June 18, 2024

Your Old IKEA Furniture Could Be Worth Up To $10,000 & Even Plushies Sell For Loads

Perhaps it’s time to check your old furniture, Canada! Vintage and collectible IKEA items can actually sell for thousands of dollars and you could be sitting on a gold mine – literally!

In recent years, collectable and vintage IKEA furniture has sold at auction for up to $10,000, although your stuff doesn’t have to be decades-old to be worth a whole lot of money.

In fact, IKEA products from as recently as 2019 can sell for hundreds – and sometimes thousands – of dollars.

Of course, products are only worth what somebody will pay for them, but it’s worth double-checking that your old IKEA furniture and decorative items aren’t often auctioned at high prices before you throw them out.

From old plushies and quirky lamps, to swivel chairs and designer rugs, here’s a few of the most expensive and sought-after IKEA items people are selling in Canada – and beyond – right now.

And, if anything looks familiar, maybe you could flog your old furniture and make a small fortune!

Polar bear plush

A vintage polar bear plush from IKEA.

dcfan9 | eBay

Year: Unknown

Auction price (approx.): $335.00

Details: Got any old IKEA plushies lying around? Well, get them out ASAP!

Some IKEA teddies – like this vintage plush polar bear – can actually sell for hundreds of dollars.

Certain older plushies are listed on auction sites like eBay for way over their original sale price, so if you’ve had a snuggly friend for a number of years don’t hesitate to check what they could be worth today.

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FACKLA floor lamps

IKEA FACKLA floor lamps.

IKEA FACKLA floor lamps.

jpotter15 | eBay

Year: 1980s

Auction price (approx.): $3,337.00

Details: Check your parents’ house, because these floor lamps are among the most popular vintage IKEA items out there right now.

You can find these FACKLA lamps listed on several auction sites, with prices ranging from $500 for one to over $3,000 for a pair.

They were originally sold by IKEA in the 1980s, so there may not be loads of these around any more. But, if you have something similar, you could be in the money.

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GUBBO swivel chairs

IKEA GUBBO chairs.

IKEA GUBBO chairs.

mogadanie | eBay

Year: 2000s

Auction price (approx.): $1,068.00

Details: If you’ve got one (or even better, multiple) IKEA GUBBO chairs lying around, you’re in luck.

These retro-looking chairs can be worth hundreds of dollars when sold at auction, with this specific pair on eBay listed for over $1,000 right now.

Although they look seriously old-school, they’re only from the 2000s, so there’s a good chance these brightly-coloured seats are in storage or second hand shops, just waiting to be re-discovered.

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Opal glass brass lamp

A vintage IKEA lamp.

A vintage IKEA lamp.

3.wish.lantern.shop | eBay

Year: Unknown

Auction price (approx.): $895.95

Details: Call your grandma, her favourite lamp is worth a fortune!

This vintage IKEA lamp, described as a mushroom opal brass lamp, is a popular item among collectors.

It can be found on various auction sites with prices ranging from $500 to almost $900, depending on the condition.

Sellers seem unsure of the exact year this lamp hit IKEA stores, although there are enough of these around to safely assume they’re not super old.

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VASTERON orange stools



central.seller | eBay

Year: 2015

Auction price (approx.): $536.00

Details: While these orange VASTERON stools don’t look like much, they are actually pretty exciting for IKEA furniture collectors.

Although they’re not particularly old (they were first sold in 2015), these funky-looking stools can fetch hundreds of dollars at auction – especially if you have more than one in good condition.

One eBay listing is currently selling three of these for a whopping $538, which isn’t bad going considering they likely sold for a whole lot less originally.

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SKOJIG mushroom lamps

IKEA mushroom lamps.

IKEA mushroom lamps.

fashiontechcollectibles | eBay

Year: 1990s

Auction price (approx.): $269.00

Details: Both SKOJIG lamps and lampshades have been known to fetch a pretty good price at auction, as the 1990’s design is pretty popular among retro IKEA fans.

Designed by Henrik Preutz and sold in green, blue and orange, the cloud-patterned lamps can sell for anywhere between $50 and $150, depending on factors like the condition and colour.

On eBay right now, a pair of orange SKOJIG lamps are listed for over $250.

On another auction site, a blue version of the lampshade is listed for $219.49. A yellow version is available for $248.76.

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TUNO clock

An IKEA TUNO clock.

An IKEA TUNO clock.

100p100 | eBay

Year: 2002

Auction price (approx.): $1,860.00

Details: This mid-century-inspired TUNO clock was sold in IKEA in 2002, but has quickly become a favourite among vintage shoppers.

The auction price for this funky-looking red clock varies from around $1,860 on eBay to over $2,000 on other sites.

According to sellers it’s a pretty rare find, which is why it’s so popular among collectors.

If you do have one to sell you can expect to make a handsome profit.

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IKEA wicker chaise

An IKEA wicker chaise.

An IKEA wicker chaise.


Year: 1990s

Auction price (approx.): $6,131

Details: If you’ve got an old IKEA wicker chaise or lounge chair lying around somewhere, dust it off immediately!

These 1990s products are now worth a small fortune, and there’s a variety out there that could earn you thousands of bucks.

On auction site 1stdibs, varieties of IKEA wicker chaises are selling for between $3,500 and over $6,000, depending on the exact style.

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“Keep Off” Rug

IKEA's "Keep Off" rug.

IKEA’s “Keep Off” rug.

newyorkcompany | eBay

Year: 2019

Auction price (approx.): $10,013

Details: One of the most expensive (and desirable) products that collectors can get their hands on are items from the Virgil Abloh x IKEA collection.

Although these limited-edition items – designed by Abloh alongside the Swedish retailer – originally retailed for higher than other IKEA products, they now sell at auction for serious bucks.

A series of products from the collection, including a “Wet Grass” rug and “Temporary” clock, will fetch you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

However, it’s the “Keep Off” rug that’s one of the biggest ticket items.

One eBay listing has this rug for sale for over $10,000 right now, with others listing it around the $7,500 mark.

Watch out though, as there are a few fakes out there.

If you, or somebody in your family, ever picked this quirky rug up unknowingly, get it listed on the internet ASAP!

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If you haven’t got one of these collectable gems in your house already, consider taking good care of your MALM dresser and your STOCKHOLM rug — it could end up being your retirement fund!

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