Hayfort, 12419 Woodbourne Drive, Little Rock. L32 B3, Cherry Creek, $257,500.

Reginald L. Williams; Shundra Williams to Barry Arana Love; Gwendolyn Denice Love, 1308 Myrna Lane, North Little Rock. L69, Cypress Crossing, $255,000.

Marcus A. Hefner; Emilee Hughes to Marley Cole, 50 Coachlight Drive, Little Rock. L221, Sturbridge Phase III, $254,000.

Bison Capital 1, LLC., to Pernell Maxwell, Jr., 7009 Incas Drive, North Little Rock. L6 B28, Indian Hills, $252,000 .

Nicole Marie Schafer to Jeffery Watson; Brittney Watson, 13915 Ironton Cutoff Road, Little Rock. Pt S/2 NW 15-1S-12W, $251,475.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to Christine Marie Beets; Bryan Douglas Beets, 10312 Brandi Kay Drive, North Little Rock. L63, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase 25-B, $250,000.

Christie Outlaw; Christie L. Allen; Christopher Outlaw to Jeannie Wakefield; Anne Leslie Baldwin Maintenance Trust, L428, Pleasantree 1st, $250,000.

Richard Brock Melvin to Tammy Brooks, 1900 Gamble Road, Little Rock. L66, Pint West 3rd Phase 2B, $250,000.

Sarah Elizabeth Henley to Cyril Lemerlem L264, Briarwood, $250,000.

Michael C. Steed; Kamron Steed to Aaron L. Huffman, 4008 Oak Grove Road, North Little Rock. Pt N/2 NW SE 31-3N-12W, $250,000.

Jamayel Toney; The 1217 Florida Avenue Trust to Israel Gutierrez, III, 1217 Florida Ave., Little Rock. L8 B4, Success, $245,000.

Zackery Harris to Kiara Manning, 1800 Landershire Lane, Sherwood. L11 B3, Northbrook, $241,500.

Betty Collins; Louise S. Campbell Revocable Trust to Osborne Leasing, Inc., Pt NW SE 6-2N-11W, $240,000.

Darrell W. Null; Dawn E. Null to Aaron C. Kellett; Gabrielle I. Kellett, 10 Oakleaf Lane, Sherwood. L5 B6, Oakbrooke, $240,000.

Hervie Wayne Chance, Jr.; Estate Of Hervie Wayne Chance, Sr. (dec'd) to Jean Elizabeth Murphy, L3 B69, Lakewood, $239,900.

Michael W. Horn; Mary Ann Horn to Ian C. Stephens; Layne E. Stephens, 126 Nantucket Loop, Maumelle. L27R B2, Villages At New Bedford Phase II, $239,900.

Chad H. Whatley; Michelle A. Whatley to Ian N. Fischer-Laycock; Rebekah D. Wills, 301 N. Schiller St., Little Rock. L9 B2, Virginia Heights, $235,000.

Gary Moran to Levi Bryan; Anel Bryan, 24 McKee Circle, North Little Rock. L8 B8, Lakewood Northeast, $235,000.

James Isaac Allred; Angela Rae Allred to Taylor K. Hornbeck, 2423 Grist Mill Road, Little Rock. L266, Sturbridge Phase IV, $235,000.

Coin G. Graham, III; Betty A. Graham to Garey Wilson; Julie Elliott, 78 Garden Oaks Drive, Maumelle. L2, Garden Oaks, $235,000.

Billy Paul Spainhour; The Spainhour Living Trust to Brenda White, 36 Emerald Drive, Maumelle. L221, North Pointe, $229,360.

Dean Charles Erickson; Victoria L. Erickson to Shanna M. Francis; Linda K. Francis; Philip N. Francis L2 B332, Park Hill NLR, $222,400.

David A. Hatfield; Lindsey N. Hatfield to Silver Ketron, 18 Garden Oaks Drive, Maumelle. L32, Garden Oaks, $220,000.

Victoria Williams; Christopher Williams to Sheleta Davenport; Ronal Louis Johnson, 6740 Red Oak Lane, North Little Rock. L394, Trammel Estates Phase V, $215,000.

Denise Strackbein to Christopher E. Reeves; Kymberly D. Reeves, Pt SE NW 3-3N-15W, $214,000.

Jonathan Isaac Foley; Katerina Foley to Shawn Andrews, Unit 709, 300 Third HPR, $211,000.

Jack M. Flowers; Catherine D. Lensing to Luke Castillo; Brittany Webb, 316 Wedgewood Road, Little Rock. L11 B3, Wedgewood Replat-West Markham Street, $210,000.

Ronald Kent Smith to Kayln Huselton; Jarrett Norwood, 1212 Roberta Ann St., Sherwood. L15, Sherwood Acres Phase 2, $205,000.

Thereasa M. Goodrich to William Hart; Julie Hart, 12609 Janelle Drive, Little Rock. L213, Marlowe Manor Phase II, $202,500.

Nita Nell Wallace to Michael A. Kacmarek; Helen A. Kacmarek, L50, Rolling Meadows, $200,000.

Joseph A. Phillips; Aria C. Smith-Phillips to Sonia Mae Brown, 1410 S. Battery St., Little Rock. L10 B19, Allis & Dickinson's Supplement To Centennial, $197,500.

Matthew Pruett to Nathaniel Woods, Jr., 1009 Matehuala Blvd., North Little Rock. L21 B3, Villages Of San Luis, $195,000.

Thadres A. Hunter; LaTanya N. Hunter to Kathy S. Madden; Michael B. Madden, 100 Traveler Lane, Maumelle. L9, Diamond Pointe Phase I, $195,000.

Freedom Mortgage Corp., to Freedom Mortgage Corp., 6 Butterfly Drive, Sherwood. L37, Turtle Creek Phase I, $193,315.

David A. Foreman to George Hanlon; Kristin Cooley, 11 Single Oaks Drive, Sherwood. L158, Arbor Oaks Phase III, $191,000.

Christopher W. Matthews to Danny B. Josefy, 33 Ophelia Drive, Maumelle. L42, Edgepark Phase I, $190,000.

Chad Costa Realtor, Inc., to Latoya D. Muhammad, 1707 Nichols Road, Little Rock. L6 B13, Hicks Interurban, $189,000.

Robert Downing, Jr.; Alexandra Merit Mitchell-Downing to DeLondra Stanley; Kencia Stanley, 1005 Matehuala Blvd., North Little Rock. L22 B3, Villages Of San Luis, $188,000.

Fred L. Clark; Diane Clark to Smith Brothers Development, LLC., 11808 Ashwood Drive, Little Rock. L169, Birchwood, $185,000.

Millard R. Bell; Kristi M. Bell to Amanda Michelle Elmore; Ridge Allan Elmore, 4209 Oak Grove Road, North Little Rock. Tract 11, Stanley's, $185,000.

Carolyn J. Moory to Otis W. Dixon; Brittany K. Young, L153, Otter Creek Community Phase I, $181,000.

Massey Homes, Inc., to Erick Mataes; Ruby Mates, L69, Arbor Oaks Phase II, $180,000.

Jessica L. Snyder-Keathley; Brandon Keathley to Jorgen Larsen; Lindsay Larsen, 2017 San Luis Blvd., North Little Rock. L20 B2, Villages Of San Luis, $180,000.

Robert D. Beckman; Hannah Beckman to University Holdings, LLC., L6 B24, Mountain Park, $180,000.

BJR Group, Inc., to Tommy Woodard, 112 Plumdale Drive, Sherwood. L31 B1, Willowood, $180,000.

Larry C. Fritchman; Gail P. Fritchman; The Larry C. Fritchman And Gail P. Fritchman Revocable Trust to Frederick E. Barr; Mary Gresham Buchanan Barr, 2200 Andover Court, Unit 202, Little Rock. Apt 202, Andover Square HPR, $179,900 .

Rance Durden to Judy A. Pressley, 112 Revere Court, Jacksonville. L160, Stonewall Phase II, $175,900.

Scott Douglas Stacks to Shane Haley, 10904 Windridge Drive, Sherwood. L36 B4, Windridge, $175,000.

Grego Grillo; Lori Grillo to Lawrence Hunter Kalb; Jean Kalb, Unit 51 Bldg 13, Foxcroft Woods HPR Phase I, $175,000.

Jerry Ford; Lamonda Slape Corder to Reverend Rocky Hickman; Full Gospel Church At Morgan Ls1-R & 6-R, Aldridge Replat- Cedar Point Heights; Pt NW NE 23-3N-13W, $175,000.

James R. Owen; Heather Owen to Madeline Rose O'Connor, 3809 N. Cypress St., North Little Rock. L8, William T. Powers, $175,000.

The Field Shop, Inc., to Mr. Clean Services, Inc.; Oasis Cantina & Bar, Inc., 5507 Geyer Springs Road, Little Rock. Pt SW SW 19-1N-12W, $175,000.

Alexander E. Beard to Charlene Dolores Thomas; Mark Anthony Thomas, Sr., 1311 Oak Forest Drive, Jacksonville. L38, Parkview, $173,900.

Amanda M. Elmore; Amanda M. Travis to Tammy Sampson Brown, 3004 Salinas De Hidalgo Blvd., North Little Rock. L2 B2, Village Of San Luis, $172,000.

Betty N. Pinckney; The Betty N. Pinckney Revocable Trust to Beth D. Levi; The Beth D. Levi Revocable Trust, L170, Cardinal Heights Section C, $171,500.

Kevin Miller to Bison Capital 1, LLC., L221, Point West 2nd, $165,000.

Richard S. Garcia; Robert M. Garcia to Zane Anderson; Christy Anderson, L51R, Meadowlane Acres, $165,000.

James O'Dell; Lloyd And Gloria O'Dell Revocable Trust to Fosho, LLC., 12 Queens Court, Little Rock. L494, Pleasantree 1st, $165,000.

Majid Jamali; Sara Akbarian to Matthew F. Deline; Susan M. Deline; The Deline Family Trust L10 B2, Gibralter Heights, $161,000.

Andrew J. Warren; Joanna L. Warren to Lakshmi Rajam Pillai, 6715 Sandpiper Drive, Little Rock. L130, Cardinal Heights Section C, $160,100.

James Oliver Miller, III to David Aldana Malia Coonrod, 402 Pickwick Lane, North Little Rock. L40, Crosswinds, $160,000.

Mid South Homebuyers, GP to Michael Rader, 2109 S. Taylor St., Little Rock. L8 B38, Cherry And Cox, $158,600.

Joshua M. L. Rowe to Grulke Construction, LLC., L110, Whispering Pines Unrecorded, $155,000.

Andrew Martin Nutt; Karen Joy Nutt; Nutt Family Living Trust to Charles D. Heard; Rachel D. Roy-Heard, 11 Glendale Drive, Little Rock. L141, Brookwood Plat No.2, $152,500.

Cheryl R. Johnson to Cindy L. Haymon, 104 Essex Court, Jacksonville. L183, Stonewall Phase II, $152,000.

Rylwell, LLC., to Guillermo Lemm, 1823 Bishop St., Little Rock. L7 B40, Centennial, $152,000.

Rober C. Boles; Estate Of Christy Lea Boles (dec'd) to Kenneth H. Dover, II, Apt 26, Forest Hill Condominium HPR Phase II, $151,500.

AP-2201, LLC., to Percy Williams; Delana Aguirre, 2108 S. Park St., Little Rock. L14, Adams Replat No.4, $150,000.

JPJ Properties, LLC., to Joshua Aaron Nail; Kaylee Nail, 111 Holly Drive, Sherwood. L14 B2, Holly Hills Estates, $150,000.

Louis Baker to Gary Vaile; Deborah Vaile; Gary And Deborah Vaile Living Trust, Pt W/2 SE NE 6-2N-11W, $150,000.

Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties September 25, 2022 edition


Beach Mountain LLC, to TCR Properties LLC, Rear Shoemaker Lane, $20,000.

Carol Ann Ciccarelli, Thomas Martin Lariviere, Jason Robert Lariviere, John M. Colburn, trustee, Jamie L. Colburn, trustee, and Lariviere 2022 Irrevocable Trust, trustee of, to Megan E. Champagne, 100 Norris St., $261,000.

Joanne M. Lennon and Leigh W. Lennon to Dawna Bartnicki, 183 Brookfield Lane, $200,000.

Tyler B. Hardman and Mallory E. Hardman to Kerri L. Cofer, 20 Federal Ave., $245,000.


Hannah B. Treworgy to Yaman Omer Erzurumlu, Ozum Arzik Erzurumlu and Lutfi Erzurumlu, 170 East Hadley Road, $225,000.

Hani Karanouh and Nora Junaid to Cengiz Karagoz, 104 Belchertown Road, $380,000.


LaFleur & Son Inc., and LJ Development LLC, to Benjamin McCullough, Franklin Street, $85,000.

Kathy L. Ritter, Russell E. Ritter and Russell A. Ritter to Jesse A. Ritter, 147 Sargent St., $100.

Jesse A. Ritter to Hilltop 141 LLC, 147 Sargent St., $257,500.

Josephine Fitzgerald, trustee, and Josephine Fitzgerald Trust to Robert P. Kosier, 20 Stebbins St., $330,000.

Eric D. Hoadley, personal representative, and Thomas F. Hathaway, estate, to Antonio Carvalho, 397 Rockrimmon St., $182,000.


Nancy A. Ducat, Amy L. Stratford, Debora A. Stratford, “aka” Debra A. Stratford, Rachel L. Stratford and Ruth J. Stratford, “fka” Ruth J. Hanlon, to William Guiel, 213 Martindale Road, $205,864.


Joseph D. Jachym, Kelli A. Jachym and Kelli A. Stack to David Mestre Sr., and Sarah G. Mestre, 28 Gore Road, $375,000.


Scribner Development LLC, to Robert Charles Montgomery, 0 Oakwood Road, $380,000.

Stephen R. Soper and Amie J. Soper to John T. French and Amanda L. Banfill, 118 Wales Road, $406,000.


Scott M. Doneilo and Diane L. Lanoue to Stephen M. Doneilo, 55 North St., $166,666.62.

Marcia H. DeWolfe, trustee of the Amanda Real Estate Trust, to Ari Covitz and Howard Covitz, 10 Walker Road, $408,500.

Wanita E. Laffond and William P. Laffond to Jonathan D. Steele and Katerie M. Steele, trustees of the 26 Williams Street Realty Trust, 26 Williams St., $200,000.


CDM Properties LLC, to Pah Properties LLC, 38-52 Front St., $150,000.

Chad A. Beaudette and Michelle Beaudette to Jill Marie Beaudette, 40 Deslauriers St., $240,000.

Donald R. Lacroix to Justin Paul Fay and Danielle Fay, 15 Maryland Ave., $410,000.

U S A Housing & Urban Development to Rafael Mestre, 35 Shaw Park Ave., $131,000.

James A. Mercier, Darlene J. Nareau and Darlene J. Mercier Nareau to Gary R. Bernard, Lisa Sweatt and Lisa A. Bernard, 41 Syrek St., $30,000.

Jorge Morgado, trustee, Marco Morgado, trustee, and Morgado School Street Realty Trust, trustee of, to Nicholas Turnberg, trustee, and School Street Realty Trust, trustee of, 192-194 School St., $380,000.

Joshua M. Njuguna to Chantel Marie Duda and Chantel Duda, 200 Lambert Terrace, Unit 6, $235,000.

Kevin Carkey and Melissa B. Carkey to Brian R. Houghton Jr., and Kerryann M. Houghton, 22 Honeysuckle Drive, $192,000.

Matthew A. Ruyffelaert to Katherine P. Robillard, 71 Austin St., $412,000.

Peter Walsh, Aubrea Walsh and Aubrea Melber to Selicia A. Franklin, 12 Crawford Ave., $245,000.

Sebastian A. Raposo to Jessie E. Peterson, 59 Prospect St., $349,000.

Thomas D. Morin, Michelle Ann Joubert and Michelle Ann Morin to David Hueber, 162 Pendleton Ave., $270,000.


Ragus LLC, to Elaine Dietrich and Kristen R. Dietrich, 6B Gray Lock Lane, Unit 21B Sugarloaf Condominium, $399,900.

Ragus LLC, to Mary Ann Murnane, 6A Gray Lock Lane, Unit 21A Sugarloaf Condominium, $339,900.

Angel Properties LLC, to J2K Realty LLC, 3 Sugarloaf St., $305,000.

Christine Manning, “aka” Christie Manning, and Christopher Manning to Matthew Alvarez and Samantha Alvarez, trustees of the Matthew & Samantha Alvarez Family Revocable Trust, 630 Greenfield Road. $900,000.

East Longmeadow

D R Chestnut LLC, to Robert T. Whitely and Pamela K. Whitely, 57 Fields Drive, Unit V-10, $722,650.

Nancy J. Deraleau, representative, Gail A. Miller, representative, Shirley Joyce Talbot, estate, Joyce Talbot, estate, and Shirley J. Talbot, estate, to Michael Choquette and Judith A. Bordenuk, 56 Nelson St., $225,000.

Peter A. Mengwasser and Beth T. Mengwasser to Jennifer M. Conroy, 47 Breezy Knoll Road, $342,000.


Mikena L. Wood and Anna C. Siembor to Mikena L. Wood, 50 Overlook Drive, $100.

Melissa E. Peters and Kenneth L. Peters to Kimberly Ann Pedigo, 37 Ward Ave., $445,000.


Daniel J. Sargent and Jessie L. Sargent to Andrey Vdovichenko and Olga Vdovichenko, 2 Ridge Road, $250,000.


Joshua M. Justin and Tami M. Justin to Janice Kovitch and Timothy Roberge, 99 Kendall St., $630,000.

Michael J. Brennan and Bonnie G. Brennan to Ty D. Frappier, 24 Circle Drive, $435,000.

Angela M. Parent to Russell Entrikin, 28 Baggs Hill Road, $389,900.


Timothy K. Derrig to Jesse T. Mayne, 12 Borden Brook Road, $245,000.


Gail G. Shute and Roland F. Shute to Nancy A. Keefe, 230 High St., $278,000.

Vanessa Fortin, personal representative of the Estate of Lorraine Claire Blanchard, “aka” Lorraine C. Blanchard, “aka” Lorraine Blanchard, and Laura T. Haggerty, “aka” Laura J. Haggerty, to Jorge F. Dominguez Pacheco, 440 Adams Road, $300,000.

Bonnie L. Lemme and Scott M. Lemme to Dale Berry, Evelyn Berry and Crystal Lee West, 43 Munson St., $339,900.

Joshua A. Moran and Kera R. Moran to Benjamin M. Johnson and Nichelle L. Johnson, 165 High St., $320,000.

Debra S. Roberts and John W. Roberts to James Jacob Brown and Marcelia Hamilton Brown, 111 Homestead Ave., $481,000.

Dylan T. Neal and Taylor E. Neal to Autumn R. Yarian and Jephthah J. Yarian, 342 Log Plain Road, $300,000.

Katherine A. Fish to Joshua B. Kopin and Annasophie C. Lee, 23 Linden Ave., $353,600.


Leslie M. Howard, trustee, and Leslie M. Howard Revocable Trust to Guojin He and Jennifer He, 3 Grand Oak Farm Road, $645,000.


John Kirzec and Judith Makol-Kirzec to Eric Shimits and Arianna Shimits, 272 Bennett Road, $403,000.


Edward J. Sikorski Jr., and Frances H. Sikorski to Jason Sikorski, 67 King St., $600,000.


Adin Maynard and Llama Maynard to Timothy O’Reilly, West Hill Road, $30,000.


Tyler Hutton and Willard J. Hutton to Krista E. DiGregorio, 188 Brimfield Road, $402,000.


Foley Capital LLC, to Nicholas O. Hewes, 16 Charles St., $249,000.

James M. Reed and Donna J. Reed to Christopher M. Stoddard, trustee, Michael P Stoddard Family Irrevocable Trust, trustee of, and Patricia M. Stoddard Family Irrevocable Trust, trustee of, 49 Liberty St., $532,000.

Michael W. Czerniak, Helen Breeden and Henry J. Czerniak to Christopher Donahue, 3 Taylor St., $261,000.

Nhi-Reit of Northeast LLC, to 282 Cabot Propco LLC, 282 Cabot St., $2,725,200.

Pah Properties LLC, to William John Zemanek Jr., and Susan Frances Zemanek, 47 Pynchon Road, $310,000.


Linda L. Zmuda, trustee, and LaFortune Realty Trust to Pisgah Properties LLC, Pisgah Road, $90,000.

Kirsten L. Myallaked to Daniel Wood, 29 Basket St., $305,000.

Jeffrey Allen Gladding, personal representative, and Lori J. Gladding, estate, to Justin R. Pinard, 4 Pine St., $225,000.


Ellen Patton Stanaway and Nathanael Noble Stanaway to Anthony Pacheco and Samantha Pacheco, 93 Westmoreland Ave., $430,000.

James R. Clune, representative, and Christine A. Clune, estate, to Cara L. Deane, 33 Cooley Drive, $290,000.

Marsha G. Harbison to Marsha G. Harbison and William A. Harbison, 217 Farmington Road, $100.


David A. Bucalo, Dawn M. Bucalo and Dawn M. Allen to Daniel Rowe, 142 Cedar St., $240,000.

Luisa McCarthy and Maria Luisa McCarthy to Michelle Morin and Thomas Morin, 143 Parker Lane, $510,000.

Whitetail Wreks LLC, to Evan Wytas and Karla Wytas, Lot 93 Equinox Pass, $149,900.

William F. Ostrowski and Peter M. Ostrowski to Jerad P. Ostrowski, 231 Chapin St., $260,000.


Bropod LLC, to TBF HQ LLC, 354 Boston Road, $750,000.


Jon C. Hollingshead and Genessa V. Hollingshead to Felix Lufkin, Margaret Ranen, David Ranen and Karen J. Ranen, 20 Chamberlain Road, $483,000.


J. Geoffrey Taylor and Sara Ann Taylor to Joshua Orlen, 29 Pleasant St., $354,000.

Orville Pierson and Judy Z. Pierson to Wayne C. Chatterton and Mary F. Proulx, 12 Moser St., $626,000.

Paul S. Weinberg and Mary K. Fago to Milan Merhar and Elissa Bar, 66 Roe Ave., $957,000.

Howard Rhett and Claudia Donald to Peter H. Wells and Terrell J. Wells, 4 Center Court, $428,000.


Thomas Aquinas College to Sean Cunningham, 33B Winchester Road, $282,500.


Katrina Elaine Jablonsky and Mary A. Jablonsky to Kenneth M. Nelson, 24 Mechanic St., $160,000.

Wendy L. Cornwell and Mildred B. Hill to Shawnee Lewis-Phillips and Stanley Kent Phillips, “aka” Stanley K. Phillips, 11 Haskins Road and West Orange Road, $220,000.

Kelly A. Barilone to Lori McGrath and Scott Roger McGrath, 142 Mattawa Circle, $295,000.

Grace Whelan to John Rogowski, 33 Maynard St., $265,000.

Barbara E. Coburn and Debra A. Puppel, “fka” Debra A. Roussell, to Debra A. Cuadro, 47 Prentiss St., $295,000.


Carol A. Ramsey and Carol Ann Ramsey to Josephine Fitzgerald, trustee, and Josephine Fitzgerald Trust, trustee of, 3040 Main St., Unit 3040, $195,000.

Helena Stephens and Shane Stephens to Bernadette Flores and Carol Negron, 44 Squier St., $390,000.

Ryan M. Allard and Karye Allard to Darian J. Saraiva, 9 Winthrop St., $255,000.

Stewart A. Terrien and Deborah A. Terrien to Coy Jacob Chaney, 95 Rondeau St., $510,000.

TDK Group LLC, to Linde Gas & Equipment Inc., 19 Second St., $800,000.


David Ruffner and Frances L. Ruffner to Amanda Klekowski Von Koppenfels andAmanda K. Von Koppenfels, Prospect Street, $101,000.


Judith A. Slowinski to Alex Potter and Paulette Potter, 124 Zoar Road, $375,000.


Jill Clemmer to Ann Gagliardi and Michael T. McDuffie, 40 Kettle Hill Road, $555,000.

Mary K. Noonan to Abdollah Moghaddam, 6 Carver Road, $331,000.

South Hadley

Maureen Mitchell Tindell, Elizabeth A. Mitchell, Sandra H. Mitchell and William J. Mitchell to Cassondra Marie Gendron, 44 South St., $236,500.

David Bergeron and Charlene Bergeron to Robert J. Schroeter, 2 Lesperance Court, $125,000.

David Krok and Darlene M. Krok to Jeffrey G. Couchon, 13 Hartford St., $211,000.

David Bergeron and Charlene Bergeron to Robert J.Schroeter, 2 Lesperance Court, $125,000.

David A. Ettelman and Sarah A. Ettelman to Robin M. Adams, Sarah K. Hampton and Robin M. Adams, 50 East St., $450,000.

Nancy J. Hamel and Paul H. Hamel to Jeremy Barnes and Caroline Cousson-Barnes, 23 Pine Grove Drive, $280,000.

J. N. Duquette & Son Construction Inc., to Joshua Justin and Tami Justin, 25 Lyon Green, $535,000.

Debra A. LaPointe to Curtis Fecteau and Kelly Fecteau, 23 Landers St., $293,000.

Dino Marinello to Tessa Wells and Aaron Wells, 25 Wood Ave., $290,000.

Gary R. Felendzer to John J. Estes and Donna M. Estes, 41 West Summit St., $180,000.

Francis T. Simone to Francis T. Simone Jr., and Matthew J. Simone, 3 Crystal Lane, $100.

James Jolley and Kassandra Jolley to Louis Cote and Christina Santana, 89 Alvord St., $450,000.

Paul D. Boudreau, Catherine A. Boudreau, George E. Boudreau Jr., and Martha D. Gilmore to John A. Dent and Pamela J. Peck, River Road, $187,500.

Steven P. Knowles and Catherine A. Knowles to Donna Duchenicz, 82 Sorbi Circle and 82 Pearl St., $230,000.


Ann W. Roy to Michael T. Fay and Julie C. Fay, 7 Elm St., $630,000.


Allison E. Leavitt to Lucy S. Moran, 1 Pauline Circle, $415,000.

Denise A. Ratti to Allison E. Leavitt and Jeremy J. Beu, 8 Laurel Ridge Road, $580,000.

Eugene Harrington to Diane Jeserski, 2 Rails End Road, Unit 2, $400,000.

Hamelin Framing Inc., to Joseph F. Houde and Shelby Houde, 5 (Lot 36) Silvergrass Lane, $525,000.

Zachary P. Dougherty, John K. Dougherty and Pamela M. Dougherty to Ryan A. Wescott, 97 College Highway, $325,000.


Amat Victoria Curam LLC, to Miguel Angel Perdomo Rodriguez, 1451 Bay St., $225,000.

Anatoly Atamansky and Valentina Atamansky to Ahmads Realty Investments LLC, 22-24 East Hooker Ave., $150,000.

Antonio Cavallaro and Rita Cavallaro to Polly Michel and Peter Michel, 120 Ravenwood St., $285,000.

Bukowski Construction LLC, to Jomaris Vasquez, 28 Juliet St., $390,000.

Clintona Wiley to Carlos Henriquez, 140 Chestnut St., Unit 709, $45,000.

David J. Joyce Jr., to Noelia Machado and Freddy Espada, 101 Mulberry St., Unit 418, $100,000.

David Stejna to Jane Kalfus-Maine and Michael E. Maine, 284 Lake Drive, $255,000.

Edwin M. McCray Jr., to HLRE Development LLC, 21 Greenwich St., $132,000.

Elliot Sierra Sr., and Elliott Sierra Sr., to Posiadlosc LLC, 17-19 Carlisle St., $76,000.

Hanh Chanh and Hang Thi Thuy Dang to Khoa Van Nguyen and Thin Thi Le, 66 Benz St., $275,000.

Helder P. Pires and Aldina O. Pires to Menaka Pokharel Sharma Nepal and Sanjeeb Kumar Sharma Nepal, 44 Andrew St., $320,000.

India Clemons and Lamont Clemons to Calissa B. Pereira and Deon A. Vann, 115 Pasadena St., $233,000.

Jeremiah P. Sullivan to Christal I. Coayla, 19 Arcadia Boulevard, $250,000.

Kenneth Gorenstein and Karen L. Shore to Anthony John Kelly, 30 Halifax Court, Unit F, $255,000.

Korie N. Johnson and Korie N. Mix to Nicolas Ayala, 17 Champlain Ave., $220,000.

1277 Liberty Street-10190746 LLC, to 1277 Liberty St. LLC, 1277 Liberty St., $28,571,428.

Leslie P. Hobbs, representative, Charles Anderson Leak, estate, and Charles A. Leak, estate, to Stephen Grandison, 27 Delmore St., $237,000.

London Realty LLC, to Ivan Bermudez and Zaida I. Mendoza, 107 Norfolk St., $285,000.

Lori J. Pellegrino to Ariel J. Pellegrino and Walter E. Frazier, 76 Derby Dingle, $428,000.

Luis A. Alicea and Meilany Figueroa Acevedo to Luis A. Morales and Wanda L. Ramos, 26 Redlands St., $232,000.

Marcy L. Wise to Christopher Owen and Courtney Gamache-Owen, 20 Herbert Ave., $275,000.

Nellysha Roberto, Nellysha Sanabria-Lopez and Ruben Orlando Roberto to Phillip Rurak, 136 Nassau Drive, $225,000.

Posiadlosc LLC, to Dalisa C. Wilson, 17-19 Carlisle St., $237,000.

Stephen Walter Wyszynski and Maria Wyszynski to Sean Kelleher, 45 Jonquil Drive, $280,000.

Tammy L. Norton to Stephen Vaccaro, 58 Webber St., $220,000.

William M. Fonseca, representative, and Alice M. Fonseca, estate, to Daniel Beauregard, 250 East St., $117,500.

WQN Management LLC, to Trinity Estate Investments & Development LLC, 1142 Berkshire Ave., $700,000.


Jon E. Storozuk and Kim L. Storozuk, personal representatives of the Estate of Donald W. Storozuk, to Dana Larsen and Zakes Hart Warner, 167 Hadley Road, $356,000.


Joanne F. Fletcher, trustee, and Fletcher Family Trust, trustee of, to Laurie E. Herrick and Daniel Zukergood, 68 Woodchuck Hollow Road, $495,000.


JR Investments & Management Inc., to Joelene Hackett, Par C Holland Road, $55,000.

Timothy B. Hannon and Laurette Johnson to Joseph Fritzges and Shannon Fritzges, 148 Union Road, $32,500.


Viola C. Cutler, estate, and Jordan T. Dewey, personal representative, to Ryan Cutler and Errin E. O’Hara, 92 Sczygiel Road, Sygiel Road, and 92 Sygiel Road, $144,000.

Roger C. Bouchard, Laureen M. Bouchard and Laureen M. Wells to Michele Denoff, 704 Belchertown Road, $350,000.

Margaret Mary LaBossiere to Luann Lauzier and Michael L. LaBossiere, 52 Anderson Road, $100.

Bruce A. Stevens to Colby Morin and Courtney Morin, 41 Greenwich Road, $357,500.


Susan M. Wright to Donna L. Haskins, 175 Shepardson Road, $354,000.

West Springfield

Gaurav Jain to Pasha Teyfurov and Minura Mamedova, 46 Cynthia Drive, $575,000.

Jean L. Young to Mazin Al Nuaimi and Rasha Al Mahdawi, 1536 Westfield St., $189,000.

Margaret A. Gilbert, representative, and Lois M. Fessia, estate, to Dreamwake Homes Inc., 248 Morgan Road, $163,500.

Michael B. Patruski, Roxanne M. Tetreault, Marc R. Patruski and Catherine M. Patruski to Daniel Richard Tibbo II, and Georgia Simon, 53 Worthen St., $245,000.

Raymonde Couture to Scott M. Gillman, trustee, Katherine M. Tardif, trustee, and Gillman/Tardif Family Revocable Trust of 2011, trustee of, 132 Woodbrook Terrace, $480,000.

Susan M. Hoskin to Farai Hatidani and Gladys Hatidani, Colony Road, Unit 78-1B, $113,000.


Brian M. Pray and Debra N. Pray to Quazi Kamran Uddin, 8 Rachael Terrace, $650,000.

Cig4 LLC, to Ryan Martin Lukowski and Rita Peter Hannough-Lukowski, 2 Birch Lane, $240,000.

Coy Chaney and Kaitlyn D. Chaney to Zachary Keefer and Megan Keefer, 34 South Maple St., $340,000.

David E. Tester Jr., to Dmitriy Temchenko and Elena Temchenko, 101 North Road, $114,000.

Maria Lopriore to Mary A. Geiring and Jonathan Miller, 62 South Maple St., $335,000.

Michael N. Corbett and Maria D. Corbett to Hilary Lebrun and William Lebrun, 27 Blue Sky Drive, $480,000.

Scott C. Andrews and Colleen Powers to JLX 2 Properties LLC, 3 Parker Ave., $650,000.

Todd C. Ratner, representative, and Lynn E. Rea, estate, to Lester M. Walker and Terry L. Walker, 102 Ely St., $277,000.


Big Sky Properties LLC, to Christopher Charles Wright and Taylor J. Wright, 15V Peak Road, $1,200,000.

Jeffrey Allard and Laura Allard to Erick Vasquez and Melissa Vasquez, 30 Silver St., $200,000.

John P. Isenburg to Paul Vincent Lotterer and Jeffrey Michael Lotterer, 26 Monson Road, $555,000.

Mark C. Trombley and Michael S. Trombley to Rachel A. Purcell and Paul Modzelewski, 22 Blacksmith Road, $385,000.

Meredith Lee Jacobson Marciano and Meredith Jacobson Marciano to Patrick Roach, 53 Lake Drive, $160,000.

Berks County real estate transactions for Sept. 25

Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to [email protected].
Albany Township
Nancy E. Donat to David J. Donat and Beverly A. Donat, 1878 Rte 737, $1.
Alsace Township
George P. Kieffer Estate to David L. Heck and Dawn M. Heck, 18 Hartz Road, $1.
Gloria E. Triest to German Garcia, 23 Apple Lane, $1.
Brian S. Triest and Gloria E. Triest to Brian S. Triest, 1 Apple Lane, $1.
Amity Township
Shirley A. Guthrie and Allison M. Warbington to Claudia Gipson, 945 W. Ben Franklin Hwy, $335,000.
David Gerald Lake and Marijana Kocirkova Lake to David Gerald Lake, 4 Colergo Drive, $1.
Robin Miller to Chris P. Butts and Nicole R. Konnick, 272 Pine Forge Road, $360,000.
Robert A. Daniels and Ronda T. Daniels to Ronda T. Daniels, 7 Colergo Drive, $1.
Daria Marie Finney and Gregory Finney Jr. to Scott A. Moore and Amanda Ricca and Rose Devine, 105 Clarion Drive, $415,000.
Michael G. Steinmetz to Michael G. Steinmetz and Robin A. Steinmetz, 749 Rosewood Drive.
Sean Martin to Sean Martin and Deborah L. Martin, 460 Old Swede Road.
James E. Finegan and Colette A. Finegan to Colette A. Finegan, 632 Main St., $1.
Loraine Heintz to Sherry Richards and Roy Richards, 306 Poplar St., $325,000.
Bern Township
April K. Hart and Peter P. Gorney to Eniz Adriano, 2207 Cullum Drive, $205,000.
Joseph B. Sclafani and Trisha L. Sclafani to Bobby L. Machi, 2114 Bernville Road, $280,000.
Gloria Scellato Day to Gloria Scellato Day, 114 Brossman Court, $1.
Ivan Hernandez and Jessica A. Hernandez to Betsy Rodriguez Batista and Rafael Rodriguez Batista, 125 E. 5th St., $207,000.
Bethel Township
Chris T. Bomberger to Jennifer L. Selby, 607 Brown Road, $385,000.
Bros Bike Riders Owners Social Inc. to Perry Augustine and Erin K. Augustine, 118 Church St., $75,000.
Bradley Stager and Deanna Stager to Jennie Geesey, 307 School St., $125,000.
Benjamin F. Cartwright and Jessica R. Cartwright to Sarah Ann Schmidt, 169 Bird St., $169,900.
Kimberly Auwood to Sarah Bishop, 640 W. 1st St., $215,000.
Jkm Real Estate LLC to Joanne M. Griffith and Amanda Griffith, 21 Apple St., $275,000.
Richard E. Schaeffer and Carolyn K. Schaeffer to Stephen L. Benfield, 632 Rhoads Ave., $180,000.
Eric C. Thompson to George Henry Berk III, 138 S. Franklin St., $175,000.
Marjorie A. Schaeffer to Timothy Charles King and Margaret Ann King, 120 W. 6th St., $300,000.
Brecknock Township
Norman Ray Leid Estate to Clifford H. Huber and Cheryl L. Huber, 1247 Alleghenyville Road, $650,000.
Norman Ray Leid Estate to Clifford H. Huber and Cheryl L. Huber, Alleghenyville Road, $222,000.
Bonnie J. Desensi and Francis P. Desensi to Thomas L. Evans Sr. and Vicki A. Evans, 76 Shea Drive, $625,000.
D. K Builder LLC to Matthew Henne and Rosa Henne, New Holland Road, $150,000.
David Scott Brunner and Lisa Brunner to Vincent R. Cicchino and Renee L. Cicchino, 50 Shea Drive, $531,500.
Centre Township
Thomas G. Tinley to Mikayla Davis and Charles Orr, 680 Shoey Road, $200,000.
Gerard Eck and Wendy Eck to Joshua B. Buchalter and Marisa A. Buchalter, 2518 Irish Creek Road, $125,000.
Colebrookdale Township
Brenda E. Stauffer to Lisa K. Swartz, 165 Popodickon Drive, $170,000.
Yvonne M. Mickletz and Aaron H. Roshong to Garrett Michael Pelko and Megan Deptula, 159 Henry Ave., $280,000.
Gregory J. Covaleski Sr. and Lynda A. Covaleski to John A. Gallagher Jr. and Joanne Gallagher, 521 Franklin Road, $470,000.
Cumru Township
Reitnouer Holdings LLC to Wharton Cb Birdsboro LLC, 5 East Pointe Drive, $9,650,000.
Ricardo M. Riethmuller to Diamond Credit Union, 1030 Cedar Top Road, $250,000.
William H. Weber III and Bonnie L. Weber to Mark A. Frymoyer and Lucy R. Roberts, 3 Pine Tree Court, $325,000.
Kyle A. Vogel and Haley N. Vogel to Kyle A. Vogel and Haley N. Vogel, 332 Hunters Road.
Brynn M. White and Leah A. Knox to Daniel Anthony Kosmoski and Ashley Michelle Lutz, 919 Philadelphia Ave., $247,500.
Rachel C. Evans to Dylan Michael Balaster, 811 Fritz Ave., $210,000.
Gilberto Diaz and Alice Diaz to Damien D. Wild and Jesselyn L. Wild, 116 Lost Lane, $362,000.
Jason Craig Beard and Rae Maxine Beard to Amber Michelle Gorman and Cody Ray McPhetridge, 8 Quail Ridge Drive, $495,000.
Exeter Township
Kenneth Unger to Kalesa Bennethum and Damian Ryan Bausher, Wister Way, $161,500.
Moser Family Trust to Betsy Castro Larosa, 3402 Perkiomen Ave., $229,900.
Jerome P. Falatko to Paulina W. Stawarz and Tomasz R. Stawarz, 45 Madison Drive, $391,000.
Frederick A. Moller Estate to Central Penn Capital Management LLC, 1258 Lehigh Ave., $165,000.
Matthew Rusnack to Matthew Rusnack and Chelsea Ouimet, 3201 Orchard View Road.
Todd A. Frontz and Kristan Lynn Frontz to Andrew T. Turner and Lauren R. Turner, 723 Eastwick Drive, $320,000.
Fern Kiedeisch to Tx-Pa Investments LLC, 105 Bungalow Pk, $230,000.
Jeffrey D. Krueger and Diane B. Krueger to Brian N. Rajkumar, 100 Pineland Road and Pineland Road, $385,000.
Matthew W. Moyer to Yong Qiang Liu, 2405 Orchard View Road, $215,000.
Andrew S. Green and Samantha J. Green to Andrew Nolt and Gwenda Renee Nolt, 1990 Butter Lane, $415,000.
David E. Schaeffer and Diane Schaeffer to Schaeffer Family Irrevocable Trust, 299 Levan St.
Gene M. Pieller Estate to Jemco Fund LLC, 749 N. Forest St., $185,000.
Catherine E. Sieber to Catherine E. Sieber and Jennifer Braun, 214 S. Richmond St., $1.
Greenwich Township
Gerard E. Kelly III to Becky Ann Podlesny and Mark Podlesny, 1366 Krumsville Road, $445,000.
Bonnie L. Hanna to Michael L. Moser and Cheryl M. Moser, 285 Mountain Road, $165,000.
Keith T. Weaver and Pamela L. Weaver to Pamela L. Weaver, 225 S. 4th St., $1.
Heidelberg Township
Nord Parkinson and Stephanie J. Parkinson to Alexandra P. Gartner and Ryan J. Brunner, 380 Big Spring Road, $350,000.
Hereford Township
Orthaus Road Limited Liability Company to Frederick C. Schutte Jr. and Jamie L. Schutte, Orthaus Road, $135,000.
Jarrod Daniel Ziegler to Jeremiah L. Gaines and Heather K. Gaines, 655 High Blvd., $265,000.
Em & M. Family Limited Partnership to Simar Singh Sandhu, 1660 New Holland Road, $799,000.
Anita E. Whisler Estate to Hoeldy Gonzalez-Rodriguez and Jose Alberto Garcia, 104 Daniels Ave., $259,900.
Matthew Cracker and Brianne Cracker to John Richard Kolbek, 451 E. Main St., $281,000.
Martha F. Miller to Martha F. Miller and Douglas J. Miller, 3138 Chestnut St., $1.
B. & E Homes LLC to Mario Melendez and Maria Melendez, 507 Emerson Ave., $201,000.
Kenneth A. Kepple to Carly Schaffer and John Schaffer IV, 3128 Oak St., $85,000.
William A. Griffin and Marie A. Griffin to Scott Allen Stricker and Jennie Lyn Stricker, Montrose Ave.
Deborah Gallagher and Deborah Lee to Deborah Lee, 3312 Rosedale Ave., $1.
Lower Alsace Township
Steen C. Lemon Jr. and Steen C. Lemon Ii to Steen C. Lemon Jr., 501 Friedensburg Road.
Cathleen Anne Stephen to Jessica L. Morris, 507 N. 26th St., $265,000.
Kathy A. Wolf and Charles Wolf Jr. to Dora M. Smith-Felix, 117 Oak Lane, $170,000.
Lower Heidelberg Township
Shawn P. Head and Jessica L. Head to Justin Ford and Lindsay Kissling, 179 Lengle Ave., $413,000.
Alexander T. Mohn and Kelly L. Mohn to Kevin Lara and Adria Omary Lara, 4159 Hill Terrace Drive, $500,000.
Berks At Glen Ridge Estates LLC and Berks New Homes LLC to Steven Detwiler and Hillary Detwiler, Ryebrook Road, $573,817.
Jason R. Burd to Jason R. Burd and Jennifer L. Burd, 422 N. Church Road, $1.
Maidencreek Township
Tristan M. Hamburg and Allyson R. Hamburg to Tristan M. Hamburg, 321 Sycamore Lane, $1.
Mark E. Podlesny to Katherine M. Gross, 419 Grandview Drive, $250,000.
Katherine Purcell Klick and Mary L. Thren Estate to Luis A. Ayala Rivera and Melanie S. Santos, 207 Longleaf Drive, $340,000.
Byron D. Wolfer and Doris J. Wolfer to Jesiah J. Newsome, 218 E. Wesner Road, $275,000.
Jennifer Brown to Kevin D. Fitzsimmons, 610 Maplewood Ave., $124,000.
Roberto Perez to Hawk Country LLC, 67 E. Wyomissing Ave., $118,000.
Mount Penn
Mount Penn Borough to A. & G Realty LLC, N. 23rd St., $1.
M. A S E Homes Corp. to Samantha Green, 11 Penn Mawr Court, $155,000.
Bryan A. Justiniano and Amber L. Leagans to Wendy D. Henriquez and Yajaira Mora De Arias, 1966 Woodvale Ave., $133,000.
Gregory A. Auchter and Diane A. Auchter to James C. Hufford and Susan D. Hufford, 2132 Grandview Ave., $130,000.
Jasmine Iraola to Leila Frazier and Ronald Dorsey, 31 S. 23rd St., $150,000.
Muhlenberg Township
Marie S. Himmelberger and Karla Kantner and Lois Warner to David Rivera and Jordyn A. Rivera, 3403 Stoudts Ferry Bri, $200,000.
Dorothy Elizabeth Lesher Estate to Jocelyn Joseph, 3333 Reading Crest Ave., $179,500.
Linda J. Tyner to Edward Santana, 5117 Wilshire Road, $174,900.
Michele Booth and Michele Ludwig to Thierry Dasney, 4010 Willow Grove Ave., $200,000.
Forino Co LP to Mia A. Baringer, Rosalies Way, $262,700.
Heinz H. Geller to Joylyn Abreu-Johnson and Randall Johnson, 1124 Rainbow Ave., $309,000.
Opportunity Behavorial Health Inc. to Robert Carvajal and Anne Carvajal, 5715 Stoudts Ferry Bri, $50,000.
Michael Delong to Melissa Kopeczi Boocz and Laszlo Kopeczi Boocz, 3321 Harrison Ave., $300,000.
Raul Cosme to Francisco J. Gonzalez Moreno, 2949 Kutztown Road, $180,000.
Walter M. Diener III to Jason M. Pfennig, 965 Pine Heights Road, $50,000.
Concord Investment Partners Inc. to 2545 Real Estate Holding Corp, 2545 N. 5th St Hwy, $1,800,000.
North Heidelberg Township
Ronald E. Leeper Estate and Mary Catherine Leeper Estate to David M. Kelsey and Tina Guido Kelsey, 53 Heidel Farms Lane, $525,000.
Oley Township
Union Church Cemetery Co. and Union Meeting House & Cemetery to Sovereign Grace Church, Main St., $156,125.
Ontelaunee Township
Forino Co LP to Daniel H. Chupak and Demetria Chupak, 247 Ida Red Drive, $455,660.
Carlos E. Charnichart and Liz A. Miranda to Maryse G. Paul and Benia Paul, 111 Nantucket Drive, $400,000.
Ramon A. Torres and Kelly J. Torres to Lakchantha Danni Sphabmixay, 37 Calais Drive, $465,000.
Forino Co LP to Fatmata Bah and Abubakarr Conteh, 88 Edinboro Lane, $1.
Forino Co LP to Lucas S. Isett and Margaret G. Richter, 243 Ida Red Drive, $404,864.
Thanh Thanh Nguyen and Thao Nguyen Vallejo to Eddy A. Peralta, 4 Verdun Drive, $385,000.
Penn Township
Sabelle C. Talarigo Estate to Joseph Anthony Talarigo, 984 N. Garfield Road.
Perry Township
Wayne T. Resh and Britney A. Resh to Adventist Wholehealth Network, 609 Stone Hill Road, $370,000.
Henry O. Strunk Estate to Florence F. Strunk, 38 Virginville Road, $1.
Betty J. Dreibelbis Estate to Gary L. Dreibelbis, 47 Dreibelbis Mil Road.
Alan R. Kepley to Dina M. Madara, 537 Mohrsville Road, $140,500.
Pike Township
Donald C. Ward Sr. and Donald C. Ward to Jeffrey Levengood, Hill Church Road, $72,000.
Elizabeth M. Rudy Estate to Robert Delmonico and Emily Delucas, 1821 Hampden Blvd., $300,000.
Ileana Lopez and Alexander Soto to Geraldine N. Ebbert, 728 Upland Ave., $145,000.
Yahaira Mercedes to Diosmaris Mercedes, 430 Chapel Tc, $1.
M&T Real Estate LLC to Admir Popvic, 1020 Cherry St., $60,000.
Luis Corona to Luis Corona and Yolanda Gonzalez Sanchez, 720 Weiser St.
Carmen M. Diaz and Carmen M. Irizarry to Reign Asset Holdings LLC, 1420 Perkiomen Ave., $80,000.
Edward W. Daniszewski to Bienstar Company Inc., 430 Spring St., $80,000.
Wilfredo Seda to Saturnino Arroyo and Denisse Diaz, 1130 Robeson St., $30,000.
Velocity House Buyers LLC to Omni Property Holdings LLC, 660 Eisenbrown St., $34,000.
Christine L. Kline and Christine L. Heck to Maria Coral Aguilar Navarrete, 1935 N. 14th St., $205,000.
Jose F. Munoz Estate to Albert Salaj, 620 N. Front St., $340,000.
John E. Bolar Ii to Daddys Rental LLC, 1032 A Cotton St., $49,900.
Donald Earl Tellam Estate to Florence E. Kline, 839 Chestnut St., $1.
W. Glenn Sensenig to Rosa Anjelina Diaz and Leonardo R. Martinez, 1022 Douglass St., $160,000.
Oscar Rijo-Reyes and Zulma Enid Ortiz to Zulma E. Ortiz, 217 Gregg Ave., $1.
Capital Plus Partners LLC to Paula M. Suriel-Tejada, 1321 Locust St., $128,900.
Luz Kakah Rash and Luz Miriam Oquendo to Lydii V. Glam Corp, 1514 Cotton St., $62,000.
Nicholas R. Readinger and Rebecca L. Readinger to Nicholas R. Readinger and Rebecca L. Readinger and Albert Theodore Sonon IV and Tamara Tracey-Ann Sonon, 10 Cayuga Court, $1.
Joseph Anderson to Joseph Anderson and Barbara Anderson, 32 Funston Ave. and 34 Funston Ave., $1.
William H. Woolworth III Estate to Md Moniruzzaman, 1808 Holly Road and 1810 Holly Road, $1.
Bryan A. Lovelace to Kathleen Lovelace, 220 Park Ave.
Pamela L. Savage and Jared M. Savage to Margie J. Clemons Terry, 1418 Hampden Blvd., $60,000.
Kervin Fougere to Emelyne Bernadin, 350 Greenwich St., $165,000.
Melissa Anne Spuhler and Melissa A. Sealie to Ospina Property Group LLC, 1029 Robeson St., $50,000.
Mark A. Cianciosi and Pamela J. Cianciosi to Jason Anival Alvarez Coraizaca and Jose R. Alvarez and Zenaida D. Coraizaca, 912 Weiser St., $137,000.
Robin B. Gelsinger and Robin L. Boian to Anne Carvajal, 441 S. 6th St., $60,000.
Vincent L. McLaughlin Estate to Haven Real Estate Investments LLC, 309 Belvedere Ave., $60,000.
Saw Services LLC to Ana R. Vargas, 742 Pear St., $120,000.
Leo Francisco to Fumaa First Choice Realty LLC, 525 N. 9th St., $185,000.
Stephanie P. Lambert to Nelson G. Matos-Diaz, 844 Franklin St., $38,000.
Joylyn Abreu Johnson to Elizabeth A. Phelan, 841 Rose St., $140,000.
Ali Mohamad Kawtharani and Mohamad Kawtharani to Ali Mohamad Kawtharani, 717 N. 9th St., $1.
Julie Estime Boisrond and Ricardo J. Estime and Julie Estime Boisrond to Lindo Homes Rentals LLC, 546 N. 11th St., $89,900.
Michael N. Tissera to Edilenia Cruz Cepeda, 1243 Douglass St., $134,700.
Roland Oris and Artura Segarra-Caraballo to Bradshaw Re Holdings LLC, 1253 Spruce St., $60,000.
Kelli M. Calvert to Seamus Barter and Kailen A. Macri-Grant, 110 Park Ave., $155,000.
Troy Lawrence Good to Austin S. Wallace, 1518 Perkiomen Ave., $160,000.
Victor Rivera to Miguel Figueroa, 1122 Cotton St., $52,000.
Bradshaw Re Holdings LLC to Sl & Ap Real Estate LLC, 1253 Spruce St., $97,000.
Raymundo V. Taveras Martinez to Harvinder Singh Saggi, 939 Court St., $180,000.
Steven Voros Jr. and Kathy J. Gwinn to Steven Voros Jr. and Kathy J. Gwinn, 952 Culvert St., $1.
Steven Voros Jr. and Kathy J. Gwinn to Steven Voros Jr. and Kathy J. Gwinn, 950 Culvert St., $1.
Joe E. Garcia Vazquez to Florencia Perez and Alejandro L. Beltran, 405 S. 7th St. and 405 A S. 7th St., $1,000.
Robeson Township
Ronald J. Romanik and Ronald Joseph Romanik to Ronald Joseph Romanik and Stephanie Renee Ruby, 320 Briarwood Drive, $1.
James F. Bell Jr. and Kimberly J. Cox to Sunset Lodge Retreat LLC and Elmer Lee Lapp, 109 Westley Road, $670,000.
Heber Keith McGowan and Kimberly Erin McGowan to John K. Esch and Annie Mae Esch, 289 White Bear Road, $774,000.
Robert D. Love and Marcia D. Cook-Love and R. Douglas Love to Robert D. Love and Marcia D. Cook-Love and R. Douglas Love, Plow Road and 337 Zion Road, $1.
Jack L. Keener and Garman Homes LLC to Amy E. Andrules and Thomas Jacobs, 434 Smokering Drive, $259,990.
Rockland Township
Neil R. Leidheiser to Howard J. Evans, 217 Forgedale Road, $225,000.
Ruscombmanor Township
Charles H. Reinert and Lois C. Reinert to Zarvitbos Enterprises LLC, 47 Ridge Crest Drive, $710,000.
Uriy Markewych Estate and Christine Matus to Albert John Fanella Jr., 3644 Pricetown Road, $307,000.
Mark A. Smith to Joseph Oppmann, 105 Seyler Road, $131,299.
Debbie Irene Moore to Jason C. Crayton, 427 S. Wyomissing Ave., $185,000.
Anthony J. Tuzzio and Marie A. Tuzzio to Cassandra Via, 211 Kerrick Road, $175,000.
Lilaben D. Patel to Dipak D. Patel, 101 W. Lancaster Ave., $300,000.
Mark Ford to Mark J. Ford Irrevocable Trust, 361 Canal St., $1.
Sinking Spring
Russell L. Carter and Anne F. Carter to Modeline Doxy Valcourt, 373 Oneida Drive, $275,000.
J. Marshall Pickard and Christina T. Deangelis to Debasmita Saha and Ravi Ranjan Singh, 30 Winding Brook Drive, $565,000.
South Heidelberg Township
David G. Yocum to Maxim A. Reznik and Vita V. Reznik, 711 Hill Rd Unit K, $119,900.
Lisa K. Richey to Nathan James Weber, 250 Preston Road, $360,000.
Michael A. Palangio and Alicia M. Nazar to Aissatou Barrie, 211 Caramist Cr, $220,000.
Spring Township
James R. Griffith and Laureen A. Griffith to Ryan Hamilton, 107 Keppel Ave., $225,000.
Gcm Investments LLC to Constantine D. Kotsakis, 31 Montello Road, $170,000.
Scott M. Adamski to Blue Jay Way Inc., 2400 Lincoln Ave., $169,000.
Robert J. Buczynski And Dorothy A Buczynski Joint Revocable Trust to Eric V. Arms and Elizabeth K. Scudder, 2113 Rosewood Court, $388,000.
Mark E. Weaver and Donna L. Shoemaker to Catherine L. Martin and Kenneth L. Martin, 2611 Avon Ave., $340,000.
Elizabeth L. Ruth Estate to Bridget M. Schaeffer, 2307 Overland Ave., $340,000.
Durinda R. Foltz to Jonathan Michael Riley, 1920 Gring Drive, $340,000.
Diane M. Campbell to Arca Properties LLC, 2201 Reading Ave., $325,000.
Michael T. Obrien and Glenn Kalata Jr. to Adam J. Lawrence, 2201 Garfield Ave., $181,000.
Daniel Care Jr. and Lori L. Care to Haley Coldren and Brock Birdwell, 2840 Clark Ave., $351,500.
Karpenko Family Trust to Jose A. Hernandez-Perez and Myrelis Ruiz-Aviles, 1952 Reading Blvd., $158,000.
Jorge Alvarez and Emma Alvarez to Jacinto Jimenez Jr. and Gloria Esther Jimenez, 2517 Penn Ave., $160,000.
Chong Sheng Kang and Hong Liu to Ginu Joseph and Sobinson Mathew, 2410 Overland Ave., $365,000.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Springdale Hghts, $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Old Lancaster Pike, $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Winford Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Winford Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Rockland Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Oakland St., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Oakland St., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Oakland St., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Ridge Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Ridge Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Ridge Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Ridge Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Clermont St., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Brad M. Whitehead, Clermont St., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Josh M. Whitehead, Winford Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Josh M. Whitehead, Winford Ave. and Winford Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Josh M. Whitehead, Winford Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Norwood Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Norwood Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Norwood Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Norwood Ave., $1.
Pauline E. Whitehead Estate to Kurt L. Whitehead, Rockland Ave., $1.
Leroy D. Hill and Margaret A. Hill to Jeffrey L. Henninger and Lorraine J. Henninger, 211 Hawthorne Ct N, $381,000.
St Lawrence
Edward D. Druzba to 453 Parkview Road LLC, 453 Parkview Road, $85,000.
Francis McLaughlin Jr. and Heather McLaughlin to Ansley Property Holdings LLC, 3619 Orchard Court, $215,000.
Tilden Township
Alex W. Dubee and Rozanne Dubee and to Alex W. Dubee And Rozanne Dubee Irrevocable Trust, 338 Academy Road and Winford Ave., $1.
Tulpehocken Township
David P. Young Estate to Lydell L. Hurst, 5 Temple Road, $279,900.
Nicholas Macciocca and Beverly Macciocca to Nicholas J. Macciocca Sr. and Nicholas J. Macciocca Jr., 12 Rehrersburg Road, $1.
Union Township
Frank J. Cerminaro III and Deborah L. Cerminaro to Robert Ballas and Pamela Ballas, Blackwood Lane and Winford Ave., $140,000.
Jorge L. Andino-Ortiz to Patience Folasade Adekanmbi and Yusuf O. Adekanmbi, 67 Black Matt Road, $560,000.
Carole K. Long to Carol A. Weidner, 2074 E. Main St., $235,000.
Anthony P. Giangiacomo Estate and Rosemary Giangiacomo to Rosemary Giangiacomo and Michele Cooper, 959 E. Rte 724, $1.
Audrey M. Raber Estate to Central Penn Capital Management LLC, 18 Black Matt Road, $267,000.
Devin W. Guest and Jennifer L. Guest and Corey W. Guest and Mabel V. Guest Estate to Devin W. Guest and Jennifer L. Guest, 475 Hallman Road, $1.
Upper Bern Township
Todd G. Olsen Estate and Lori J. Culver to Lori J. Culver and Shane Werley, 5671 Old Rte 22, $51,736.
Washington Township
Todd D. Moyer and Annette R. Moyer to Todd D. Moyer, 2278 Old Rte 100, $1.
William T. Gilinger and Elizabeth C. Gilinger to Montco Fence Real Estate LLC, 1132 New Rte 100, $360,000.
Ap Wip Investments Holdings LP to Ap Wip Investments Holdings LP, 210 Washington Road, $79,389.50.
Ap Wip Investments Holdings LP to Ap Wip Investments Holdings LP, 210 Washington Road, $79,389.50.
West Reading
Jordan J. Frost to Hilltop Trinity LLC, 617 Reading Ave., $160,000.
Adam Richter and Katherine Richter to Scott R. Wolfe and Marcel E. Schatzman, 712 Wayne Ave., $202,000.
Hilltop Trinity LLC to Ymv Properties LLC, 543 Chestnut St., $220,000.
Windsor Township
Robert E. Kieffer Testamentary Trust to Gladys C. Kieffer, 420 Strausser Road, $1.
Jeffrey L. Swanger and Joan N. Swanger to Zachary Scott Swanger and Emily Alexandra Weaver, 17 N. Radcliff Road, $219,000.
Jeanette G. Scull Estate to Robert D. Martin and Kimberly Martin, 413 Washington Blvd., $1.
Jill Henry to Tyler A. Daniels and Olivia R. Massaro, 20 Darlin Drive, $260,000.
Matthew Good to Mandy Kate White and Andrew R. White, 4 Valley Road, $289,900.
Cynthia S. Lynn to Paul R. Stoltzfus and Megan M. Stoltzfus, 1707 Reading Blvd., $750,000.
Patrick J. Shields and Margaret M. Shields to Shannon Kroemmelbein, 2 High Road, $2,800,000.
Elizabeth G. Rampolla to Ion Craciun, 1972 Meadow Lane, $215,000.
Lucy J. Cairns to Thomas Potts and Rachel E. Early, 20 Wyomissing Court, $270,000.
Nancy L. Zimmerman to Kelvin Sanchez, 150 Valley Greene Cr, $215,000.
Kathleen Bower to James Randall Lawrence and Elizabeth A. Lawrence, 2008 Meadow Glen, $242,500.
Jonathan Pretz to Charles R. Lindsay Jr., 1412 Girard Ave., $380,000.
Dorothy E. Lefever to David M. Badway and Andrea G. Badway, 2028 Meadow Glen, $200,000.
Charles R. Leininger and Charles R. Leininger Sr. to Joseph E. Copp, 517 Greenwich St., $165,000.
Multiple municipalities
Geraldine M. Debkowski Estate and Geraldine M. Ostrowski Estate to Felicia Gove and Amy Catania and Giuseppe Catania, 37 S. 27th St. and Fairview Ave., $274,900.

VT Industrial 2nd quarter industrial true estate transactions

Vermont Enterprise Magazine VT Industrial of Burlington has released its 2nd quarter professional actual estate transactions report.

The Crystal Cottage of Vermont relocated its retail shop to 176 Battery Road, Burlington.  Yves Bradley and Linda Letourneau of V/T Commercial assisted both equally the landlord, Stern House LLC, and the tenant.

Yves Bradley of V/T Business introduced the lease of 1,150 sf of business space at the Innovation Heart of Vermont to Securitas Security Companies United states, Inc.  Bradley represented the landlord, and J.L. Davis Realty represented the tenant.

London Middlebury leased 2,250 sf of workplace room at 110 West Canal Street, Winooski from Infill Winooski II, LLC.  Yves Bradley of V/T Industrial assisted each parties in this lease.

89 South Williams Street, Burlington was offered to Rock Creek Partners from 89 South Williams Street, LLC.  Yves Bradley of V/T Professional represented the buyer and Brad Worthen of Pomerleau Authentic Estate represented the seller.

John Beal of V/T Industrial introduced the lease of 10,150 sf of industrial area at 115 Wellness Travel, Williston to Kelly Brothers.  Beal represented the landlord, Unsworth Attributes, LLC and Brad Worthen of Pomerleau True Estate represented the tenant.

Yves Bradley of V/T Professional leased two suites on behalf of Kilburn & Gates Industries, LLC.  Integrative Bodily Treatment, LLC leased 3321 sf at 305 St. Paul Avenue, Burlington and Skida leased 4,416 sf at 16 Kilburn Road, Burlington.

Linda Letourneau of V/T Business declared the lease of 783 sf at 202 Commerce Street, Williston to Phoenix Progress Team, LLC.  Letourneau assisted the tenant and the landlord, Northwestern Vermont Board of Realtors, in this transaction.

Tony Blake and Yves Bradley of V/T Industrial leased 2,449 sf of retail place to the Urban Salon at 8A Dorset Street, South Burlington on behalf of The Greer Household, LLC.  Meg McGovern of Donahue & Associates represented the tenant.

Cafe Dim Sum leased an additional 2,418 sf at 95 St. Paul Road, Burlington to develop its cafe.  Yves Bradley of V/T Professional assisted the tenant and the landlord, Investors Company of Vermont.

The former TD Lender house at 23 Enjoyable Avenue, Richmond was bought to Delta Properties, LLC.  John Beal and Invoice Kiendl assisted all events in this sale.

V/T Commercial's Linda Letourneau leased 1,368 sf at 126 Faculty Street to Toltec Cash, LLC.  Linda assisted the tenant and Yves Bradley assisted the landlord, Buyers Corporation of Vermont.

Maynard Acupuncture Clinic leased 2,770 sf at 1775 Williston Road, South Burlington from Traders Company of Vermont.  Yves Bradley of V/T Industrial assisted all events in this lease.

North State Kettlebells leased 1,547 sf of space at 30 Major Avenue, Burlington from Buyers Company of Vermont.  Yves Bradley of V/T Industrial assisted all events.

Tony Blake of V/T Commercial, acting as special space representative of Keurig Dr. Pepper, leased about 20,000 sf of place of work space in Pilgrim Park, Waterbury on behalf of his client.

Madysta Telecom Usa, Inc. leased a 400 sf office environment suite at 125 Higher education Street, Burlington from One particular Hundred Twenty Five College Avenue, LLC.  Linda Letourneau of V/T Business assistec both functions in this transaction.

L5, Inc. acquired 64 & 114 Key Street, Bradford from Real Owl Ventures, LLC. Yves Bradley, of V/T Business assisted each events in this sale.

Get Good Care Exercise, LLC leased space at the Maltex Creating, 431 Pine Road, Burlington from The Maltex Partnership.  Linda Letourneau and Yves Bradley of V/T Commercial represented the landlord and Ryn Nick of J.L. Davis Realty represented the tenant.

Organizers' Cash Inc. leased 6,582 sf of office house at 30 Kimball Avenue, South Burlington.  John Beal of V/T Business represented the landlord, Kimball Partners, LLC,  and Steve Donahue of Donahue & Associates represented the tenant.

Yves Bradley of V/T Commercial announced the lease of 40,000 sf of industrial room at 372 Route 67, Shaftsbury to Mack Molding.  Bradley assisted the tenant and the landlord, TFB Realty, LLC in this transaction.

Kish LLC leased 786 sf of area at the Maltex Building, 431 Pine Street, Burlington from The Maltex Partnership.  Linda Letourneau and Yves Bradley of V/T Business assisted all functions.

Pivot Marketing leased 2,250 sf at 177 Battery Street, Burlington.  John Beal of V/T Commercial represented the tenant and Kendra Kenney of Pomerleau Authentic Estate represented the setting up proprietor.

Boston Beer Company leased 2,226 sf of office area at the Maltex Building, 431 Pine Road Burlington from The Maltex Partnership.  Yves Bradley and Linda Letourneau of V/T Professional assisted each individual party.

John Beal of V/T Business declared the sale of industrial condominiums Units 6&7 at 595 Dorset Street, South Burlington to Sughas Properties.  Beal assisted equally events in this sale.

Tony Blake of V/T Industrial introduced the lease of 1,626 sf of workplace area to Sussman Regulation PLLC at 600 Blair Park, Williston. Blake represented the landlord, Triptik III Realty Partnership, LP and Esther Lotz Broker represented the tenant.

Hillside Houses leased business office space at 380 Hurricane Lane, Williston to Vermont Cannabis Options.  Linda Letournea and John Beal of V/T Professional assisted the landlord and the tenant.

Cygna Health and Lifestyle Insurance plan Business renewed its lease at 30 Most important Avenue, Burlington from Buyers Company of Vermont.  Yves Bradley of V/T Professional assisted both functions in this renewal.

Turner Toys has relocated its enterprise to 2,932 sf at Finney Crossing, Williston.  Tony Blake of V/T Professional assisted the landlord, Rieley Houses, LLC & Snyder FC Professional Qualities, LLC as properly as the tenant.

Stoner-Andrews leased 4,000 sf of showroom, place of work and warehouse place at 1354, Marshall Avenue, Williston from Sunrun.  Tony Blake of V/T Business assisted both equally get-togethers in this lease.

VT Commercial Actual Estate Sales & Leasing www.vtcommercial.com


Ribbon Desires To No cost Purchasers From The Pitfalls Of Chain Transactions

Attend Inman Link New York in man or woman or almost, April 19-21, to join hundreds of successful producers who know what it takes to access the prime of the genuine estate match. Reserve your place now to obtain insights, make new connections that deliver more referrals, and find out from the sharpest minds in the field. Don’t wait around — ticket price ranges will go up!

Power Consumer Ribbon expanded into the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic in the course of the initially quarter, as it seeks to make superior on a vow to be up and operating in 25 states by the end of the year. With house price ranges continuing to rise, Ribbon is also supporting house buys of up to $1 million, up 43 per cent from its preceding limit.

Launched in 2017, Ribbon partners with true estate agents and lenders to make funds delivers on behalf of prospective buyers. Ribbon co-founder and Main Technology Officer Wei Gan not too long ago shared his thoughts with Inman about how Ribbon will go after its mission of earning homeownership a lot more inexpensive in a marketplace where by costs continue to keep heading up.

Gan will be speaking about choice financing types Tuesday, April 19 at Inman Join New York.

This job interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Inman: What do you make of this sector? There’s some chat of a bubble, in phrases of residence cost appreciation, but when you search at the underwriting, debtors look to be additional strong in conditions of credit rating scores and personal loan-to-price ratios than throughout the 2007-09 downturn.

Wei Gan: You see 15 p.c to 20 percent home price appreciation, these year-about-year will increase, and [your thoughts] quickly go again to the housing bubble, proper? There’s totally a housing disaster in the United States, and there has been for a pair a long time. But it’s not a disaster of demand from customers, or a bubble that’s gonna pop — it is a offer disaster. There is not plenty of households.

As a nation we’re seeking to build as best as we can. There is far more new housing starts off, but the supply disaster is sad to say not above. A ton of that is structural. A lot of it, dependent on the place you are, is about housing zoning coverage. We also have a components disaster, so that slows down making. I know personally, folks who have completed household renovations, [who say] costs of lumber and so on have absent up. So the offer crisis is here to keep.

The reality is, there is just much more need for initially-time homeownership, and homeownership in standard, than there’s offer for. The pandemic exacerbated that with the terrific relocation, the great dislocation — a ton of individuals relocating from San Francisco, New York, L.A. into a good deal of secondary markets that Ribbon’s in. We see a lot of that pattern.

We not too long ago spoke to a real estate agent in Texas, who explained 90 per cent of their shoppers — and this is Fort Truly worth proper, not Austin, not Houston — 90 per cent of their customers in Fort Value have been coming from out of point out. So are property charges likely to go up now 20 % 12 months above yr? I do not consider which is super wholesome. I really do not feel that is fantastic for affordability in the U.S. And so the supply disaster is unfortunately not in excess of.

What do you see occurring with property prices, interest premiums and stock? Interest premiums have been now heading up in anticipation of far more Fed tightening, but the war in Ukraine has produced extra financial uncertainty.

While the Fed was taking into consideration a 50 basis factors price hike [back in March], with the uncertainty close to the entire world problem they manufactured it quite obvious that they would not increase the federal funds amount by extra than 25 foundation factors in March — they fully commited to that. They’ve also issued advice that they are going to have a incredibly details driven solution, right? [The Fed’s position is] not, ‘We’re committing to elevating, elevating, boosting, and inflation is a dilemma.’ And I feel that is a incredibly intelligent transfer. Simply because with the uncertainty it is unclear no matter if the appropriate financial policy for the U.S. is to jam on the brakes and enhance rates, or raise them a minimal bit, or keep them stable, right? Or in some other scenarios, maybe print more dollars. And so I do appreciate that technique.

I feel what you will see this calendar year is, with any luck ,, the demand currently being a lot less extraordinary than previous year and the second 50 percent of 2020. That excellent dislocation, it should slow down, at least from a theoretical situation — there is even now a good deal of these movements all-around the U.S. Remote perform is below to keep, suitable? Most of Ribbon’s group is not in New York or Charlotte, which are our headquarters. I think you will see when desire costs go up, demand will steady out. We will see house-selling price appreciation still be substantial, but with any luck , not in that kind of 15 plus per cent assortment. That is entirely unsustainable for affordability of housing in The usa.

I assume at the decrease selling price variety, starter households, the current market dynamic there is that so significantly financial commitment income has poured in. It begun with Invitation Homes, and now there is lots of, many other authentic estate resources. Every single other hedge fund is pouring cash into residential true estate. Why? Simply because they perspective it as a hedge from inflation, correct? If they have residential actual estate and the U.S. authorities prints funds, dwelling selling prices will go up.

What that final results in is that the demand from customers for properties at the starter selling price variety is type of insatiable. Mainly because for the trader, they can invest in that, they can change all over, they can rent it out, they can make produce and they can get property value appreciation, that form of 10 % yr-around-year that we’re viewing, and each and every yr hire goes up so the rental produce goes up, ideal? And that kind of produces a vicious cycle for shoppers at that facet of the price tag selection.

Ribbon is now supporting house buys of up to $1 million, a 43 % increase from the prior restrict of $700,000. Are the shoppers for these pricier properties go-up buyers, alternatively than very first-time homebuyers?

We guidance prospective buyers at every single stage of everyday living — 1st-time homebuyers, go-up customers, and even the empty nesters downsizing or going to a diverse area. So we want to make confident that we can help as several homebuyers as possible. Ribbon’s mission is to make homeownership achievable. Not just that very first-time homeownership, but ownership of the household that you as a household, as a pair, as an unique, invest in.

It’s funny — when you are in New York or California, the very first-time homebuyer is acquiring an $800,000 dwelling at the incredibly the very least, no query. We’re not in these markets proper now. But the reality is past year’s $700,000 residence is this year’s $900,000 property, suitable? Specific similar household, precise very same spot. A household in Dilworth, which is a community in Charlotte [North Carolina], that was $700,000 past year is possibly like $860,000 this yr. So these are the exact houses, and we’re just keeping up with the current market in that feeling.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s federal regulator elevated the 2022 conforming financial loan restrict to $647,200 this year, which was a history 18 p.c boost. The limit is near to $1 million in increased-value markets.

I think which is what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are executing with the conforming mortgage boundaries — they’re just holding up with the marketplace. Identical residences, we just maintain up with inflation.

On the other aspect of this for us is, who is likely after all those? It is a whole lot of transfer-up purchasers. At this point, the vast majority of homebuyers who come to Ribbon are first-time homebuyers. I’m quite proud of that. But we think that go-up prospective buyers have earned the precise same level of company. They are entitled to the freedom to purchase ahead of you promote. And for a lot of the people who are providing their recent home, they have a ton of fairness developed up correct throughout the past 12 months. But they can not purchase their new dwelling until finally they provide their latest 1, no matter if that is financial debt-to-money ratios, most often it is down payment. They want to be ready to unlock that [equity] and they can fully manage that $800,000, $900,000 house. But they can only find the money for it when they market.

This shift-up consumer is definitely caught in this Catch-22. And for us, it’s truly significant to unlock that piece for them for the reason that, if we believe about helping that human being, guess what? They’re providing their $600,000 dwelling to a different go-up purchaser, or a initially-time homebuyer, and that individual buying that residence is in fact a first-time homebuyer, or promoting a $300,000 dwelling. Affordability is this kind of giant chain of activities.

When Realtors converse to us, they explain this as a chain transaction. There is like five distinctive transactions that are heading on at the actual same time, all contingent on a thing going on on a different dwelling. And typically the very initial household in there is a starter property for a first-time homebuyer, a $250,000 3-mattress, two-bathtub in a pleasant neighborhood. And however that individual who can not get a property finance loan on that $800,000 dwelling benefits in that to start with-time homebuyer being completely unable to acquire that $350,000 house. You are breaking that chain due to the fact you’re stepping in providing certainty. We offer this to all the Realtors, to all the lenders, to everyone in the ecosystem that we’re open up to and that ultimately then allows as a lot of individuals as probable.

Ribbon a short while ago expanded into the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic, with the addition of Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Virginia growing Ribbon’s existence into 11 states. How do you select the place to provide your solutions?

So my co-founder, [Shaival Shah] is on the report with Inman that Ribbon vows to be in fifty percent the United States by the finish of this 12 months.

So element of that is variety of we’ve obtained to arrive via on our guarantee, proper? Due to the fact how quite a few of all those Realtors are reading through Inman that are centered in Phoenix, Arizona, or they’re primarily based in Ohio? And they’re like, ‘OK, Ribbon, you will be in half the states,’ ideal? Even Realtor buddies I have in New Jersey, or New York, they are like, ‘Come on, when you coming in this article, when you coming in in this article?’

So I do think we want to be almost everywhere and to be ready to assist as quite a few Realtors, lenders and eventually their consumers — homebuyers — as probable. Portion of what’s driving our system to be all over the place is partnerships — large partnerships with a ton of these countrywide brokerages and creditors. So I believe you’ll see, in the course of the training course of the calendar year, a lot much more from Ribbon.

And I assume it elides definitely why we are distinctive from the relaxation of the Electrical power Purchaser ecosystem. Wherever we’re unique from the relaxation of the Ability Consumers, and what we’re truly making an attempt to rally powering is this theme of, generally, ‘The Ecosystem Strikes Back again.’

I consider it ties into a large amount of what Brad Inman has been chatting about in excess of the quite a few a long time of Ribbon’s existence at this place, which is that, certainly, there is disruption coming, appropriate? But the ecosystem of Realtors, creditors, community personal loan officers, local brokerages, local groups — they increase so much benefit. And the types that adapt genuinely perfectly for the potential will not just proceed to be there but they will prosper.

E-mail Matt Carter

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